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2004.03.05 Friday



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<p>Diamond baubles from Cartier glittering in one window, Louis Vuitton's signature leather bags beckoning from across the street and another storefront displaying ' silk scarves.</p><p>Within months this is the scene that will greet visitors to Miami's Design District, as the neighborhood begins its dramatic metamorphosis into the new hot spot for luxury shopping.</p><p>Cartier and have just opened their doors. Louis Vuitton will do so on Oct. 19. Hermes and Men are under construction. Right behind that will be Pucci. By the time and the holiday shopping season arrive, there should be 8 to 10 luxury brands lining the Design District's Northeast 40th Street corridor.</p> <p>These openings are a sign of Miami's ascent as a fashion destination.</p><p>"For most luxury brands Miami is one of the top three markets in , along with New York and Los Angeles," said Valerie Chapoulaud-Floquet, president and chief executive officer of Louis Vuitton North America. "The Miami market has grown quicker than the rest of North America."</p><p>For decades the Bal Harbour Shops offered the only option for luxury in Miami-Dade County. But no longer is having one store in the market enough for these luxury brands.</p><p>"Miami has been under retailed for luxury because of the strength of the local market and the strong growth of tourists coming to Miami," said Emmanuel Perrin, president and chief executive officer of Cartier North America. "This market can support several Cartier boutiques. It was just a question of time before the luxury market evolved. Everyone has been waiting for the right project to come along."</p><p>Louis Vuitton and Cartier both left Bal Harbour Shops last summer because the mall didn't have the space for them to expand. The retailers were also prohibited from opening a second store within 20 miles unless Bal Harbour's owners got a piece of the new store's revenue.</p><p>Now, Louis Vuitton already has opened another store at Mall and Cartier is assessing the market. It's all part of an unfolding game of musical chairs that ends the monopoly of Bal Harbour, which has controlled the luxury retail market since 1965.</p><p>By 2014, developer Craig Robins expects to have 40 to 50 luxury brands spread throughout the Design District, creating a new urban destination for fashionistas. Already committed to the area are about 30 tenants, including , Bulgari, Pucci, De Beers, Zegna, Tom Ford, Burberry and Marc by . They will join the district's original fashion tenants Christian Louboutin, and Martin Margiela.</p><p>"We're starting to build critical mass," Robins said. "We continue to find that more and more brands are interested in coming. This is an exciting moment for the Design District. People are going to feel the transition and the power of integrating fashion with art, design and food."</p><p>Many of the brands are giving up space at Bal Harbour, which the International Council of Shopping Center recently designated the top producing mall in the world. But they say they don't believe the move will have any negative impact on their business.</p><p>"We have made a seamless transition," said Vira V. Capeci, president of Celine. "Our clients have followed us to this exciting location."</p><p>Right now, Cartier's name sparkling against the backdrop of a bronze storefront may look a little out of place as the area undergoes a transition. But soon Louis Vuitton will make a dramatic statement across the street with a storefront covered by an original work of art from graffiti artist Marquis Lewis, known as RETNA.</p><p>There may be growing pains in this gentrifying neighborhood. Will consumers be willing to spend thousands of dollars on jewelry, handbags and clothes just a few blocks away from some of Miami's more impoverished neighborhoods?</p><p>At Cartier a security guard stands close by watching over an offering that includes a rare yellow diamond and a $310,000, diamond-encrusted panther pendant and necklace.</p><p>"I like the idea of an urban neighborhood where you have crackheads here and Cartier over there," said Denia Roth, a Miami resident who was lunching this week at Michael's Genuine in the Design District. "The diversity brings everyone together."</p><p>The retailers have more freedom to design the look of their stores and open bigger showrooms featuring a wider variety of offerings. Cartier's new store is three times larger than what it had at Bal Harbour.</p><p>And these stores are only the beginning. Cartier and Louis Vuitton are among several brands opening temporary locations, until they can design and build flagship stores. When these stores open in 2014, they're expected to be among the brands' largest stores in the U.S. outside of .</p><p>"We want to take our client experience to the next level and serve our clients in comfort," Perrin said.</p><p>Louis Vuitton felt it was important to get into the Design District early.</p><p>"We like to be part of building a story, it's part of our pioneering spirit," Chapoulaud-Floquet said. "We think we're going to be able to communicate with a very different clientele that is younger, more trendy and much more open to art and culture."</p><p>Although it's been a year since Louis Vuitton and others started leaving Bal Harbour, operating partner Matthew Whitman Lazenby says same store sales continue to grow -- up 16 percent for the first six months of the year compared to last year.</p><p>But Lazenby says his family has had a change of heart about allowing tenants to remain at Bal Harbour and still open a second location in Miami-Dade County.</p><p>"You can't deny there has been demand expressed by more than one tenant," Lazenby said. "Miami has reached the point in its evolution where more than one store can be sustained. We are adapting to the marketplace and trying to accommodate the needs of our tenants." ___</p><p>(c)2012 </p><p>Visit The Miami Herald at </p><p>Distributed by MCT Information Services</p>?<p> designer is known for his stoic demeanor, white mane and whimsical fashion shows. Now he's acquired a reputation as a zany cat lover, setting off a mild frenzy among Internet denizens.</p><p>Lagerfeld gushed about his 9-month-old kitten Choupette this week in an interview with Women's Wear Daily. The proud papa alternately referred to the Siamese cat as "a famous beauty" and "a kept woman."</p><p>The German-born Lagerfeld, who has also designed for H&amp;M and Fendi, baby-sat the kitten during Christmas for model Baptiste Giaconi but then refused to give her back. "I thought she was too cute," he told WWD.</p> <p>Now the pampered feline lives the high life. Choupette dines with Lagerfeld for lunch and dinner ("She doesn't want to eat on the floor," he noted). She knows her way around an . And she has two "personal maids" who cater to her every whim "both night and day," he said. "She is beyond spoiled."</p><p>If you're scratching your head wondering what the two kitten minders do all day, Lagerfeld goes on to explain:</p><p>"We do keep a diary. When I am not there, the maids take down, in little books, everything she did, from what she ate, to how she behaved, if she was tired, and if she wasn&rsquo;t sleeping," he said. "In the nine months, we already have almost 600 pages."</p><p>"I think it could be funny to make a little book of Choupette&rsquo;s diary," he added.</p><p>All this material was, well, catnip for the Internet. Almost immediately, someone created a fake account , which has racked up more than 4,000 followers.</p><p>"&rsquo;s dog knows nothing about how to model clothing," goes one tweet. "Leave it to the real catwalkers: the ."</p><p>Another tweet: "Do I look like a feline that would drink LAGER?! It may be the beginning of Daddy's name but it is not my drink of choice."</p><p>We assume she sips only the finest Champagne-laced milk. </p><p>RELATED:</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>Follow Shan Li on </p><p></p><p></p><p></p>?Crime Scene Pictures partners Adam Ripp and Rob Paris have come onboard with producers Francesco Melzi d'Eril from Memo Films and Luca Guadagnino under his First Sun film banner to produce and finance horror project &quot;Suspiria,&quot; based on 's 1977 film.<br><br>David Gordon Green (&quot;&quot;) will direct from a script he wrote with Chris Gebert. Rizal Risjad, Silvia Fendi and Philip Elway will exec produce; Lisa Muskat co-produces.<br><br> CAA reps U.S. distribution rights, and Wild Bunch plans to sell international territories at Cannes. Filming is scheduled to begin in September.<br><br>Story's centered on a bright and ambitious American student who travels to Europe to attend a renowned school. After a fellow student is brutally murdered and several other cruel and strange homicides disrupt the once quiet life on campus, she realizes the academy may be a front for a more menacing organization.<br><br>Casting is under way.<br><br>First Sun and Francesco Melzi d' Eril produced &quot;I Am Love,&quot; starring , and the upcoming &quot;The LandLords.&quot; Sierra/Affinity sold most territories on &quot;Everly&quot; at Berlin in February.<br><br>Click for more film news on Variety.com.<br><br>?<p>Truthfully, I'm perplexed by Kreayshawn, an East Oakland rapper who's friends with Lil B, and Odd Future. Her image is almost too cool, like she's trying just a bit too hard (why is she wearing that Chicago Blackhawks chain?). She reps something called White Girl Mob. This is kind of entertaining, kind of irritating. She puts her support behind, um, . Basically, I'm on the fence ...</p><p>Yet I found myself tempering my resistance yesterday when Kreayshawn debuted her new single and video on The Fader's . " Gucci" is a real surprise, with its left-field lines, screwed sample and a hook so infectious and funny, it's a menace &mdash; "Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada / Basic bitches wear that s--- so I don't even bother." It reappropriates the swag back to the individual and not the high-price label adorning her, and that feels &mdash; not to mention, sounds &mdash; refreshing. (Maybe her image is just plain cool?) And how about this fantastic (Nicki Minaj?) diss: "Bitch you ain't no / I see you work at Arby's / No. 2, super-size / Hurry up, I'm starving." Yikes.</p><p><p><p><p>"Gucci Gucci" could be a one-off success and Kreayshawn's next song could fail without the wonderfully aligned aspects that make this song so deliriously fun. But there's no sense in worrying about that when we finally have someone rapping, "I got the swag and it's pumping out my ovaries." That's swag you can't deny.</p>?<p>This morning, the to Wall Street showing that consumer spending and incomes in the US flattened in June. But while those in the middle class had a stale month financially, the uber-class is still rocking and rolling.</p><p>Here are three more signsour continues to unfold in the US &hellip;</p><p>3) Mercedes-Benz is Selling a Record Number of Cars this Year</p><p><p>wallstcheatsheet.com</p>Apparently, more people than just Lorenzo are rolling in a brand-new Benzo. In the first six months of this year, This huge uptick in sales has been driven by an . And this lust is strong. Mercedes head of sales and marketing, , said, &ldquo;We are also in an excellent position to do well in the months ahead and plan to continue Mercedes-Benz&rsquo; success with a significant increase in the third quarter.&rdquo; Doesn&rsquo;t sound like Mercedes is as .</p><p>2) Starbucks is Selling More Grande Frappouccinos to the IrrationallyExuberant</p><p><p>wallstcheatsheet.com</p>When you have disposable income (or no idea how to budget), a $5 coffee seems sane. Enter the antithesis of McDonald&rsquo;s (NYSE: MCD) &ndash;Starbucks (NYSE: SBUX) &mdash; and their mission to get customers who want to spend bucks like the stars. Last quarter, and CEO Howard Schultz said the brand&rsquo;sacolytesare piling back into stores. If the entire country was worried about , millions more people surely wouldn&rsquo;t be paying 2-10 times more money for something they could get at Dunkin Donuts or brew at home. But when you are part of the 80% of the population with a job, you can make it back tomorrow.</p><p>1) Consumers are Back Showcasing Uber-Status Symbols like Moet Hennessy-Louis Vuitton</p><p><p>wallstcheatsheet.com</p>When people do silly things like the lady above, they have lots of extra money. In this case, global fashion powerhouse is back selling mind-numbingly expensive bags for everything from luxury safaris to a simple fueling at Starbucks. Sales of LVMH brands in the US were &ldquo;strong&rdquo; across flaunt-it-like-you&rsquo;ve-got-it brands such as Luis Vuitton, Don Perignon, Fendi, Christian Dior, and Givenchy. , it&rsquo;s safe to say the uber-class is still rocking and rolling.</p><p>(This post previously appeared on )</p>?<p><p></p>Rome&rsquo;s character can change in the crossing of a street. The languor of a passeggiata through the piazzas of the historic center becomes a 21st-century urban adventure&mdash;a foodie pilgrimage to Testaccio or the buzz of a night hopping the myriad bars of Trastevere.</p><p>Romans themselves display staunch loyalty to their ownrioni, or districts; it follows that the best way to co-opt their insider experience of the city&rsquo;s most desirable neighborhoods is to check in to one of the small inns that manifest the energy and aesthetic of the streets and people around them. Here, four places that fulfill this brief with flying colors, while providing a warm welcome and a caliber of service that would earn our praise in any city.</p>Tridente:<p>The painted-parquet floors in the Napoleone Suite at the Residenza Napoleone III are visibly uneven; this is good. Good because their imperfect southerly slope is a testament to their unadulterated history&mdash;the calling card of this intimate B&amp;B in the noble 16th-century Palazzo Ruspoli. The building is in fact still lived in by Princess Letizia Ruspoli, who is effectively your innkeeper, though her second-in-command, Beatrice Ziello, sees to most of the details of your stay.</p><p>Guests enter the palazzo through a set of oversize wooden doors, like the rest of its residents, a small cross-section of urban professionals and Roman elite. They emerge into Largo Carlo Goldoni, at the base of Via dei Condotti, to an aristocratic neighborhood that holds significant architectural and artistic treasures (Rainaldi&rsquo;schiese gemelle,or twin churches, of Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Santa Maria in Monte Santo, on the Piazza del Popolo; the Galleria Doria Pamphilj, with its renowned Vel&aacute;zquez portrait of Pope Innocent X). The area is also home to the alpha and omega of Italian luxury-goods houses&mdash;some of which, including Fendi, , and Valentino, are as crucial a part of Rome&rsquo;s historical fabric as the noble palazzi lining the Via del Corso.</p><p>But despite these patrician surroundings, the Residenza is not for those whose hospitality comfort zone is defined by iPad-controlled lighting, heated floors, and bathrooms the size of small aircraft hangars. It has none of these. What it has are two irreproducible suites (a third is set to open next year)&mdash;more apartments than conventional hotel accommodations&mdash;that offer a glimpse of how the nobility has adapted itself, and its often grand and Baroque living quarters, to the exigencies of the 21st century. The pink marble bath in the three-room Napoleone Suite, for instance, is small&mdash;no getting around that&mdash;but it&rsquo;s concealed behind an eight-foot-tall, 18th-century landscape painting, one of six hanging in the bedroom. Another canvas doubles as a headboard, while a third in the yellow reception area conceals an enormous flat-screen TV. The spiral staircase leading to the separate Roof Garden Suite is vaguely precarious, yes, but its reward is a breathtaking aerie decorated with heirloom art, furniture, and scores of books&mdash;tiny missals; giant artists&rsquo; monographs; novels of every era&mdash;and surrounded on three sides by more than 600 square feet of planted terrace. Very little about the Residenza Napoleone is symmetrical, contemporary, or perfect; almost everything about it is enchanting.</p><p>$$$$</p>Trastevere:<p>Trastevere trades in Rome&rsquo;s most reliable postcard perfection. There is medieval appeal in its diminutive streets, papal splendor in its Villa Farnesina, and proto-Christian mystery in the famous church of Santa Maria in Trastevere. And if it occasionally teeters a bit close to a clich&eacute; of the artistic, up-by-its-bootstrapsquartiereit once was (it&rsquo;s no longer particularly hardscrabble, nor is it especially affordable for artists&mdash;unless they&rsquo;re extremely successful ones), the appeal is undiminished and multifarious. It can take the form of the clamor of a typical Friday night, when young crowds spill into thevicoli,or alleyways, from such places as Freni e Frizioni and Bir &amp; Fud, as well as the neighborhood&rsquo;s other excellent bars and unpretentious trattorias. Or one can savor an entirely different version of it on a weekday afternoon, when thechiusura(closing hour) drops a hush over the low rooftops, the birds on Gianicolo Hill can be heard along the Via della Lungara, and there are walk-in tables for the taking at the old standby, Trattoria da Lucia.</p><p>Luisa Longo, the owner of Buonanotte Garibaldi, is a genuine Trastevere-dwelling artist; her three-room B&amp;B, hidden behind a green gate in a wall of ivy on the Via Garibaldi, was her parents&rsquo; home. Past the entrance is a fragrant courtyard shaded by palm and orange trees; Longo&rsquo;s Airedale terrier, Tinto, bounds about in greeting before disappearing, but Longo or one of her multinational staff remains available&mdash;though remarkably privacy-respecting, considering you&rsquo;re in her house (the handsome boy I asked to fix my remote control turned out to be her son). The rooms are a unique mix of 19th- and 20th-century antiques, along with textiles designed by Longo herself. The Blue Room has a 645-square-foot terrace; the Chocolate Room, with its elegant Indian dhurrie and hand-painted headboard, has its own entrance off the courtyard. Breakfast is house-made tarts and jams served in the airy white dining room; evenings are about drinks in the garden, with Bach or Handel faintly audible through the French doors leading to the sitting room. In few hotels does the fantasy of being in one&rsquo;s own house&mdash;one&rsquo;s very chic bohemian bolt-hole, more like&mdash;shimmer so close to reality.</p><p>$$</p>Testaccio: Hotel San Anselmo<p>Testaccio&rsquo;s designation as a district is new by Roman standards (it dates from 1921), but the area&rsquo;s roots stretch back two thousand years, when millions of discarded clay amphorae used to transport foodstuffs from outlying regions of the empire formed the enormous mountain of waste known as Monte Testaccio. In the late 19th century, the surrounding pasturelands were built up in a grid of new streets, and modern-day Testaccio was born. Its working-class roots abide, though today the ranks of butchers, laborers, and tradesmen are joined by artists, students, and young families priced out of irretrievably gentrified Trastevere across the river.</p><p>Testaccio is not terrifically picturesque; its oblong Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice lacks the rose-saffron palette and crooked harmony of, say, the Piazza della Rotonda, near the Pantheon. But the Aventine, by contrast, is a verdant and eye-pleasing pocket of turn-of-the-last-century villas, located just across the Via Marmorata&mdash;a world apart from Testaccio&rsquo;s coarse bustle. Here, on the tiny square of Sant&rsquo;Anselmo, is the Hotel San Anselmo. It is a hotel of significant charms, though (or perhaps because?) it is neither new nor aggressively chic. The garden is lush with orange trees and dotted with green iron tables; also delightful is the lounge, with its low-sloping ceiling and long glass wall facing the garden. Room 829 has limed parquet floors and a romantically curtained bed; both it and No. 830 open onto private terraces. The rest skew flamboyant, not always with complete success. (Sigh-inducing or cringe-inducing? A few of the whimsies on display&mdash;amateur frescoes; the baldachin-style bed in No. 832&mdash;might force the polemic.) But the charms win the day, and are greatly enhanced by the competence of the staff. Guests benefit from the access the hotel affords to Testaccio&rsquo;s authentic pleasures: a perfectristrettoat Pasticceria Linari, drunk squeezed between students from the nearby music school and a tiny old gentleman in threadbare jacket and impeccably clipped whiskers; or a turn through Volpetti, where jams made by Trappist nuns are arranged like jewels above a selection of artichokes prepared in half a dozen local styles. And at day&rsquo;s end, visitors can ascend the leafy Via di Porta Lavernale to the tranquil square and appreciate the genteel foil the San Anselmo provides to Testaccio&rsquo;s edge.</p><p>2 Piazza di Sant&rsquo;Anselmo;.$$</p>Centro Storico: Gigli d&rsquo;Oro Suite<p>The eminently wanderable alleyways of Rome&rsquo;s historic center owe much of their appeal to resourceful reinterpretations of ancient structures; to calculated, eye-pleasing layering of the new-and-cool onto the very old. Gigli d&rsquo;Oro Suite, a spare and contemporary retrofit of a building dating back to the 14th century, manifests this aesthetic to near perfection. Its modest three-story, two-window-wide fa&ccedil;ade&mdash;painted a cheery shell pink and profuse with cyclamens spilling out of window boxes&mdash;fronts a tiny but very cleverly organized hotel. There are just six rooms and a bright, compact breakfast lounge that, dimmed in the evening, has a complimentary cocktail bar laid out for guests to enjoy against the background of good jazz. The rooms themselves each harbor at least one original architectural detail, whether it be massive beams glimpsed in the Stelletta Suite or a granite fireplace in the rooftop Maschera d&rsquo;Oro Suite. But all share a base code of white walls, oak wide-plank floors, and baths clad in biscuit-colored stone. Space (especially in closets and the bathrooms) has been ingeniously exploited; light floods the rooms at the front of the building, graced with slender French windows, and the two top-floor rooms.</p><p>Rarely do such modernizations occur without some loss of innate warmth; Gigli d&rsquo;Oro Suite has retained a laudable amount&mdash;but then, there&rsquo;s the contribution of the brisk and sunny service to factor in. The hotel&rsquo;s ultra-solicitous management dispenses counsel on everything from purchasing exhibition tickets to the city&rsquo;s bestpolpette.</p><p>Exit the hotel, and accidental beauty surrounds you. A stroll in any direction traces a route of faded and repainted colors and twisting half-shadowed cobblestones that lead to the splendid light of the Piazza Farnese or the half-mile-long stretch of the 504-year-old Via Giulia, with its ivy-covered arch designed by Michelangelo. But photogenic good looks are hardly this area&rsquo;s only unique selling point; the Via del Governo Vecchio has for years had the city&rsquo;s best independent fashion and design boutiques (Delfina Delettrez, the jewelry designer and daughter of Silvia Venturini Fendi, rates it highly enough to have relocated her shop there). Another street worth strolling: the Via del Pellegrino, across the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, where Patrizia Pieroni chose to open her namesake atelier in April 2011. And with at least three of Rome&rsquo;s bestenotechewithin a half-mile radius, you won&rsquo;t drink or snack poorly, either.</p><p>12 Via dei Gigli d&rsquo;Oro;.$$$</p><p>Hotels<br>$Less than $200<br>$$$200 to $350<br>$$$$350 to $500<br>$$$$$500 to $1,000<br>$$$$$More than $1,000</p><p>Restaurants<br>$Less than $25<br>$$$25 to $75<br>$$$$75 to $150<br>$$$$More than $150</p><p>Related</p><p><br><br><br><br></p><p>This story was originally published by</p>?<p>If the shoppers can make it to Aspen they still have money. But it looks like they won't spend it unless there's a huge discount.</p><p>: Many luxury goods in high-end retail stores in downtown Aspen were on sale on Christmas Eve, reflecting the global slowdown in spending by the wealthy.</p><p>Prada was featuring 50 percent off on clothing on the first floor of its starkly luxurious Galena Street store. </p><p>Bulgari had selected jewelry items marked 20 percent off. Handbags along one wall of the Gucci store were 50 percent off. A scarf in Fendi was marked down from $176 to $70.</p><p>The Aspen Art Museum this week offered it members a fifty percent discount on their annual fundraising event over the holidays that features models parading on the runway in furs from Dennis Basso.<br><br> General admission tickets to the Dec. 28 at the St. Regis hotel event are now $150 instead of $300. A table for four with champagne and hors d&rsquo;oeuvers is $1,500 instead of $3,000.<br> <br> But the sidewalks of Aspen were still bustling with consumers out Christmas shopping yesterday afternoon and you couldn&rsquo;t really tell there was a global economic meltdown underway. <br> <br> Gayle Dickie from Los Angeles was on the street and ready to shop Wednesday along with her 16-year-old daughter Kylie O&rsquo;Brien.<br> <br> &ldquo;I had a really good end of year,&rdquo; Dickie said, smiling. <br> <br> But she was still looking for discounts.<br> <br> &ldquo;I care very much about discount signs,&rdquo; Dickie said. &ldquo;If there isn&rsquo;t a discount sign, I probably won&rsquo;t go in.&rdquo;</p><p>See also: </p>?<p>Usually one of winter's hot spots, Aspen was a virtual ghost town on New Year's Eve after forced the police to evacuate the town. Not only were the parties canceled, but high-rolling tourists were forced to trade their plush rooms at the for cots in a conference room. It would seem to be the appropriate end to a relatively dismal year in money.</p><p>: It all started relatively quietly at Aspen&rsquo;s banks, until just after 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday.<br> <br>Outside Wells Fargo bank, Community Safety Supervisor Gretchen Born cordoned off the intersection with yellow tape, and instructed pedestrians to stay on the opposite side of the street. Outside Vectra Bank, the same thing was happening.</p><p>As if t hurting enough, the evacuation forced stores to close early.</p><p>Soon, authorities brought in Roaring Fork Transportation Authority buses to block access into the Aspen core, and used a reverse 911 call to evacuate businesses throughout town.</p><p>Storekeepers along Mill Street and Hyman Avenue said they had been doing a brisk business until they were told to close. <br><br>&ldquo;I mean, it&rsquo;s New Year&rsquo;s Eve, everyone&rsquo;s shopping,&rdquo; said Tineyi Dube of Fendi, which had to turn shoppers away as staff were trying to exit the store. <br> <br>Linda Guterman, at linen store Frette, concurred.</p><p>&ldquo;We were thrilled,&rdquo; she said of the afternoon&rsquo;s business &mdash; until staff had to begin shooing customers out.</p><p>Since everything was forced to shut down, that included hair salons too.</p><p>Meanwhile, 21-year-old Katie Howlin was upset to learn that she wouldn&rsquo;t be able to get to her hair and nails appointment at the Queen B salon with &ldquo;Rita, who&rsquo;s amazing.&rdquo;<br><br>&ldquo;I&rsquo;ve been trying to get in with her and if I miss it, I&rsquo;m going to be really upset,&rdquo; she said, half-joking.</p><p>But if there weren't any parties to go to, does she need to get her hair and nails done? The closures upset everyone, especially the out-of-towners, who thought they would be getting away from real world problems.</p><p>By 6:30 p.m., authorities began evacuating the entire 16-block radius. New Yorker Monica Martin, leaving Bad Billy&rsquo;s restaurant and bar, was surprised by the turn of events.<br> <br>&ldquo;I live in New York, but this is Aspen. It&rsquo;s not supposed to happen here,&rdquo; she said.</p><p>Alternatives were restaurants outside of town, including the Hickory House rib joint, which reportedly had wait times of up to 90 minutes. However, the lucky few who lived on the outlying areas of the resort town were safe to party.</p><p>: Meanwhile, Denver socialite Lucy Dikeou held her annual New Year's Eve party at her Aspen home without a glitch. It sat outside the evacuation zone and was decorated with 10 giant snowmen.</p><p>Image from .</p><p></p><p>See Also: </p><p></p>?<p>Federal Judge Leonard Sand in New York ruled Monday that Burlington Coat Factory knowingly violated Italian fashion company Fendi's trademarks, and awarded the luxury brand treble damages.</p><p>According to (subscription req'd), the precise amount of damages is yet-to-be determined, but it seems the discount retailer has been allegedly shilling counterfeit Fendi goods from unauthorized retailers for decades.</p><p>The luxury company, known for its signature entwined Fs logo, sued Burlington in 1986 for purchasing counterfeit products. In 1987, Burlington agreed to an injunction barring them from selling any Fendi products without permission from Fendi (SCOTUS Justice Sotomayor worked on the injunction).</p><p>But, apparently the company continued to stock the fake fashion goods. Fendi sent a cease and desist letter in 2004 and sued for trademark infringement in 2006. In 2007, a district court ruled that Burlington was in civil contempt of the 1987 injunction.</p><p>Then last May, a Manhattan district court Judge Michael Dolinger recommended that the company pay more than $3 million&mdash;$2.5 million in lost profits and about $500,000 in legal fees&mdash;for breaching the 22-year-old injunction.</p><p>The ruling is a win for fashion companies, but a relative tiny one compared to the dozens of fashion labels whose wares are immediately ripped off by discount retailers and inexpensive chain stores. How many of those companies can really afford to shell out hundreds of thousands in legal fees to bring justice?</p><p>Read more at (subscription req'd)</p>?<p>Don't worry&mdash;sales can be classy!</p><p>NYT: ...deals are also available at luxury shops, even if the clerks &mdash; who roundly, albeit politely, declined to give their names &mdash; may wrinkle their noses at the very the mention of the word &ldquo;sale.&rdquo;</p><p>On Sunday at dusk, a clerk at the Paul Morelli jewelry counter at Bergdorf Goodman shook his head when asked about storewide discounts, though a small stand-up sign 50 feet away advised that select items were up to 40 percent off. Discounted items included a $1,400 Nancy Gonzalez raspberry crocodile skin clutch, now selling &mdash; or not &mdash; for $980.</p><p>Further south on the avenue, clerks, or rather, &ldquo;sales associates,&rdquo; at Prada and Fendi quietly conceded that they expected discounts to be steeper and offered earlier this year. At one luxury boutique, an associate disclosed that there would be a private sale for select clients, then implored that the news be kept a secret.</p><p>Speaking in hushed tones, a saleswoman at Salvatore Ferragamo said the luxury retailer planned to cut prices up to 30 percent right after Thanksgiving instead of a week or two later. One block south, at Versace, a neatly coiffed salesman in a dark suit gave a reporter the once-over and arched an eyebrow when asked if there were sales to be had.</p><p>&ldquo;All the stores are breaking earlier this year,&rdquo; he replied elusively, using the industry term for offering sales. &ldquo;But Donatella said business is fabulous.&rdquo; (As it happened, the salesman, along with his colleagues and a handful of security guards, appeared to be the only people in the store.)</p><p>Well if Donatella says so...</p><p></p>?<p>A baby may be the ultimate accessory, but for women who love designer brands, it can also be an awkward wardrobe fit.</p><p>Okay, we're half kidding--but fortunately for those women, high-end designers such as , Lanvin, Versace, and have all recently launched or plan to launch clothing lines for kids.</p><p>Upscale children's lines started entering the scene about three years ago, but made a surge this season with Fendi showing its collection at its Fifth Avenue store in New York City and Gucci hiring Jennifer Lopez and her twins for its advertising campaign.</p><p>The prices for many pieces, which children will likely only wear for one season, border on ridiculous. For example, a Gucci's , designed for girls ages 2 to 8, costs $595 dollars.</p><p>But as the luxury market makes a slow comeback, the wealthy are willing splurge these items, said the Doneger Group's Creative Director Jamie Ross.</p><p>We spoke to her this week about designer baby fashion became such a trend; here's what she had to say.</p><p>When did we start seeing designer children's clothes become a trend?</p><p>About three years ago, we started to see designer clothes for children enter the market. But the past year, we've seen it enter a good mainstream consciousness. These moms who wear the brands themselves and place their identity in them, and want their children to have matching aesthetics.</p><p>Why is expanding to children's wear smart for designers?</p><p>The fact that they are building costumers base that young, helps them build customers for life. If a child associates themselves early on with a brand, they have a guaranteed customer later on.</p><p>So what are the trends in children's designer fashion?</p><p> It's a take away from the grown-up clothes. Especially Gucci, Lanvin, and I'm sure Versace are all taking trends from their adult lines.</p><p>Is it cost-effective for designers to create children's lines?</p><p>Yes, absolutely. The fact that Fendi had their show at the Fifth Avenue store just generated so much hype for the line and I would say people were more excited for the Lanvin kids line than the woman's. Just generating the buzz helps the designer.</p><p>As the luxury market made a small comeback in the past few years, is this how people are spending their money?</p><p>For the infant clothes, we're seeing them mostly gifted. The doting grandparents are a large part of the people spending on these lines.</p><p>So if the mother of the child is clad from head to toe, is there an etiquette about what type of clothing to buy the child as a gift?</p><p> If it's a known fact that a mom leans in the direction of designer, it's probably best to step up to the plate and buy the designer clothes. If you even think how far diaper bags have come, women don't just carry a basic bag anymore.</p><p>What designer children's line do you like the most right now?</p><p>Looking ahead, Fendi looks good. It's a direct interpretation of their woman's line. The clothes are kid friendly, the prints and colors are just right. They are pushing the envelope forward. The clothes are user-friendly, some of the kids clothes (from other designers) almost look too precious to use. Fendi has utility safari fabrics, others look more washed and comfortable. They have fashion pastels for boys. It looks great, because sometimes compared to the girls, the boys lines can be boring.</p><p>Children are the ones wearing these clothes, so do you think it comes with a level of understanding that the clothes will get dirty?</p><p>If you're a mom and spending on this, you're prepared to have a good dry cleaner as well.</p>?<p><p></p><p>The Leaning Tower of Pisa</p>Presently,Italy&rsquo;s economyis the fourth biggest inEurope, according to theInternational Monetary fund. Italy sits behindGermany,Franceand theUnited Kingdom.</p><p>Really, Italy should be the biggest economy in Europe, and should be able to overtake Japan too which would make Italy the third biggest economy in the whole world.</p><p>To be honest, with its reputedly stagnant economy, Italy is not doing all that badly to be in fourth place in Europe and in eighth place in the world. Just imagine where Italy would be if its economy started really motoring.</p><p>Powering past the world leaders, the USA and China would be hard seeing as Italy has neither the manpower nor the area to compete with the big two. Eventually maybe, countries such as Russia or even India may overtake Italy in terms of economic horsepower, but growth in these two nations will be of benefit to Italy.</p><p>Now, why do I think Italy should be the biggest economy in Europe? When you think about it, it&rsquo;s not too difficult to understand.</p><p>Here are the areas in which Italy could really shine, and most probably will, if the current forward thinking Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti manages to overcome the many obstacles obstinate Italy is likely to throw in his path.</p><p>Just look at what Italy has to offer on its home turf:</p>Tourism<p>Italy is a holiday destination par excellence. It has got absolutely everything any tourist can possibly desire:</p><p>Have I missed something? Quite probably and will happily accept suggestions, even if the list is quite impressive as it is.</p>Exports<p>This is the real biggie and many of the items mentioned in the tourism section above can be exported.</p><p>Italy has so many brands with a world class reputation, it is difficult to remember them all, but here are a few to be going on with:</p><p>Italian fashion brands: Gucci, Armani, Emilio Pucci, Valentino, Prada, Dolce &amp; Gabbana, Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli, Trussardi, Versace, Krizia, Etro, Miu Miu, Laura Biagiotti, Max Mara, Fendi, Moschino, Missoni, Bottega Veneta, Benetton and Brioni are but a few. And there are many Italian accessory and jewelry brands, such as Luxottica, too.</p><p>Italian food brands: Nutella, Ferrero, Barilla, Napolina, Parmalat, and many more, including smaller brands making exclusive products for the luxury sector such as Baratti &amp; Milano, Venchi, Bistefani and more. Visit theto see reams and reams of Italian food brands.</p><p>Want more? There are, plenty:</p><p>Italian furniture brands, and this is a mere glimpse of what Italy has to offer:</p><p>Then there is Italian design, such as</p><p>What about Italian motorbikes:</p><p>Italy seems to be good at just about everything it touches, and then some.</p>Brains<p>Italy has lots of great brains, but has already, and blindly, let them export themselves away from the Boot, but many would come back and may well do so, when they deem the time is right. I&rsquo;m willing to bet that many Italian expats are watching what Mario Monti is getting up to with great interest.</p><p>What is also interesting is that Italy is not standing still, despite its problematic economy.</p><p>New companies are being formed all the time, such as, a creator of bespoke caf&egrave; racer motorcycles. Unfortunately, Italy does not do much to nurture its baby businesses, but if the nation goes in the direction Mario Monti is pointing it, the world may well be graced by even more iconic Italian brands.</p><p>Obviously it is no good making products which nobody wants to buy, but this is not the case with Italy&rsquo;s goods. The problem is that many people outside of Italy simply do not know what Italy offers.</p><p>I&rsquo;ve been told by a few Italians that Italy is not especially good at marketing itself &ndash; which is putting it very mildly indeed. This is a pity because markets for Italian products abound.</p>Markets<p>Just about every country in the world is a market for made in Italy goods.</p><p>In some countries, such as the USA, UK, and a good few other nations, Italian brands are fairly well established; very well established, if you consider some of the big Italian fashion houses.</p><p>On top of the existing markets, which Italy could probably exploit better, there are the huge emerging markets &ndash; China, India and, eventually, Russia.</p><p>There is still plenty of space for Italy&rsquo;s fine products almost everywhere.</p>Market, Market, Market<p>Italy only really needs to market its vast assortment of goods better.</p><p>If the Italian government actually starts functioning, one fine day, and with a little luck it will as a result ofwaving his technocratic wand, Italy stands to be an economy which dwarfs those of France, Germany and Great Britain.</p><p>Italy should be the number one economy in Europe. I&rsquo;m absolutely, utterly and totally convinced of this.</p><p>Go on Italy! You can do it &ndash; if youwantto.</p><p>This originally appeared at </p>?<p><p></p>Gramercy Park real estate is coveted in New York City&mdash;especially when a celebrity used to own the pad.</p><p>One would think Karl Lagerfeld, the famed German fashion designer who is the creative director at Chanel, would have no problem selling his apartment. But the place has been on and off the market the past year, with no real prospective buyers.</p><p>It's now , according to .</p><p>Lagerfeld purchased the stark white, 2,200-square-foot apartment in 2006 for $6.575 million. Rumor has it he never even actually moved in.</p><p>After debating whether to sell or not, he listed the apartment last summer for $6.5 million. After no bites, he dropped the price to $5.2 million. As the listing grew cold, the apartment was pulled from the market until this week.</p><p>The apartment features three bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths.</p><p>Lagerfeld gained notoriety from his work at Chanel, where he has been since 1983, and is also known for his work at the Italian fashion house, Fendi, as well as his fashion photography.</p>?<p>I’m not an employee who goes to the office every morning at the same time. Then, vacations are needed. I’m like a rock singer with one-night stands on the road. I’m here for two days in New York; I leave in the morning early. I come back for Anna Wintour’s party at the Met, then again at the end of May for a prize I get from the Gordon Parks Foundation. I’m lucky that I can do all these things in the best conditions. I don’t have to struggle for that. I don’t have to discuss budgets. I don’t do meetings. At Chanel, there are no meetings. At Chanel, we do what we want, whenever we want and it works. And Fendi is the same. &#8211; </p><p>Read more posts on </p>?<p>- A curated list of the good things in life<br>- Contributors from Forbes, TechCrunch, Conde Nast Traveler, Mashable and Luxist<br>- Advertising managed by Halogen Media Group, with initial advertisers including BMW, Coach and Burberry<br>- Upcoming functionality will include community reviews, luxury ranking and on-the-go recommendations with the Pursuitist iPhone App</p><p>Pursuitist, the premiere luxury lifestyle blog, has officially launched at </p><p>While in beta, the Pursuitist editors have diligently curated a rich list of the good things in life to share with affluent readers. With categories that include Arts, Auto, Epicurean, Family, Green, House, Style, Tech and Travel, the Pursuitist aspires to be the &#8220;Huffington Post for Luxury.&#8221; </p><p>Coinciding with the launch, a few of the new contributors sharing their favorite luxuries include Carrie Coolidge (Luxist, Forbes), Paul Carr (Techcrunch, The Guardian), Gretchen Kelly (New York Post), Erica Swallow (Mashable, CosmoGirl.com), Shandana Durrani (Conde Nast Traveler, Glamour) and Leila Cohan-Miccio (Saveur).</p><p>International contributors include Holly Boyle in London and Vilte S. Holstad in Paris, capturing the excitement and pulse of fashion, art and life in these vibrant cities.</p><p>“Pursuitist is luxury redefined. It’s about finding and sharing the good things in life. To inspire, educate and be relevant. Pursuitists are ahead of the curve and authentic,” said Christopher Parr, CEO and Publisher of Pursuitist. Parr is an award-winning 10-year luxury online marketing veteran, a frequent speaker at luxury and interactive marketing conferences and a pioneer in web publishing. In 1996, Michael Wolff’s NetGuide named Parr’s inaugural online magazine as “The Best Site of the Year” at MacWorld.</p><p>The Pursuitist is also a targeted advertising platform for luxury brands to connect with affluent readers. While in beta, advertisers on the site have included Burberry, BMW, Coach, Broadmoor Hotel, Chase Bank, Audemars Piguet, Cosmopolitan Hotel and Effen Vodka. Halogen Media Group, with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, manages advertising for the site.</p><p>&#8220;Bringing on world class content producers exemplifies Pursuitist&#8217;s understanding of influencer media and the importance of providing brand advertisers with an environment where they can interact with consumers alongside relevant content. We&#8217;re thrilled to bring branded content from the world&#8217;s best brands to Pursuitist and its loyal readers,&#8221; said Greg Shove, CEO of Halogen Media Group.</p><p>Luxury fashion brands featured on the site include Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dolce &#038; Gabbana, Hermes, Gucci, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Dior, Fendi and Roberto Cavalli. The editors have also highlighted amazing luxury destinations, including Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Disneyworld’s Grand Floridian, InterContinental Resorts, Conrad Hotels, The Plaza and the Waldorf Astoria. Bentley, BMW, Lexus, Bugatti, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Audi, Lamborghini, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz are a few of the luxury auto brands that have been spotlighted on the blog.</p><p>Upcoming functionality to the site will include community reviews, luxury ranking, flash sales, Facebook integration and on-the-go recommendations with the Pursuitist iPhone App.</p><p>On the web at: </p><p>Read below Christopher Parr&#8217;s interview with Luxury Daily, regarding working with BMW, Marc Jacobs and Jimmy Choo:<br></p><p>Read more posts on </p>?<p></p><p>It&#8217;s getting so that nothing surprises me anymore as far as fans getting athletes tattooed on their body, and this guy getting Bills WR Stevie Johnson&#8217;s mug inked on his bicep is no exception.? Nice touch having Johnson&#8217;s now-famous &#8220;Why So Serious&#8221; phrase/hashtag worked into the tattoo.</p><p>I&#8217;m guessing that the young man who went and had this done is some kind of Buffalo Bills/Stevie Johnson fan, which is fine, seeing that the talented, yet immature Bills receiver is one of the few players on the team worth immortalizing in ink. However, it&#8217;s not so impressive when you consider the dearth of talent in the NFL ahead of Johnson that a fan would be better served getting tattooed on their body, but to each his own I guess.</p><p>Hey, I know there&#8217;s at least one person who appreciates this likeness of Stevie Johnson inked on this guy&#8217;s bicep&#8230;Stevie himself.</p><p></p><p>Like I said, to each his own, and Johnson, while arguably not one of the league&#8217;s marquee players, probably isn&#8217;t the worst choice of players to get inked on your bicep if you&#8217;re a diehard Bills fan.? Now if this had been Fendi Onobun&#8217;s visage tattooed on this dude&#8217;s arm, well that would have been something else.</p><p>[via ]</p><p>Read more posts on </p>?<p>In early March, announced that as Diet Coke's new creative director. The fashion designer would be tasked with creatingnew ad campaigns, limited edition cans and bottles, as well as online content.</p><p>But unlike most creative directors (at ad agencies at least) Gaultier has put himself front and center in Diet Coke's latest campaign.</p><p>The ads, which , feature the Gaultier's face on two different women's bodies. The first ad features the designer's trademark Breton stripe both on the bottle and the model, while the second bears a strong resemblance to Madonna during her cone bra phase (a look that Gaultier designed for the pop star).</p><p>Unfortunately, these bottles are only sold in Europe at this time.</p><p>Of course, Gaultier is not the firstdesigner that CocaCola has enlisted to spice up the design of its trademark contour bottle.</p><p>In 2011, a large group of Italian designers, including Fendi, Moschino, and Versace, translated their trademark styles on to Coca Cola bottles for the Tribute to Fashion night in Milan. Proceed from the sales of those bottles went to various charitable foundations around Italy.</p><p>And while most of these special designs have only been available in Europe,Karl Lagerfeld and Diane Von Furstenberg designed bottles that were sold in the U.S. in 2011 and 2012, respectively.</p>?<p>HedgeFundLIVE.com &mdash; Moet Henessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) announced today that it has acquired a majority stake in Bulgari. The Bulgari family which was the majority shareholder in the eponymous company will exchange 152.5 million Bulgari shares for 16.5 million LVMH shares and become the second largest family shareholder with a 3% stake.</p><p>Paolo and Nicola Bulgari will stay on as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the company and will have the opportunity to appoint 2 new members to the LVMH board of directors. Bulgari&rsquo;s CEO will be tapped to manage LVMH&rsquo;s watches and jewelry division later this year.</p><p>Bulgari is just the latest in Bernard Arnault, the LVMH CEO&rsquo;s, growing stable of luxury brands that already includes Dom Perignon, Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Tag Heuer. This move played out quite differently from Arnault&rsquo;s surreptitious acquisition of a 20% stake in the Hermes family&rsquo;s closely-held Hermes International. The Hermes family has gone to unnecessary lengths to ensure their company&rsquo;s independence from LVMH.</p><p>Click for full article.</p><p></p>?<p>If you are confused about what happened to all that money banks are losing, you aren't alone. A lot of people simply have no idea what happened to the billions of dollars in wealth that's been erased in the past year or so. How could this happen? Where did the money go?</p><p>Tim Carney* has of what happened to us. "What the heck happened to all that wealth that was lost? For the most part, the answer is, The wealth wasn&rsquo;t really there &mdash; it was all in our heads. But real wealth was lost because people invested and loaned money based on the assumption the imagined wealth was really there &mdash; and by there, I mean in our homes. This misallocated wealth was wasted," he writes.</p><p>But far more entertaining is his extended metaphor explaining the financial crisis in terms of a bar and a mixed up lottery ticket.</p><p>Imagine Joe the Plumber is sitting at Mickey&rsquo;s Pub in Allentown, Pa., on a Friday night when the Lottery numbers scroll across the bottom of the screen. Joe lets out a holler. He thinks he&rsquo;s won $12 million. Come Monday, he strolls over to the Lottery office, and they point out that he made misread the TV screen Friday night&mdash;he was one number off, and so he only wins $2,000. <br> <br> Has Joe lost $11,998,000? His bank account is no worse on Monday than it was on Friday. In fact, it&rsquo;s $2,000 better off. <br> <br> On paper, however, he has suffered that seven-figure loss. On Saturday morning, you see, Joe went through his family budget and divvied up that $12 million&mdash;planning to pay off the mortgage and the credit card bills, buy a lakefront cottage, and fill up his children&rsquo;s college fund. When he comes home Monday with the bad news and sits down with the family budget, he needs to subtract nearly $12 million from that notebook where he records the family&rsquo;s finances. <br> <br> But if Joe&rsquo;s home economy worked like the U.S. economy, there would have been far greater harm from his misevaluation of his lottery ticket. First, Joe would have ordered a round of the top-shelf stuff for everyone in Mickey&rsquo;s Pub, promising to pay back Mickey once he&rsquo;s cashed his $12 million check. <br> <br> The news would spread all over Allentown that Joe was now a multimillionaire, and local businessmen would see an opportunity. On Saturday morning, Vinny the car dealer might give Joe an Escalade in exchange for an IOU. Vinny&rsquo;s an enterprising chap, and so he sells the IOU to the local banker, Mr. Whittington, giving Vinny cash to buy more cars. Mr. Whittington, required by regulators to hold some capital against all the loans he makes, uses Joe&rsquo;s IOU as an asset against which he can make a few new loans to some folks around town. <br> <br> Joe&rsquo;s wife, meanwhile, goes nuts with the credit card. She buys an Armani trench coat, Christian Louboutin stilettos, and a Fendi handbag, and tops it off with a champagne brunch &mdash; all on the American Express. <br> <br> In this scenario, Monday morning in Allentown comes down a little harder. First, Joe is looking an $8,000 credit card tab in the face, with only $2,000 in winnings. Second, while Vinny the car dealer already got paid for his Escalade, Mr. Whittington is sitting on a worthless IOU that Joe could never pay. When regulators realize that IOU is worthless, they call Mr. Whittington and tell him he doesn&rsquo;t have enough assets held against his outstanding loans &mdash; he has to call back some loans now. And the entrepreneurs hoping to borrow from Mr. Whittington this week&mdash;they&rsquo;re out of luck, too. <br> <br> And poor Mickey. He&rsquo;s never going to get paid for all that Glenfiddich, Hangar One, and Courvoisier the boys downed on Friday night. His inventories have been depleted while his tiller never got a bump. <br> <br> Then there&rsquo;s the ripple effect. Joe can&rsquo;t afford to pay his plumbing assistant anymore, and so that kid loses his job and defaults on his car payment to Vinny. Mickey fires the busboy, who in turn fires the kid who mows his lawn. Those borrowers whom the bank is calling on now are suddenly deprived of their capital. The hardware store owner was going to borrow on Monday to make payroll on Tuesday, but the bank has closed its lending window now. <br> <br> You see where this is going.</p><p><br></p><p>* Editors Note: Yes, .</p>?Acquisition not in the bag<p>By <br>UPDATED:23:00 GMT, 13 October 1999</p><p></p><p>Two of the world's leading luxury-goods companies are paying $425 million (&#163;257 million) for a 51% stake in a business best known for making a handbag shaped like a baguette. The joint bid by Prada of Italy and Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy of France for control of Italian furs-and-leather group Fendi has drawn attention to the astonishing auction of luxury-goods businesses across the world. </p><p>The five Fendi sisters, Carla, Paola, Anna, Franca and Alda, will pocket around $80 million apiece and still run the company they built, with autonomy over management, styling, and publicity. They will continue to work with designer Karl Lagerfeld and will have two new shareholders with deep pockets to call upon to develop the business. </p><p>By playing off would-be acquirers against each other, the sisters have conducted a masterful negotiation. Prada-LVMH were competing with Texas Pacific Group, Bulgari and Gucci for the Fendi prize. But why would anyone value a company with sales last year of only e 134 million (&#163;87 million), and profits estimated at e 16 million, at around $800 million? </p><p>The answer, according to unnamed executives at LVMH, is that the turnover is bigger than it seems because Fendi also has revenues from licensing its name for use on perfumes and from retail distribution. Cynics, however, suggest the prize for LVMH is not control of Fendi, but 'the shafting of Gucci'. </p><p>Many analysts believe prices paid by the new super-conglomerates are getting too fizzy. 'People are paying silly prices,' says one. Last year's Asian economic turmoil hit the luxury-goods industry hard. According to the Comit&#233; Col-bert, the trade organisation representing 70 of France's manufacturers, total sales of French luxury goods, which rose by 7.7% in 1997, fell 2.2% last year to e 5.6 billion. But the drop was entirely due to a 13.8% slump in Asian demand. Growth elsewhere in the world averaged 3.5%, and in the US it was a robust 7.5%. </p><p>Asia's woes caused a sharp mark-down in the companies' valuations. This year, however, Asian consumers have returned to the shops with a vengeance and proprietors and analysts are looking for a Japanese economic recovery to put the icing on the cake. The drinks groups will see their profits benefit from a sharp rise in champagne sales as people celebrate the millennium, while other luxury-goods outfits will hope to benefit from extra present buying. </p><p>The improving outlook has been reflected in a recovery of company valuations: LVMH shares are up 85% this year. On the acquisition trail, therefore, are a clutch of luxury-goods companies with strong market valuations, aggressive, egocentric bosses, and lots of cash. </p><p>Gucci has an estimated $3 billion war chest after selling a raft of its shares to Pinault Printemps Redoute, and LVMH can leverage $2 billion or more from the appreciation of its various strategic share stakes. Bernard Arnault at LVMH, Domenico de Sole at Gucci, and Patrizio Bertelli and his designer wife Miuccia at Prada all believe they cannot develop existing brands too far without diminishing their exclusivity. </p><p>To provide the foundations for further growth, they need to buy smaller, under-exploited brands, which can be pasted on new perfumes, lighters, or whatever, and sold through their extensive international distribution networks. </p><p>For years, luxury-goods companies have typically been family-controlled, building reputations for quality over decades and content to preserve exclusivity by raising prices if necessary. </p><p>This is as true for Old England, the Paris retailer bought by Swiss luxury-goods group Vendome earlier this year, as it is for Church, the English shoemaker bought by Prada. </p><p>Often the decision to sell is trig-gered by succession problems as founders and creative inspirations near retirement age. Jil Sander, at 56, sold out of her fashion business and now Gucci is said to be poised to buy Yves Saint-Laurent out of Sanofi, part of PPR. </p><p>Also, many realise that with more capital their businesses could grow faster. At the age of 46, Jean-Paul Gaultier was content to sell a stake in his fashion business to further its growth, while LVMH snapped up British shirtmaker Thomas Pink earlier this year. </p><p>Analysts are sceptical about the synergies the new conglomerates claim from putting many brands under one roof. 'The reality,' says one, 'is that luxury-goods companies have always been reluctant to return cash to investors so they have to find something to spend it on.' </p><p>The industry is on an upswing. The benefits of recovery in Japan and accelerating economic growth in Europe have yet to come. But it remains one of the most cyclical businesses around. And when the first winds of economic autumn blow, the companies that have overpaid for their acquisitions could well find that they have few friends among investors. </p><p></p>?Always in Vogue: Victoria Beckham proves the permanent cover girl in Russian shoot<br> <p>By <br> UPDATED:09:09 GMT, 22 January 2009<br><br></p><p>It is the preserve of the world's most glamorous women.</p><p>And only a handful of supermodels have graced the cover of Vogue more than once during their careers.</p><p>But Victoria Beckham seems to have managed the feat for a third time in less than 12 months.</p> <p>Victoria Beckham portrait which is featured in the latest Russian edition</p> <p> </p> <p>The former Spice Girl-turned-designer is featured on the cover of February's edition of the Russian version of the iconic magazine.</p> <p>She is seen donning a series of her own outfits including red satin and fitted black dresses.</p><p></p> <p>Talking about her new collection she tells the magazine: 'Forties and Fifties underwear played a big influence on the collection, but the inspiration is me.</p> <p>'I have tried every one of the dresses on, lived in them, to work out what feels right. I hope the silhouette is what every woman wants to wear.'</p> <p>Russian doll: Victoria strikes a Soviet pose</p> <p>The shots were taken by Norwegian photographer Solve Sundsbo, who has also shot Eva Hertzigova.</p> <p>The 34-year-old made her debut in April last year when she appeared in a cover shoot for the British version.</p> <p>In November she graced the cover of Vogue in India dressed in a sari.</p> <p>And she looks similarly exotic this time around while she sucks her thumb with a military cap shadowing her eyes.</p> <p>Sucking up: Victoria Beckham appears on the cover of Russian Vogue this month<br></p> <p>Posh is fast becoming the talk of the Milan where she has been staying with her husband David while he completes a loan move with Italian football team AC Milan.</p> <p>Last year she signed a £12million three-year deal with Georgio Armani to star in their advertising campaigns.</p> <p>And the pair made waves across the world's fashion capital after the both stripped off to star in an Armani underwear campaign together which was unveiled on billboards earlier this week.</p><p> </p><p>Model it like Beckham : A new Emporio Armani advertisement featuring the famous couple has been unveiled in Italy <br></p> <p>However, not everyone appears to be so enamoured with Miss Beckham.</p> <p>Earlier this month her former friend and fellow WAG Cheryl Cole suggested Beckham's fashion range is for 'older women' and said Girls Aloud would not wear it.</p> <p>In a recent interview Cole said: 'Yeah, it's not like stuff we would wear.'<br></p><p> </p><p>When in Milan: Victoria shows off her slim figure as she joins husband David for the My Sky HD Wears Fendi cocktail party as part of Milan Fashion Week<br></p><p> </p>?An eye for horseracing talent, too? Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell enjoy backing the winners at Royal Ascot<p>By <br>UPDATED:10:48 GMT, 17 June 2009<br></p><p>They know how to pick winners on reality shows, but how successful would Britain's Got Talent judges Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden be selecting horses at Royal Ascot?</p><p>The smiles emanating from the balcony in the VIP area on day one of the prestigious meeting suggest they did pretty well for themselves.</p><p>Clearly possessing an eye for fineform, Cowell managed to net thousands of pounds from his well-placedbets, and helped Amanda take home hundreds. <br></p><p>After passing a tip to his Britain'sGot Talent co-star, both cheered as Mastercraftsmen was first past thepost at odds of 5-6. <br></p><p>In the next race, Cowell worked his magic a second time, picking his second winner in a row and netting himself almost £20,000 in total. </p><p> </p><p>Cashing in: The gang in Cowell's private box check out his ticket to calculate his winnings, totting up to £20,000<br></p><p>Cowell wore a red carnation to matchthe top-to-toe scarlet outfit worn by Amanda, who looked to be one of theleading fillies on a day when bright colours and extravagant hats werethe real favourites in the parade ring.</p><p>The pair were joined by Cowell'susual entourage of exes, Jackie St Clair and Sinitta, and a mysterybrunette who fully immersed herself in the celebrations<br></p><p>But Cowell, who can afford a wageror two with the millions he has made from the X Factor, was mostlyconcentrating on the action in front of him.</p><p> </p><p>An excitable Holden - resplendent in Italian label Fendi, flamboyant red and blackostrich feather hat created by young designer Jane Marcantonio andwhite-trimmed Christian Louboutin shoes - threw her arms around husband Chris Hughes after one of her bets romped home.</p><p>A clear winner in the fashion stakes as well as the racing, Holden celebrated her wins with the odd glass of champagne.</p><p>The 38-year-old actress confessed she is no expert on racing form, admitting her method for picking a winner is very much based on luck. <br></p><p></p><p>'I go by the name,' she said. 'If I get lucky then I get lucky. If I don't I've still had a good time.</p><p>'I love the social occasion morethan anything else. I like a glass of champagne and looking at all thelovely hats and seeing the men in their top hats and tails.'</p><p> </p><p>She had Chris arrived early at Ascot, with opera singerKatherine Jenkins pretty in pink and an unusually demure Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia hot on their heels.</p><p>Jenkins went for aslim-fitting fuchsia dress, matching hat trimmed with giant pinkblooms, and leg-lengthening stilettos in a nude tone, while Irimia co-ordinated her floral-print black sheath dress with blush pink hat.</p><p>Yessss! (Left to right) Amanda Holden, Chris Hughes, Jackie St Clair and Sinitta watch the action <br></p><p> </p><p>Display of affection: Amanda and husband Chris Hughes celebrate with a kiss<br></p><p>After the showbiz arrivals came the main people-watching event, as the Royals made their traditional grand entrance in front of the thousands in the main stand.</p><p>TheQueen arrived with husband Prince Phillip ina horse-drawn carriage to cheer on one of the six horses she hasrunning in over the course of the meet. With 20 victories already toher name, a win at this year's Ascot would make it 21.<br></p><p> </p><p>Racy ladies: From right, Amanda resplendent in red Fendi dress and Louboutin shoes; opera singer Katherine Jenkins in magenta, and Cheeky Girl Gabriele Irimia in sophisticated floral-print black<br></p><p>Dressed in a primrose yellow linenjacketwith yellow and white floral print skirt madefor her by her palace tailor Stuart Parvin and a matching yellow hat byRachel Trevor-Morgan, she had made an impact on betting even before the first horse left the gate, as bookmakers William Hill paid out at 4-1 to those who'd placed a bet on Her Majesty wearing a yellow hat. <br></p><p>Further back in the field, Princess Anne in burnt orange jacket and hat brought yet more colour to the proceedings, while Princess Beatrice kept her feet firmly on the ground, looking chic in forest green dress she paired with a neat £90 Topshop jacket and £65 monochrome Mary Janes from Office. <br></p><p>Duchess of Cornwall Camilla wore a pale gold bespoke Vivienne Westwood dress and matching jacket madeespecially for the day, along with a hat by her favourite milliner, Phillip Treacy. </p><p>From left: A racegoer wearing a hat of her own creation; centre, a laid-back look with flat shoes, floppy hat and summer dress, and right, a race fan wearing a hat trimmed with a chessboard<br></p><p>Fashion designer Isabell Kristensen, aregular fixture at the races and always elegant, this year opted for aquirky look, perfectly tailored to our English summer. Her outlandishhat featured a bowl of succulent strawberries nestling in a concentricdesign - complete with spoon. </p><p></p><p>With hats almost more important thanthe horses at Ascot, it was no surprise to see racegoers making the mostof the occasion to express themselves through their millinery. </p><br><p></p><p> </p>?What kind of mum tries to buy a child's love with a £1,300 designer coat?<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:10:23 GMT, 11 November 2010</p><p></p><p>The silky jacket with the over-sized red and white print is exquisite. You could dress it down with jeans and flats but it would also be perfect for a Christmas party. </p><p>Obviously the £579 price tag is a bit of a hurdle .&#8201;.&#8201;. and the fact that you&#8217;d have to be tiny to get into it. It&#8217;s a four after all. An age four, that is. </p><p>The jacket in question is part of D&amp;G Junior&#8217;s Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 -collection, which also features a black fur coat for a little girl priced at £1,300. </p><p>What are the designers expecting a four-year-old to get up to in a £1,300 fur coat? Well, if their online ad is anything to go by, the child will be frolicking among piles of chocolate, candy canes and lollipops. </p><p>Personally, as the mother of a four-year-old and a two-year-old, I&#8217;d suggest that a child with a lolly should be kept several furlongs from anything made of fur. And, in fact, from any item of clothing costing more than a tenner. </p><p>But it appears that, with the demand for designer childrenswear higher than ever before, many parents are prepared to brave the potentially catastrophic mix of small children and high fashion. </p><p>The latest designer to bid for a share of the extremely lucrative childrenswear market (now estimated to be worth in excess of £4billion) is Stella McCartney. </p><p>Her new children&#8217;s range, as you might expect from a woman famous for her unpretentious attitude to fashion, -features designs that have a ring of -practicality about them. All pretty -florals and muted berry tones. Everything washable. And, of course, no fur or leather. </p><p>But while the designs might be down to earth, the same cannot be said of the price tags. </p><p>Fashion editors will argue loudly that the range starts from just £14. Yes, but that&#8217;s for a baby&#8217;s T-shirt! You can have three of those for £10 in Mothercare. And from the £14 baby T-shirt we&#8217;re quickly up to £105 for a children&#8217;s wool-blend military jacket (Mothercare don&#8217;t do those, so I&#8217;m unable to bring you a price comparison).</p><p>Which begs the question, why is Stella McCartney doing them? What happened to throwing on the most comfortable/water resistant/least -obviously sullied item of clothing and then spending the extra time (and money) doing the things that children really like doing? </p><p>Things that are not enhanced by adults frantically sponging yoghurt from the cashmere blend or fretting lest the sleeve of the military jacket be buried in the sandpit/fed to the hamster/painted orange.</p><p>And, if you think Stella may have lost touch with reality slightly, brace yourselves, because her offerings are sober in comparison to some of her fellow designers. </p><p>Down the road from her Bruton Street store in London is the children&#8217;s department of Harrods, which &#8212; at 11am on a rainy Thursday morning &#8212; is already buzzing with beautiful mummies. </p><p>One statuesque vision in Chloe denim with a newborn infant sleeping peacefully in his Bugaboo is torn between the silver Baby Dior trainers (£84.95) and the Fendi baby shoes (£119). Another shopper is having trouble deciding between the blue dress with red and gold stripe detail (£209 by Little Marc Jacobs) and the gold dress (£159 by Chloe).</p><p>At least the dresses look like something a little girl might -actually enjoy wearing, although my two-year-old daughter would get equal pleasure from the contents of the dressing-up box accessorised with her Peppa Pig wellies (found in a local charity shop, and so well loved that they have been worn to bed on several occasions) but Fendi shoes for a pre-walker? </p><p>And let&#8217;s not even get started on the Bonpoint children&#8217;s fragrance that another shopper is asking after. I can&#8217;t see any in Harrods, but a quick search online reveals that it is designed to celebrate &#8216;the love of mothers for their children, and the love they receive in return&#8217;.</p><p>Which is actually right at the heart of the current obsession with -dressing children in designer gear. Somewhere along the line we appear to have bought into the idea that our children will love us more if we buy them expensive things. </p><p>Chartered psychologist Dr Colin Gill agrees that it is an increasingly prevalent and also a deeply misguided attitude. </p><p>&#8216;Now more than ever, and even in a recession, we are a relatively cash-rich, time-poor society,&#8217; he says. <br></p><p>&#8216;Everything has a monetary value attached to it and we -genuinely believe, therefore, that more money equals more love.&#8217;</p><p>He also believes that our desire to spend excess amounts on our children&#8217;s clothes has selfish overtones. <br></p><p>&#8216;We are trying to buy our way out of spending quality time with our children,&#8217; he says. </p><p>&#8216;Increasingly in Britain we seem to believe that we can throw money at difficult parts of our lives &#8212; including caring for small children &#8212; and make them less troublesome.&#8217;<br></p><p>Dr Gill also warns that in addition to salving our guilty consciences, dressing our children in designer clothes can change the way they view the world. <br></p><p>&#8216;The child will quickly become aware that you place a great deal of importance on what they are wearing and you are therefore teaching them that things are as important as they are. </p><p>&#8216;It&#8217;s an insidious message.&#8217;</p><p>Dr Gill says it is also possible to artificially infantilise children by dressing them in expensive clothes.</p><p>&#8216;A child dressed in this way, -feeling they will be letting his parents down if they spoil their clothes, will be less willing to explore,&#8217; he says. <br></p><p>&#8216;This is worrying, as children learn through exploration.&#8217;</p><p>There is also the influence of the wardrobes of celebrity minors to be taken into account: the Beckham boys, Jennifer Lopez&#8217;s twins, Gwen Stefani&#8217;s children and, of course, the mini-queen of fashion Suri Cruise. </p><p>In fact, so scrutinised has little Suri&#8217;s wardrobe become (with tales of custom-made Marc Jacobs heels and the toting of a tiny £425 Salvatore Ferragamo handbag) that Tom felt the need to defend his daughter&#8217;s sartorial choices in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. <br></p><p>&#8216;Whatever she wants to wear&#8201;.&#8201;.&#8201;. she wears it,&#8217; he explained. </p><p>Well yes. To a certain extent I see Tom&#8217;s point. Small children do develop strong opinions on clothes at an early age. </p><p>My two-year-old, for example, is currently refusing to be separated from a cotton summer dress with a cat on the pocket. No matter that it&#8217;s mid-November: &#8216;My want cat dress, Mummy,&#8217; is her first request as she peers over the top of her cot at 6am. </p><p>But while Suri possibly wants to copy mummy and totter around in grown-up shoes, I find it hard to believe that she &#8212; or, indeed, any child of her age &#8212; is in the slightest bit bothered about whether Marc Jacobs designed them or not. </p><p>In fact, in my limited experience, what children want most is not the clippy, cloppy kitten heels (or indeed, the sparkly dress or the stripy pirate -trousers), so much as the grown-up to watch while they don them and then to play along with -whatever fantasy ensues. And therein lies the real investment.</p><p></p>?Bags of class - why do women love handbags so much?<p>By CAROLINE COX</p><p>Last updated at 23:59 07 October 2007</p><br><p>What sacrifices would you have to make to afford Miu Miu'sgorgeous Coffer bag - all butter-soft leather, ruches and goldhardware, and a hefty &pound;720?</p><p>If you ate beans on toast for a month, could you stretch to&pound;895 for Marc Jacobs's delicious plum metallic Mariah?</p><p>The It-Bag is the ultimate 21st- century object of desire, notjust for supermodels and celebutantes, but for working women fromall walks of life.</p><p>Scroll down for more</p><p>These days we're prepared to spend more on a handbag than aholiday or even a car - and we want the rest of the world to knowit.</p><p>Clothes on the catwalk regularly take second place to this mostcovetable of accessories - a trend borne out earlier this year whenKate Moss starred in Longchamp's bag campaign, lying naked on abeach, except for her Longchamp handbag.</p><p>The message was clear: clothes are redundant - it's all aboutthe It-Bag.</p><p>But why do we find bags so desirable? It's partly becausethey've become a unique outward statement of a woman's status,fashion savvy and earning power - and the rising popularity ofhandbags over the past 100 years has followed the increasing socialindependence of their owners.</p><p>Two hundred years ago, a woman's role was largely domestic andshe would keep her belongings in a purse tucked into the folds ofher clothes.</p><p>But as women started leaving the home, both for leisure andwork, bags became a useful way of carrying their possessions.</p><p>Rail and sea travel caused an explosion in the popularity offashionable luggage such as suitcases, dressing cases, hat and shoeboxes - out of which the modern leather handbag developed.</p><p>It's no accident that many of today's most luxurious handbagdesign houses, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Hermes,originated in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as travelbecame more common. Then, as women gained financial independence,so the handbag industry flourished out of all proportion to itshumble origins.</p><p></p><p>Now a big luxury conglomerate such as LVMH (Louis Vuitton MoetHennessy) makes millions of pounds a year from handbag salesalone.</p><p>But the way the right bag can make us feel goes far deeper thanjust being a way of carrying things around.</p><p>Both revealing and concealing, it also represents somethingdeeply private to its owner.</p><p>This stems largely from the fact that the handbag was originallydeveloped from a silk purse or pocket worn next to the skin forsafety. In times gone by pockets were classed almost as items ofunderwear - secret places hidden under sumptuous material andreached by a slit in the skirt.</p><p>These almost risque; connotations remained when the firstprototype handbags were developed in the late 18th century in theform of reticules - exquisitely embroidered, handled pouches indamask, satin and velvet, in which a woman would could carrycosmetics, a fan for flirtation, smelling salts and cartes devisite, all without compromising the slim-line fit of thenewly fashionable Empire-line dresses.</p><p>At the time, the idea of a woman parading her personalbelongings in a visible pocket was as shocking to many as if shehad taken her knickers off and waved them in the air - and, as aresult, reticules were dubbed "ridicules" for a while.</p><p>For some time, handbags were seen as sexual items - theexpression "old bag" for a woman who is past her sexual prime is alingering part of that legacy.</p><p>These days, although they no longer have a racy reputation, theyhave lost none of their sex appeal and this is probably because thebag remains an accessory that is still very closely associated withall of our most intimate possessions.</p><p>A bag contains our survival kit for daily life in the urbanjungle - from mobile phone, tampons, make-up, money and keys, tohair straighteners, laptops, Blackberries, chewing gum, condoms ora change of clothes.</p><p>As a result, its mystique remains intact: many men find thecomplexities of what women carry in a handbag thrillingly obscureand would never dare to invade its privacy.</p><p>Most women would feel naked without their handbags. And, asclothes become ever more streamlined and minimalist, it is in yourchoice of bag that you can make sure you stand out from thecrowd.</p><p>It's a trend which has fuelled the incredible growth of thehandbag industry in the past decade. By 2006, one report showedthat sales of bags were growing at twice the rate of clothes.</p><p>But with so many designer bags vying for our attention, whatdoes it take to lift a handbag to authentic 'It' status?</p><p>The most obvious attribute is a striking design. An It-Bag needsto be instantly recognisable - whether it's the distinctivequilting and gold chains of the Chanel 2.55 bag, the unmistakableunderarm Fendi Baguette or the Chloe Paddington bag with itsoversized padlock.</p><p>Another vital element for an It-Bag, of course, is glamour.Often this comes from the magical association between a brand and acelebrity - such as the famous Hermes Kelly bag.</p><p>First produced in 1935, it was not until 1956 that the bag'sreputation became positively stratospheric when the newlywedPrincess Grace of Monaco was famously photographed for the cover ofTime magazine trying to shield her pregnant belly with a classicHermes bag.</p><p>The bag in question thereafter became known as the Kelly in herhonour, and shot to global bestseller status, where it remainstoday.</p><p>Fashion commentators at the time were quite clear about theassociation of bag and star: carrying a Kelly bag screamed classand old money, both then thought to be highly desirable.</p><p>Then there was the Lady Dior of 1994 which became a sensationafter Princess Diana took to sporting it around town after sheseparated from Prince Charles.</p><p></p><p>A seductive combination of briefcase and luxury, with itsdistinctive gold charms, it proclaimed its bearer as a seriouswoman who was nonetheless glamorous and sophisticated.</p><p>More recently, an appearance on the arm of a style icon likeKate Moss can give a cutting edge to any modern bag - and Mulberry,Balenciaga and Stella McCartney have all benefited from the kudosin recent years.</p><p>Clever marketing inevitably also plays a vital role in creatinga must-have. While Kate Moss may always be able to get her hands onthe latest luxury bag, for the woman in the street it's much moreof a challenge, regardless of money.</p><p>Being unavailable is vital - with waiting lists for ahigh-status bag such as the Hermes Birkin stretching up to threeyears.</p><p>Women's natural competitiveness is, of course, cleverly managedby the top bag designers. In 2005, Alexander McQueen stirred upcustomer demand to fever pitch when he announced the launch of hisnew bag, the Novak, named after Kim Novak, the legendary blondeactress who starred in Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 masterpieceVertigo.</p><p>After it was announced that the bag was a limited edition withonly 200 ever to be produced, starting at &pound;550 and rising toa whopping &pound;6,000 for the deluxe crocodile version, the Novakbecame the ultimate fashion trophy, selling out before a waitinglist was even compiled.</p><p>In fact, as manufacturers have been quick to observe,ever-increasing price tags seem merely to add lustre to an It-Bag'sallure, and even seasoned observers are sometimes astonished at ourseemingly endless willingness to splash out on designer bags.</p><p>Stuart Vevers, arguably the most successful bag designer of thepast decade who has created a number of It-Bags for Mulberry,Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy, remarked recently:"Every time I think there's a limit within accessories or handbags,we go through another one. I remember when handbags were &pound;500and I thought no one would ever go above that. Now they're wellover &pound;1,000 and there's no sign of stopping."</p><p>But while It-Bags may come and go, only a handful of handbagshave the stellar qualities to become timeless.</p><p>Iconic bags are not just strikingly designed, they alsotranscend the time in which they were created, like the legendaryChanel 2.55, which was unveiled in 1955 (its name comes from themonth and year it was launched).</p><p>Other bags I'd include in this elite field would be the HermesKelly, the Fendi Baguette and, more recently, Marc Jacobs's Stam,the YSL Muse and the Mulberry Roxanne.</p><p>What all of these share are clear, clean lines - nothing fussyor over-designed - and a combination of functionality and luxury,whether it's the soft quilting of the 2.55, the handcraftedstitching of the Kelly or the finest leather of the Roxanne.</p><p>An iconic bag owes its status not to canny marketing strategies,but to the finest traditions of pedigree, quality and craftsmanshipto look as good decades later as it did the day it was firstworn.</p><p>And, for a true bag-lover, that is almost beyond price.</p><p>&bull; BAGS: An Illustrated History, by Caroline Cox, publishedby Aurum tomorrow, &pound;25. To order a copy at &pound;22.50(p&amp;p free), call 0845 606 4213. Extracted by Judith Keeling</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?Bella Blissett's Beauty Buzz <br><p> By <br></p><p>UPDATED:23:02 GMT, 21 July 2012<br></p><p></p><p>Gold-leaf eyeshadow, anyone? Or a sparkle spray tan? As gold hits the beauty spot this summer, prepare to be ore-inspired...</p><p>Gilty Treasures</p><p><br></p><p></p><p>To celebrate its 20th birthday, Lalique de Lalique&#8217;s rose, pear and musk blend comes in a special bottle laced with 24-carat-gold leaves. Priced from £750 for 40ml (from Harrods, tel: 020 7730 1234), it&#8217;s for scent sybarites.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Channel Elizabeth Taylor&#8217;s Cleopatra splendour with Xen-Tan Scent Secure Gold (£26.99, xen-tan.co.uk), a spray tan that leaves gold-leaf flakes on your skin.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Think lipstick upgrade, says make-up artist Tom Pecheux. Slick Estee Lauder&#8217;s new Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Lame Luminizer on top of Electric Mauve and pretty pink turns rose gold. Or blend Lame with Pink Riot for an instant shimmering coral. £19.50 each, available nationwide from August.</p><p><br></p><p>Take a leaf out of Fendi&#8217;s pure gold book. Apply black liquid eyeliner along your upper lashes, paint Eylure Lashfix Adhesive (£2.75, boots.com) on to your lids, then pat pieces of Nail Art Gold Leaf (£2.15, naildelights.com) on top.</p><p><br></p><br><p> <br></p><br><br><p> These iconic gold eyelash curlers by Shu Uemura are back by popular demand after a spell in the &#8216;unavailable&#8217; wilderness (£20, shuuemura.co.uk).</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Blonde with shine is the holy grail of hair colour. According to Josh Wood &#8211; hair guru to Gwyneth Paltrow &#8211; Wella&#8217;s new Illumina technology reflects 70 per cent of light as it colours to give even the most lacklustre of blonde locks a halo-like glow. Treatments cost from £50; for salons <br>visit wella.com. <br></p><p><br></p><p>Capture Beyonce's golden aura with L&#8217;Oreal Paris Elvive Nutri-Gloss Crystal Sparkling Shampoo and Conditioner (£3.89 each, boots.com). They contain golden glitter pigments that will settle on your hair to amp <br>up shine.</p><p><br></p><p> <br></p><p>Thanks to the upcoming remake of The Great Gatsby, 1920s <br>chic is back. Create a gilded <br>art-deco effect with Dior Golden Jungle nail polish duo. Simply apply the gold shade, slick on the khaki topcoat and watch it crack (£24, from selfridges.com from <br>30 July, nationwide from 13 August).</p><p><br></p><p>Tweet your questions to @YOUMAGBella and we&#8217;ll answer the best. Or you can contact Bella at </p><p><br></p><p>Pictures: catwalking.com, camera press/anthea simms, sportsphoto ltd/allstar, express syndication<br></p>?SCENT WITH LOVE: VALENTINE'S GIFT SPECIAL<br><p>ELSA MCALONAN<br>UPDATED:22:00 GMT, 8 February 2012</p><br><p>If you&#8217;re planning to buy the one you love a bottle of fragrance this Valentine&#8217;s Day, you&#8217;re not alone. Sales of perfume go up by 50 per cent at this time of year, according to John Lewis. Here&#8217;s our guide to the right spritz for February 14.</p><p></p><p>FRAGRANCES FOR HER</p><p>FASHIONISTAS<br></p><p>Jimmy Choo eau de toilette, £34, Debenhams<br></p><p>A newly launched lighter version of the gorgeous Jimmy Choo scent, which, in keeping with all things romantic, is pale pink. There are top notes of ginger and heart notes of tea rose. It comes in an exquisite faceted bottle.</p><p>FLIRTY GIRLS<br></p><p>Guerlain Shalimar Parfum Initial L&#8217;Eau, £37, House of Fraser <br></p><p>In a beautiful bottle with a sapphire blue stopper, this new version of the iconic scent has top notes of damask rose and iris on a base of vanilla and tonka bean. It&#8217;s fresher than the original, with an almond overtone.<br></p><p>TRUE BRITS<br></p><p>Burberry Body Mist, £32, harrods.com<br></p><p>A new, lighter version of the best-selling Burberry Body fragrance, this is lovely for spraying all over as it&#8217;s delicate enough to scent hair and the whole body. Use after bathing to allow skin to absorb sandalwood, freesia and peach notes.<br></p><p>SULTRY SIRENS<br></p><p>Gucci Guilty Intense, £37.50, theperfume shop.com<br></p><p>A warm, oriental version of the eau de toilette, this is a feminine fragrance, with notes of pink pepper, mandarin and powdery violet. Perfect for romantic nights out.<br></p><p>FUN LOVERS<br></p><p>Coach Poppy, £36, Debenhams<br></p><p>Brand new from Coach, this is a fruity, floral scent with fresh cucumber, juicy mandarin and baby freesia buds. In a pretty pink and red bottle, its woody undertones blend with the floral aspects. Lovely for every day.<br></p><p>LUXURY LOVERS<br></p><p>Dolce &amp; Gabanna The One, £38, Boots<br></p><p>This scent feels exclusive and luxurious. It&#8217;s a warm oriental with a citrus blend of bergamot and mandarin. The heavy glass bottle feels substantial and expensive. <br></p><p>REAL LADIES<br></p><p>Carita eau de parfum, £65, 020 7313 8780<br></p><p>With top notes of bergamot and rose, heart notes of violet, heliotrope and iris and base notes of vanilla, amber and musk, this is one of the sexiest new scents around. A must-have for true romantics.<br></p><p>FLORAL FANS<br></p><p>Fan de Fendi eau de toilette, £40 (harrods.com)<br></p><p>This limited edition of the Sicilian scent is like a little bottle of sunshine. A fresh floral perfume with notes of Damascena rose, it comes with the famed Fendi logo in bright yellow. It&#8217;s available for only one season, so is sure to become a collector&#8217;s item.<br></p><p> </p><p>FROM LEFT: Paco Rabanne 1 Million aftershave, Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Eau de Toilette, Tom Ford Extreme Eau de Toilette</p><p>FRAGRANCES FOR HIM<br></p><p>FOR ADVENTURERS <br></p><p>Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper eau de toilette, £36, moltonbrown.co.uk<br></p><p>With fiery Madagascan black pepper- corn oil, this sultry, warming scent is very masculine. Another great choice is one of Molton Brown&#8217;s fabulous gift sets, Fresh Black Pepper, £32.50, which contains shower gel and a deodorant.<br></p><p>TRUE GENTS<br></p><p>Boucheron Pour Homme, £37, John Lewis<br></p><p>A refreshing citrus scent with a woody base and notes of bergamot, verbena, basil and coriander. One for men who like to look and smell classic and dapper.<br></p><p>KEEN TRAVELLERS<br></p><p>Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico, £54, theperfume shop.com<br></p><p>This sweet, yet fresh, fragrance contrasts cocoa bean with fig leaf for an unusual, yet distinctly Gaultier scent. It comes beautifully presented in a red tin, so it would make a great Valentine&#8217;s gift. Ideal for men who like a powerful, exotic fragrance. <br></p><p>OUTDOOR TYPES<br></p><p>Guerlain Homme L&#8217;Eau Boisee, £46, 01932 233 887<br></p><p>A woody version of Guerlain Homme L&#8217;Eau, with notes of Indian vetiver. There&#8217;s a lovely crispness, too, perfect for spring days.<br></p><p>DISCERNING CHAPS<br></p><p>Tom Ford Extreme eau de toilette, £80, Boots<br></p><p>A real treat for the man who knows exactly what he wants. Rum, caramel, vanilla and black truffle make this a unique spicy scent. In an elegant bottle, it will quickly become a favourite.<br></p><p>GOLDEN OLDIES<br></p><p>M7 by Yves Saint Laurent, £55, House of Fraser<br></p><p>This is part of The Collection from YSL, another brand to relaunch cult and classic fragrances. Dating from 2002, it has notes of mandarin and myrrh to give a woody, distinctive fragrance. The retro bottle will look good in the bathroom. Look out for another six relaunches, including Rive <br></p><p>Gauche, £55, Jazz, £55, and In Love Again, £69.50.<br></p><p>FLAMBOYANT TYPES<br></p><p>Paco Rabanne 1 Million aftershave, £31.50, Boots<br></p><p>A huge seller, this scent is leathery and freshly crisp, with notes of frosted grapefruit, mandarin and peppermint, contrasting with tonka bean and amber. The bottle is impressive and will look smart in a wash bag.</p><p></p><p></p>?Bella Blissett's Beauty Buzz<p> By </p><p>UPDATED:14:56 GMT, 5 December 2011</p><p></p><p>Everyone's channelling ... Hitchcock heroines<br></p><p>Parties needn&#8217;t mean going OTT with your beauty routine. For a &#8216;less is more&#8217; approach, copy the catwalk and steal the style of Hitchcock&#8217;s heroines. At the Fendi A/W show, they skipped mascara and blended shimmering shadows over eyelids, before sweeping hair off the face in a messy twist beneath the crown. Imagine Tippi Hedren in Hitchcock&#8217;s 1963 film The Birds and indulge in some nostalgic glamour.</p><br><p>THE CANDLE THAT CLEANSES</p><p>You&#8217;ll be hard pushed to find a better round-the-clock product than Sepai&#8217;s 3-in-1 Cosmetic Candle, £115, from Harrods (harrods.com). Scoop it straight from the jar for a soothing day cream, or light the wick at bathtime for a relaxing glow &#8211; then use the molten product as cleansing oil before bed. It smells delicious and moisturises skin beautifully.<br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>OUR NEW BRUSH CRUSH</p><p>Synthetic make-up brushes can feel scratchy on tired eyes. Digging around in a make-up artist&#8217;s kit, I found this Water Colour and Calligraphy Brush, £1.45, from art shops (greatart.co.uk). It&#8217;s soft on skin and the super-fine, firm point allows you to apply gel eyeliner with the masterly precision of an artist.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Tweet your questions to @YOUMAGBella and we&#8217;ll answer the best</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>?Boomerang fashion: just what does drive the fashion merry-go-round?<p>By STEPHANIE RAFANELLI</p><p>Last updated at 20:59 22 April 2007</p><br><p>Although it seemed remote, it was a moment we'd all beendreading. After 23 years, the lime green leggings hanging at theback of your wardrobe have finally made a comeback.</p><p>The physics of fashion is such that no matter how far away youthrow something or how long you keep it, it will always bounce backat you, eventually.</p><p>This summer - as welcome as a flashback to Nightmare On ElmStreet - the Eighties are back with a vengeance in the form of neoncolours, sportswear and skin-tight Lycra in a variety of terrifyingcombinations (all part of the horror that is New Rave).</p><p>Scroll down for more ...</p><p></p><p>But wait a minute. This isn't the first time the fluorescentlook has been switched back on. Cast your minds back toSpring/Summer 2003, and you might remember Prada's orange andfuchsia satins and Versace's canarycoloured clingwear; and whatabout the early Nineties?</p><p>In fact, the look pre-dates even the Eighties. When Londonfashion house Bodymap injected neon into our wardrobes as areaction to Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garcons' sombre reign ofblack, they were inspired by Andre Courreges and Pierre Cardin whodesigned neon dresses in the Sixties after the black aesthetic ofthe Beat generation.</p><p>It's no surprise, then, after last winter's blacks, greys andmouldy mushrooms that fashion history has repeated itself and neonshave boomeranged back.</p><p>Scroll down for more ...</p><p></p><p>"Fashion is based on a pendulum effect," says Sandy Black,research professor at The London College of Fashion. "Designersneed to satisfy a constant desire for novelty. Trends live for awhile then people get bored and there is a polar reaction againstthem. Colour comes after black. Clean lines follow bohemianfashions.</p><p>"The Sixties miniskirt was a reaction to the primness of theFifties, the Seventies maxi a reaction to the mini - then the miniis reinvented in the Eighties with the Ra-Ra."</p><p>Scroll down for more ...</p><p></p><p>And so it is that in 2007, we are once more witnessing a chroniccase of sartorial deja vu. This season the iconic trends of theswinging Sixties, true to their name, have swung back. Dolce &amp;Gabbana, Fendi, Gucci, Jil Sander and Balenciaga have all revisitedthe futuristic Barbarella looks of 1960s Pierre Cardin and PacoRabanne, launched by the Andre Courreges 1964 Moon Girlcollection.</p><p>Other Sixties' trends that have boomeranged back include themicromini (post-1965 Mary Quant), the A-line shift dress(ubiquitous in the 1960s, see YSL, Biba and Paco Rabanne), Op Art(graphic prints invented by Pierre Cardin, Emanuel Ungaro), andPucci print psychedelia.</p><p>Scroll down for more ...</p><p></p><p>"There hasn't been anything really exciting or new since theboom era of the Sixties and the Eighties - it's the nostalgia forthat innovation that keeps us going back again and again," says SueEvans, head of Catwalk at Worth Global Style Network, the leadingtrend analysis agency for the fashion industry.</p><p>"There are so few designers looking forward. Retro trends aretried and tested, commercially successful ground."</p><p>Get up early on a Friday and at London's Portobello Marketyou'll see today's designers and stylists trawling the stalls forinspiration. Vintage, once a student and leftfield trend, nowstrongly influences seasonal collections.</p><p>"Boomerang fashions are the ones that originally encapsulatedyouth culture and a spirit of rebellion," says Claire Stansfield,co-owner of Notting Hill vintage store Rellik, a favourite ofcelebrities and designers. "They will always get picked up by a newyouth who might have seen them in their mother's closets but havenever had the chance to wear them."</p><p>In the past, this meant that trends boomeranged in generationalcycles of around 20 years. When the Spice Girls donnedSeventies-inspired footwear in the late Nineties, a wholegeneration of Teens experienced platforms for the first time.</p><p>But now, after several seasons of ballet flats, the platform isprematurely clomping its way back "in". Alarmingly, for some of usthat's not just first or second, but third time around.</p><p>"Fashion has become much more disposable and the fashion cycleis moving much faster," says Bay Garnett contributing fashioneditor for Vogue and stylist for celebrities such as ChloeSevigny.</p><p>"With cheaper garments and faster turnaround times, the publicdemand is greater and trends are being resuscitated morequickly."</p><p>Gone are bi-yearly seasonal collections, today's High Street canturn a new collection around in just three weeks and designers areunder increasing pressure to keep up and deliver new trends.</p><p>This season's "new" metallic look (as seen in Fendi, Burberryand Balenciaga) has bounced "in" and "out" of the trends columns invarious incarnations for at least six seasons since 2000, when itwas showed by Gucci and captured to perfection by Kylie's hotpantsin the Spinning Around video. That makes most of us six-timearounders - and that's not counting Paco Rabanne's first metalliccollection in the Sixties.</p><p>Gold is not the only look to come back again and again - andagain. Leopard print, the military look, spots, stripes, bikerjackets and black are all seasoned boomerangers.</p><p>Leopard print - formerly 'leopard skin' - has shaken off itssometime Bet Lynch image and leapt back again this season. Kyliemade her own comeback this year in leopard-print D&amp;G, a lookthat can be traced</p><p>all the way back Dior's 1947 chiffon leopard gown.</p><p>In fact, animal print has purred its way all through theFifties, Seventies and Eighties on the backs of the pins ups of thedecade: Ava Gardner and Bettie Page; Marie Helvin and Jerry Hall,and Naomi Campbell and Madonna (in the sexed-up clothes of AzzedineAlaia).</p><p>"Designers return again and again to fashions that are sexy andflattering, and associated with iconic female forms - from AudreyHepburn's Capri pants, to Edie Sedgwick's shift dress to SophiaLoren's pencil skirt and Debbie Harry's rock chick look," explainsChrista Weil, fashion journalist and author of It's Vintage,Darling.</p><p>"The idea of calling down the spirit of these women by the cutof their clothes is tuned into our fantasies of looking like ouricon - and a sure-fire way to sell clothes."</p><p>Maximum sex appeal and style for minimum effort, with thepotential to look 10lb thinner, seem to be the common themes forboomerang trends. With this in mind, it's not hard to see why thepuffball skirt was a one-hit wonder only reintroduced when it hadsafely evolved into the more streamlined Tulip.</p><p>The iconic biker jacket is easy to wear, flattering, and whenyou put it on you instantly don the sexiness of its previousincarnations: Marlon Brando in the Fifties, Vivienne Westwood andthe punk generation, Katherine Hamnett's version picked up byMadonna and Wham! in the Eighties.</p><p>The biker then lost its edge until Tom Ford reinvented it forGucci in 1998. And in 2007, the wheel has turned full circle withBalenciaga's biker - white-collared like the ones rockers wore inthe Sixties.</p><p>"The skill of designers today is to reinvent a past look eachtime they bring it back, and put it together in a really commercialway." says Christa Weil.</p><p>The seasoned khaki military look was given a new lease of lifein 2005/6 with grey and black coats from the Crimean War. Thisseason it's back again in the form of the parka.</p><p>So with boomerang fashions returning in the space of aheartbeat, is it a good idea to keep key looks and recyclethem?</p><p>"It's worth keeping clothes if they are good quality or designeritems, but not very cheap High Street pieces designed to last oneseason," says Christa Weil. "It's always great to have theoriginal. Just make sure you update the look by mixing it up oryou'll end up looking like you're in fancy dress."</p><p>Boomerang fashions can come with a health warning: if they'vebeen away for more than a decade they can highlight just how muchyou've aged since first time around.</p><p>Luckily, there's plenty of trends to put away for next season;high-waisted trousers, platforms, swing jackets shift dresses, andparkas according to Lorna Perrin, head of press for FrenchConnection.</p><p>So when you bring them out in the autumn, you'll look as youngin them as you ever did.</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?Watch out Dad! Meet the three-year-old who wears Chanel, walks runways and is muse to Karl Lagerfeld (just like his father)<br><p> By <br>UPDATED:15:18 GMT, 25 October 2011</p><p>As far as resumes go, male model Hudson Kroenig's is very impressive.</p><p>He has walked the runway for Chanel, starred in a Fendi campaign and calls Karl Lagerfeld 'uncle.'</p><p>It's a little unnerving, then, that Hudson Kroenig is just three years old - and that he was just one when he provoked a thousand coos across the fashion world when modelling at Chanel's Paris Fashion Week show.<br></p><p> With a father like Brad Kroenig, super male model and close friend of Lagerfeld, Hudson's childhood was perhaps never destined to be dull.</p><p>In a set of photos that will make some melt and others shake their heads in despondency towards the state of high-end fashion, Hudson's wardrobe, complete with Chanel boots, Fendi hi-tops, designer scarves and vast range of Nike sneakers is paraded for the adult world to see.</p><p></p><p>Not to be out-done, the tiny blond's coutour Chanel 'Canadian tuxedo' - double denim, that is - sits alongside specially-made Karl Lagerfeld 'teddy bears'. Think cuddly toys with white fur, dark glasses black blazers and signature high collars.<br></p><p>Describing the photos at , father Brad, 32, is more than happy to accentuate his son's premature fashion prowess.</p><p>'Hudson loves doing pictures with Karl and was so excited to go to Paris for the Fendi shoot. He talked about it for weeks,' narrates Lagerfeld muse, Snr.<br></p><p>The boy is most likely unable to write his name yet, let alone understand the sartorial concept of 'layering', so it is with a pinch of salt that we take this next comment: 'Hudson likes to get dressed up, especially in jackets &amp; blazers. This is one of his favorites. He loves accessories and loves to layer items. Scarves are his new favorite.'</p><p>The words hover next to a light blue striped summer blazer by Crewcut and a Fendi scarf, aviator sunglasses tucked into the outfit's collar.<br></p><p>Brad, who has been the face of campaigns for DKNY, Gap, H&amp;M and Roberto Cavalli, is even the subject of Metamorphoses of an American, a book chronicling the Florida native's modelling career by Karl Lagerfeld.<br></p><p>Describing a tiny grey vest, the proud father says: 'This is the vest he wore in the Fendi Campaign' - as shot by Lagerfeld - while a bold pair of silver and blue Nikes are apparently chosen by the mini model himself.</p><p>'He loves Nikes &amp; thinks all the different colors are cool. We always let him pick which pairs he wants to buy from the store,' says Brad.</p><p>'Karl has been so kind and sweet with Hudson. Hudson loves spending time with him and gets so excited when Karl comes to NYC or when we go to Europe to visit him,' he goes on.<br></p><p>The Chanel creative has photographed the budding fashionisto a number of times, and one shot shows a framed photo of Hudson, as taken by Uncle Karl. The child even sleeps with one of Lagerfeld's gifted dolls.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Perhaps taking a lead from his Chanel stylists, Hudson seems a particular fan of the cowboy asthetic.</p><p>'He loves his cowboy boots!! He even wears them in the sandbox at the playground!' says the former Abercrombie &amp; Fitch face and self-declared ladies' man.<br></p><p>'Hudson loves to take pictures with Daddy. He definitely looks up to Daddy and thinks its coolto participate in special shoots. Hudson always talks about all the "pretty model girls," already a ladies man. Wonder who he takes after&#8230;'</p><p>To be fair, though, it'd take a hard woman not to be charmed by the toddler - especially if he's on the hand of his dashing father.<br></p>?Bunions Beckham: Years of killer heels have left Victoria in agony - and in need of an urgent operation<p>By <br>UPDATED:11:36 GMT, 27 November 2009</p><p>Her penchant for towering heels has become her trademark. <br></p><p>But years of wearing six-inch stilettos have taken their painful toll on Victoria Beckham - she is facing surgery to remove her bunions. </p><p>Style may be everything for Posh, but she is in such agony that friends have revealed she is being forced to put ice on her feet and do daily exercises in a desperate bid to avoid having the bunionectomy operations advised by her doctors. </p><p>The star has said the pain is affecting her perfect posture. <br></p><p>A friend has told the Mail: 'The Beckham household is all about feetat the moment: David is having painkilling injections for bone bruisingon his foot, while Victoria is in agony with her misshapen feet. </p><p>'She is suffering from shooting pain from the bunions.Normally, she kicks off her shoes in the house, but she has been out somuch recently in high heels that she is really feeling it.' </p><p>Mrs Beckham continues to insist she will not resort to flat shoes. </p><p>'I beyond hate ballerina flats,' she says. 'I can't walk inthem. Unless they're on a ballet dancer doing ballet, I just don't getit. I love heels.' </p><p>To combat her agony, Mrs Beckham, 35, has been doingexercises, such as standing on a step and lowering her weight onto oneleg, and lying on her back to stretch her legs. <br></p><p>If Posh has the surgery, she could face at least two months out of high heels. </p><p>'Victoria calls her feet "the bane of my life'', but she isworried about having the operation because she fears they willcompromise her ability to wear heels and ruin her stylish look,' saysher friend. </p><p>'She puts up with the pain, but the doctor has told her sheseriously needs to consider a bunionectomy or ditch the heels for a fewmonths to let the inflammation calm down. She has not got that long todecide what to do.' </p><p>Mrs Beckham is believed to wear corrective insoles in some shoes.</p><p>The pin-thin star, whose high-end fashion range counts supermodel Elle Macpherson among its fans, loves shoes by designers such as Christian Louboutin, which cost from £500. </p><p>The mother of three, who uses heels to boost her modest 5ft 6in height, is often seen tottering about on shoes in the most unsuitable locations. <br></p><p></p><p>She wore Louboutin heels when she visited Universal Studios theme park with her sons and a pair of heel-less, Antonio Berardi PVC boots at the designer's show in Paris. </p><p>Recently, as she watched her husband play for his team, LA Galaxy, she couldn't resist teaming her casual outfit of a vest top and jeans with £600, 51/2in Louboutins. <br></p><p>Bunions - a deformity of the big toe joint, which grows at an angle tothe foot - can become a major problem if not treated.</p><p>Posh has previously admitted her feet are in poor condition. </p><p>'I hate my feet - they are the most disgusting thing about me,' she said. </p><p>Last night, a source close to Mrs Beckham said: 'Victoria has not made it a secret that she has problems with her feet.' </p><p></p>Know your bunions: The bony lump that makes life a misery<br><p>Many women will have winced at the sight of Victoria Beckham's gnarled feet in her killer heels. That's because 15million of us can feel her pain - we, too, have bunions. </p><p>A bunion is a bony bump at the base of the big toe joint - as your shoe rubs on this, it becomes painfully inflamed. </p><p>Sufferers tend to have lax tendons and ligaments - these are the bands of fibrous tissue that join the bones and muscles. <br></p><p>If these aren't as taut as they should be, the top of the big toe drifts towards the little toe. This causes the bottom of the toe bone to stick out, creating a bump on the side of the foot. <br></p><p>It is overwhelmingly a female problem, largely as a result of high heels. A towering heel throws your weight forward onto your splayed out toes and forefoot, putting pinching pressure on the big toe joint. <br></p><p>The more you wear high heels, the worse the problem. Once you have a bunion, custom-made insoles in flat shoes can help alleviate the pain, but surgery is the only way to resolve the condition. </p><p>There are 100 procedures used to correct the deformity. Most common are variations on what is known as a bunionectomy or open osteotomy. <br></p><p>The surgeon makes an incision in the skin and cuts into the toe joint (a bit like jointing a chicken), then re-aligns the toe bone and secures it with screws. </p><p>After the operation, patients can suffer severe pain and have to spend six weeks wearing flat shoes with wedges inside the heels to prevent pressure on the forefoot. </p><p>It can take up to three months for the swelling to subside before you can wear normal shoes and six months before you can get back into your Jimmy Choos. </p><p></p>?Not tired yet? Vanessa Hudgens continues to party it up in Cannes on fourth night out in a row<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:14:02 GMT, 17 May 2011</p><p></p><p>It's undoubtedly the biggest event of the year in the film calendar, with every major Hollywood star making an appearance.</p><p>So it's no wonder 22-year-old Vanessa Hudgens is making the most of her time at the Cannes Film Festival by partying every single night.</p><p>Since arriving in the French town on the 12th May, High School Musical star Vanessa has been seen enjoying nights out at every major club in Cannes.</p><p> </p><p>And last night, despite it being Vanessa's fourth consecutive night out, the actress still looked fresh-faced and excited to be involved in the festival.</p><p>There was only a slight sign of tiredness under the actress' eyes as she arrived at the VIP Room in Cannes.</p><p>For her fourth night out, Vanessa went for a slightly softer look than her previous nights in a pretty peach asymmetric Fendi maxi dress teamed with a fur bolero and metallic heels.</p><p>She teamed the outfit with a peach clutch bag and tousled up 'do as she attended the Glaceau Vitaminwater party for Art of Elysium charity at Hotel du Cap.</p><p>Vanessa started her partying in Cannes with an appearance at the Calvin Klein 'Women in Cannes' event on Thursday night looking stunning in a geometric lime green print dress.</p><p></p><p>Peace! Vanessa flashed a smile and her signature peace sign while clutching a drink inside the club</p><p>After that, Vanessa opted for a rock chick look in embellished black dress and leather jacket at the (BELVEDERE) RED party, before changing into a flirty frilly green dress for lunch at the exclusive Eden Roc hotel.</p><p>And then it was into her peach outfit for last night's partying session.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>But while Vanessa is more than happy to make the most of her time in Cannes, the former Disney starlet is doing her best to establish herselfas a serious actress.</p><p>Since starring in three High School Musicalmovies, Vanessa moved on to appear alongside Alex Pettyfer in fantasy film Beastly, before starring in controversial action film Sucker Punch.</p><p>However, Vanessa said recently she is looking for other projects to challenge her acting abilities.</p><p> </p><p>She said: 'I'm not content doing the same thing. I think all actors... no one's content doing the same thing. You're always broadening your horizons and exploring your limits.</p><p>'That's what's so much fun - I don't want to do the same thing twice. I want to continue to grow because I'm just beginning.<br></p><p>'Ifeel very fortunate and very, very lucky and blessed. I'm very happy with where I'm at. But of course there is so much more that I want to tackle.<br></p><p>'That unrest is what will always keep us going... there's no content; you're always striving to do better. That's what makes us creative people.'</p><p> <br></p><p></p>?<p>You know you're in trouble when you have to sign a waiver form. Apparently, it's now my fault if my 'attendance and/or participation in any activities at the Powerboat P1 event result in serious bodily injury/illness and/or death.' Well, as long as that's clear then. </p><p>'Don't worry,' says Kim Collins, throttleman with the British Team SW1 Capital. 'We're capped at 85mph... apparently. There's a greater chance you'll survive if you crash at that speed.' </p><p>We clamber into the boat as it wobbles on the water. 'Besides,' adds the boat's pilot, Dan Cramphorn, 'there's only been one death in the past six years...' <br></p><p>A few minutes later, Collins thrusts his throttle lever forward, the speedo touches 92mph and suddenly the world's a blur. The boat's nose slaps violently against the water whenever it hits the wake of another vessel. My sunglasses have long since departed and tears are now streaming down my face. My cheeks feel like they've been kidnapped and are now in hiding behind my ears. It's like having a facelift, only without any anaesthetic. </p><p>Cramphorn turns to me, with one hand on the wheel and driving as though he's trying to find a space in Sainsbury's car park, and starts talking. His mouth is moving but, because of the noise of the mighty V8 engines (and the fact I can't feel my ears), no words seem to be coming out. Back on terra firma, he's finally audible. <br></p><p>'Smoothes out a few wrinkles,' he smiles. </p><p>We're in Istanbul for the second set of races of the Powerboat P1 series, the Formula One of the water, and Collins and Cramphorn are aiming to become 2009 champions. That said, it's been anything but plain sailing for the pair, who only recently signed a major sponsorship deal and still don't have the financial muscle enjoyed by some of the more established teams in the sport.</p><p>'We've spent silly money doing this,' shrugs Cramphorn. 'It's probably running into the hundreds of thousands.' </p><p>This,after all, isn't exactly a cheap sport to get involved in. There's thecost of the boat itself, ongoing repairs and modifications, transitfrom one race venue to the next, accommodation and living expenses.Parts are expensive - for instance, each set of propellers costsupwards of £10,000 and most teams bring three of four sets to a race.Not that this team really fits the mould. All of them do it for thelove of the sport, not the money. In fact wages don't feature at all. <br></p><p>'They pay me in hamburgers,' says crew chief Grant Hills. </p><p>BothCollins, 37, and Cramphorn, 30, still juggle full-time jobs back homewith their trips abroad. Collins is a mechanic by trade and specialisesin tuning Audis; Cramphorn runs a high-performance car dealership inCanterbury. </p><p>'Truth is, we wanted the parties,' jokes Collins.</p><p>You get those in spades in P1. It's a haven for playboys, pretendersand posers with too much time - and cash - on their hands. There's LucaFendi, grandson of the founder of the Fendi fashion brand, and his twoCigarette Team boats. <br></p><p>And there's Max Ferrari, who may beno relation to the Italian car dynasty but just happens to be a sportscar racer, millionaire entrepreneur and all-round bon viveur. Factor insome fantastic tans, expensive-looking sunglasses and a gaggle ofunapproachable beauties, and the only thing missing is Crockett andTubbs. </p><br><p>Last year, Collins and Cramphorn entered a couple of races as wild card entries just to get a feel for the events. 'The ocials were like, "Who are you? You can't just turn up and start racing in Powerboat P1." Well, we did, and we went straight out and got second in the qualifying round.' </p><p>In a little over a year, Cramphorn and Collins have already acquired a reputation as the mavericks of the P1 circuit. Ocials tut and shake their heads when you mention their names. In 2008, they had to start 20 seconds behind the other boats because they were an unknown quantity and, in theory, posed a safety risk to the other competitors. </p><p>There were also their late night-escapades. <br></p><p>'We did a lot of silly things last year and had our wrists slapped a few times, but this year we're being squeaky clean,' says Collins. <br></p><p>'Early nights, that kind of thing.' Silly things? They look at each other and then smile. 'We'd better not go there...' </p><p>Back on the Bosphorus, things take a turn for the worse in the first of the weekend's two races. Having claimed pole position for Saturday's Sprint by less than half a second, and then leading the actual race itself, a broken prop shaft on the third lap ends their challenge prematurely and threatens to wreck any chance of them competing in the Endurance Race the following day.</p><p> Whereas the wealthier teams can call on a stockpile of spare parts, there's no such luxury for Team SW1 Capital. What they do have, however, is the kind of indomitable spirit that can turn a wet weekend into a winning one. </p><p>Cramphorn calls his brother Jamie back in the UK, and within three hours he's flying out to Istanbul, via Taunton, with a prop shaft he's tracked down in Exeter. Overnight repairs are completed just two hours before practice begins. </p><p>It's a close call but when the race gets under way, there's only ever going to be one winner. Team SW1 Capital take the chequered flag 45 seconds ahead of their nearest rivals - the two-times world champions, Team Seagull Chaudron - and leave the rest of the playboys, pretenders and posers trailing in their wake.</p><br><br>BRITAIN'S WINNING FORMULA<p>Team SW1 Capital, team26racing.co.uk <br></p><p>Boat Donzi ZR Competition donzimarine.com <br></p><p>Length 38.1ft <br></p><p>Weight 5.2 tons <br></p><p>Engine 2 x Sterling 600 SCIs (Supercharged 8.2-litre EFI V8 units) <br></p><p>Power 1,200hp <br></p><p>Propulsion Arneson Surface Drive propellers <br></p><p>Hull Vinylester/Kevlar <br></p><p>Fuel Petrol <br></p><p>Top speed 100+ mph <br></p><p>Economy 'About two gallons per mile' <br></p><p>Cost £400,000 <br></p><p>powerboatp1.com <br><br></p>?Caught on camera: Fleeing Fendi raiders' motorbike escape <br> <p><br> Last updated at 11:04 AM on 01st April 2008</p> <br><br> <p> Two men roar away on a motorbike clutching handbags worth tens of thousands of pounds in the first picture of a smash and grab gang in action. </p><p> </p><p> They were among six men on three bikes who struck last night at Fendi in Sloane Street, the fifth London designer shop to be targeted in a series of raids in recent weeks. </p><p> But their getaway route took them past a crowd of paparazzi waiting outside the Cipriani restaurant in Mayfair. </p> <p>Snapped in the act: Two robbers speed away from Fendi laden with designer bags last night</p> <br> <p> The photographers were hoping to get pictures of reality TV star Rebecca Loos, instead they saw the bikes race past at speeds of up to 90mph. </p><p> Witnesses said they sped through red lights and narrowly missed a baby being pushed across the road in a buggy. One said: "They must have had 20 to 30 bags each. Some were hanging off the bottom of the bikes. </p><p> "You wouldn't believe the speed they were going at. They must have whizzed past me at 80 or 90mph. They went through two red lights and missed a baby by inches. </p><p>"His parents were wheeling him across the road and it's only thanks to the dad being so quick-witted and pulling the buggy back really fast that the baby wasn't killed. </p><p> "The mother was hysterical. She was in floods of tears. I can't believe the robbers could be so despicable."</p><br><p>Raided: Police inspect the scene at the Sloane Street shop</p> <p> <br></p><p> Onlookers said the bikes, which are thought to be stolen, sped through Mayfair towards Edgware Road. </p><p> The gang struck at around 9.45pm, smashing windows and scooping up armfuls of bags which are worth thousands of pounds each. </p><p> Two weeks ago £30,000 of bags were taken from Anya Hindmarch's shop on New Bond Street. It was the fourth time the designer had been targeted, prompting her to consider hiring 24- hour security guards. </p><p> Raiders have also smashed the window of the Jimmy Choo boutique in New Bond Street ? less than 200 yards from an earlier attack on Italian fashion retailer Salvatore Ferragamo.</p><p>Caught on film: The raiders speed through London streets with their haul of bags</p> <p> </p><p> Four suspects riding on two scooters tried to break into the brand's flagship store at about midnight, but were thwarted when electronic security shutters activated after the glass was broken. </p><p> </p><p> Police broke up a number of smash and grab gangs last year. Several people were charged and police recovered stolen motorbikes and mopeds as well as 20 Louis Vuitton handbags worth more than £1,200 each. </p><p> Last year there were more than 30 ram raids on boutiques and detectives believe the latest robberies are the work of a new group. <br></p> <p> </p><p> One officer said: ?It is not surprising that there is another gang at work, the rewards are so great. You can get tens of thousands, if not more, for a few seconds work.? </p><p> Police have difficulty in investigating the raids because the bikes are usually stolen and stripped of number plates. The gang always wear helmets which cover their faces. </p><p> </p><p> </p> <p> </p>?Caught on camera: The West End's designer smash and grab gang are snapped in the act<p>Last updated at 01:25 02 April 2008</p><br><p>Two men roar away on a motorbike clutching handbags worth tensof thousands of pounds in the first picture of a smash and grabgang in action.</p><p>They were among six men on three bikes who struck last night atFendi in Sloane Street ? the fifth London designer shop to betargeted in a series of raids in recent weeks.</p><p>But their getaway route took them past a crowd of paparazziwaiting outside the Cipriani restaurant in Mayfair.</p><p>Scroll down for more...</p><p></p><p>The photographers were hoping to get pictures of reality TV starRebecca Loos ? instead they saw the bikes race past at speeds of upto 90mph.</p><p>Witnesses said they raced through red lights and narrowly misseda baby being pushed across the road in a buggy. One said: ?Theymust have had 20 to 30 bags each. Some were hanging off the bottomof the bikes.</p><p>&quot;You wouldn&#39;t believe the speed they were going at.They must have whizzed past me at 80 or 90mph. They went throughtwo red lights and missed a baby by inches.</p><p>?His parents were wheeling him across the road and it&#39;s onlythanks to the dad being so quick-witted and pulling the buggy backreally fast that the baby wasn&#39;t killed.</p><p>?The mother was hysterical. She was in floods of tears. Ican&#39;t believe the robbers could be so despicable.?</p><p>Scroll down for more...</p><p></p><p>Onlookers said the bikes, which are thought to be stolen, spedthrough Mayfair towards Edgware Road.</p><p>The gang struck at around 9.45pm, smashing windows and scoopingup armfuls of bags which are worth thousands of pounds each.</p><p>Two weeks ago &pound;30,000 of bags were taken from AnyaHindmarch&#39;s shop on New Bond Street. It was the fourth time thedesigner had been targeted, prompting her to consider hiring24-hour security guards.</p><p>Raiders have also smashed the window of the Jimmy Choo boutiquein New Bond Street ? less than 200 yards from an earlier attack onItalian fashion retailer Salvatore Ferragamo.</p><p>Scroll down for more...</p><p></p><p>Four suspects riding on two scooters tried to break into thebrand&#39;s flagship store at about midnight, but were thwartedwhen electronic security shutters activated after the glass wasbroken.</p><p>Police broke up a number of smash and grab gangs last year.Several people were charged and police recovered stolen motorbikesand mopeds as well as 20 Louis Vuitton handbags worth more than&pound;1,200 each.</p><p>Last year there were more than 30 ram raids on boutiques anddetectives believe the latest robberies are the work of a newgroup.</p><p>Scroll down for more...</p><p></p><p>One officer said: ?It is not surprising that there is anothergang at work, the rewards are so great. You can get tens ofthousands, if not more, for a few seconds work.?</p><p>Police have difficulty in investigating the raids because thebikes are usually stolen and stripped of number plates. The gangalways wear helmets which cover their faces.</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?'Celebrating the birth of our son': Devon Aoki and her fiance welcome a baby boy <p> By <br>UPDATED:00:08 GMT, 12 June 2011</p><br><p>Model-turned-actress Devon Aoki and her fiance James Bailey are the proud parents of a new son.</p><p>James tweeted a photo of the baby boy yesterday, shortly after the infant was born.</p><p>In a separate tweet, an excited James wrote: 'Celebrating the birth of our son and Devon and my anniversary yesterday is more than I could ever ask for. Our family keeps growing.'</p><p> </p><p> With her striking multi-cultural looks, Devon, 28, was discovered at an early age and began modelling at 13.</p><p>She was originally spotted at a concert in New York, but it was Kate Moss, who saw her picture in an American magazine and helped get her career off the ground.<br></p><p> Kate brought Devon to the attention of her agent Sarah Doukas, who then signed Devon to her Storm agency when she was just 14-years-old.</p><p>She eventually went on to replace Naomi Campbell as the face of Versace and has also posed for such fashion giants as Chanel and Fendi.</p><p>She got engaged to James, an American financier last year and the couple announced their pregnancy in January.</p><p>The first time mother, whose acting credits include the movies 2 Fast 2 Furious and Sin City, is also an heiress to the Benihana restaurant fortune.</p><p> One of three children of Pamela Hilburger, a German-American artist, and Japanese-born Hiroaki Aoki, Devon was born in New York.</p><p>Her late father, a Japanese businessman founded the Benihana chain and he was also a former Olympic wrestler.</p><p>The Aoki restaurant fortune is estimated to be worth between $60 million and $100 million.</p><p>Do you have a story about a celebrity? Call the Daily Mail show business desk on 0207 938 6364 or 0207 938 6683. For U.S. stories, phone 310 642 2317.</p><p></p>?Changing lagoons!<p>By Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Daily Mail</p><p>Last updated at 18:01 07 April 2008</p><br><p>Venice has to be enjoyed in style, says Laurence</p><p>We&#39;re on the 11.35am flight to Venice Marco Polo and our plane is shoehorned full of middle-aged couples giddy at the prospect of a handful of grown-up days away and the heart-quickening possibilities of the corresponding nights.</p><p>Middle England must be deserted. It&#39;s my birthday treat.</p><p>Why Venice? Well, back when my wife, Jackie, and I got married, which was before Four Weddings And A Funeral, civil partnerships and everyone taking month-long honeymoons in a Zen spa on a remote Pacific island, we snatched seven days on the Lido. We have since found ourselves compelled to return as often as we can.</p><p>With a good 20 years&#39; experience, I can pronounce the following about Venice: don&#39;t go for more than three nights and don&#39;t ever try to go budget. Perhaps even more important, dress up rather than down. No other city more deserves its tourists to be smartly attired than does this one.</p><p>We swoop off the plane knowing there&#39;s an escort, driver and comfortable car to take us from the airport to the water taxi jetty.</p><p>Venetian water taxis are the best things in the world. If Sophia Loren were a boat, she&#39;d be one.</p><p>These are elegant white speedboats with crisp linen curtains, face-to-face leather banquettes and French polished walnut trim. Forget gondolas.</p><p>Venice slides out of the mist like Avalon. In the way that there&#39;s really only one place in Venice to stay (The Danieli), there&#39;s really only one place in Venice to arrive (the water door at The Danieli). It&#39;s prodigious, addictive glamour.</p><p>You step off your purring speedboat into the frock-coated arms of a 7ft 2in doorman who holds open the plate-glass door as a silent cloud of porters whisk your luggage into the lobby.</p><p>I&#39;ve not worked out how they do it &mdash; bearing in mind everywhere else in Venice smells of cabbage &mdash; but the air in The Danieli smells of a newly opened glossy magazine.</p><p>We&#39;re here and not at work. In fact, we feel so naughty that we&#39;re off for gin at teatime. Our Venetian formula works on the principle of less is more; two nights are perfect and all our attention gets focused on one &#39;sestiere&#39; or district.</p><p>Sestiere St Marco has, I think, all the best that Venice has to offer, including, of course, St Mark&#39;s Square, the most beautiful space in the world.</p><p>Napoleon, not entirely constructively, called it &#39;the drawing-room of Europe&#39;. And it does have a curious domestic grandeur when the calico blinds are lowered in the arched arcades.</p><p>The square is furnished with ranked tables and chairs that the Caffe Florian and the Gran Caffe Quadri, the city&#39;s two famous cafes, keep drill-sergeant neat.</p><p>The knack with St Mark&#39;s Square is to leave it at its bottom left-hand corner. This takes you through all the best bits of retail towards the Accademia Bridge.</p><p>For Venice, the route is reasonably roomy and avoids the malodorous claustrophobia that defines other parts of the city.</p><p>There are some great churches, including San Moise with its oddly at-home-looking stone camels; and the Santa Maria del Giglio, which has an entirely secular facade.</p><p>We pass shop fronts with trays of powdered pigment that Elizabethan travellers like John Evelyn found so extraordinary, glass beads in rainbow-coloured curtains, lampshades stitched by elderly women sitting in the window wearing overalls made from the same damask.</p><p></p><p>Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and his wife Jackie honeymooned in Venice... </p><p></p><p>Venice turns shopping into glossy retail porn. And if you want hardcore, there&#39;s the renowned designer store, Fendi.</p><p>This is what our Venice is about.</p><p>The wandering without deadlines, no must-visit map references &mdash; just pottering from one voluptuous, luxurious experience to another.</p><p>We&#39;ll also pick up bits and bobs for the children&#39;s stockings and a few pairs of gloves, which are surprisingly cheap.</p><p>We&#39;ve never really liked the famous Harry&#39;s Bar. For a start, the gin&#39;s even more expensive and comes with less ceremony than the one sold at Caffe Florian, and the place looks like it&#39;s been decorated by someone who used to specialise in pre-war dentists&#39; waiting rooms.</p><p>Sure, when it was full of people like Richard Burton, Ernest Hemingway, Princess Margaret and Lady Diana Cooper it probably looked great, but today &mdash; a regular Monday afternoon &mdash; it&#39;s suicidally foolish to rely on the clientele to provide the glamour.</p><p>Come the evening, we&#39;re off to our favourite restaurant, La Caravella, which in summer decamps from its spicy ship&#39;s hold to the next door courtyard. This means retracing our route past Fendi (funny how almost everything my wife wants to see in Venice takes us past Fendi) and also passing line upon line of lanky African street vendors all insisting we buy one of their fake Louis Vuitton holdalls.</p><p><p></p></p><p>Don&#39;t ever be tempted. In Venice, buying fake Vuitton is illegal and you may be arrested &mdash; presumably for crimes against taste.</p><p>And another thing about taste - the Venetians are wistfully modest about their cuisine. Food in this region certainly doesn&#39;t fit into the stereotype of Italian rural wholesomeness that keeps Islington happy.</p><p>It&#39;s a much darker mix of strange, oily sauces, untranslatable sea creatures and a finely poised juggling act of sweet pitted against sour that I assume derives from the 18th century. La Caravella does it brilliantly. It&#39;s wise to book well in advance, especially for Sunday lunch, when Venetian families descend en masse.</p><p>In a dining-room fitted out with every Venetian naval cliche available and lots of gravy-coloured wood, our dinner slips exquisitely from plate to stomach.</p><p>My soar &mdash; a local delicacy that celebrates the union of a sardine, a handful of sultanas and a pine nut or two &mdash; is gorgeous. The Mrs has a fish soup that boasts a pyramid of crustacea. I feel it all looks like the final set piece in an Esther Williams extravaganza.</p><p>Then we face the mile or so home through an empty St Mark&#39;s Square, across soulful deserted bridges and along the side of the limpid, moon-sprinkled lagoon.</p><p>Next day, there are several things we fancy doing. Lunch in the historic square of Campo Santo Stefano &mdash; the weather looks calm enough to sit outside and this square has a nice cross-section of pizzeria, fish restaurants and establishments keen to sell you Neapolitan specialities finished off by the house&#39;s limoncello (lemon liqueur).</p><p>We&#39;ll doubtless pass Fendi &mdash; several times. I&#39;m insisting we see a trumpeted Titian exhibition at the Galleria dell&#39;Accademia which will provide a good excuse to pop in to one of Venice&#39;s oddest treats &mdash; the Hobbit-like junk shop that clings to a bridge on the Rio dell&#39;Angelo.</p><p>It&#39;s a shop with no sign, no credit card machine and absolutely no rhyme or reason to it. But it&#39;s strangely irresistible.</p><p>What&#39;s funny about being in Venice &mdash; and I suppose rather touching &mdash; is that people don&#39;t seem surprised to bump into us.</p><p>This is quite unlike being at Tesco back home, where being spotted in the dried goods aisle can sometimes cause chaotic shopping trolley collisions.</p><p>But here, people saunter up to my wife and I for a chat about how lovely everything is and then, with a bob of the head, ask for a photograph with us.</p><p>Since I generally have a camera with me, I&#39;ve taken to asking for one with them. This feels rather deliciously like the dark side of stardom. I&#39;m threatening to start an album; the wife thinks I&#39;m sectionable.</p><p>It&#39;s important not to feel embarrassed about the eventual and inevitable sense of sated impatience brought on by Venetian luxury. The city is so rich, so indulgent and there&#39;s absolutely nothing ugly to rest one&#39;s aesthetically overstimulated eyeballs on.</p><p>And here&#39;s another piece of indispensable advice: Venice Marco Polo Airport has the most stupendous shopping. So good it&#39;s almost worth being delayed. If you&#39;ve got any money left in the kitty, that is.</p><p>Travel facts</p><p>BA (0844 4930 787; ba.com) flies from Gatwick to Marco Polo, Venice four times a day. Flights are from &pound;86.30 return, including taxes.</p><p>The Danieli (00 39 041 522 6480, venice-hotel-danieli.com) has premium deluxe rooms from &pound;335 per night or lagoon view rooms from &pound;400 per night..</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?<p> </p> Last updated at 8:13 PM on 16th May 2008<br>By <br><br>Summer's here, you're booking your hols and it's high time you bought a new cossie. <br>With a raft of gorgeous new designs hitting the stores right about now, we think it's highly unlikely you'll end up splashing out on just one. Follow our guide to the sharpest swimwear around and poolside posing will be a breeze.<br><br> <p>Going swimmingly: the first wave of summer bikinis is hitting the shops now<br></p> <p> <br></p>The new wave of Kate Moss's collection for Topshop launches tomorrow and given that the supermodel never looks less than flawless on the beach (even if she usually only wears the bottom half) it's no surprise that she has included some rather lovely bikinis - we love the orange paisley bikini with lace up detailing (£35). <br><br> Fellow A-lister Elizabeth Hurley has designed her own range of grown-up swimwear for Spanish chain Mango. Killer one pieces include a stunning orange number with plunging neckline (£35) and a daring white cut-out affair perfect for emphasising hourglass figures (£25). Belted halterneck and op art bikinis take their style-cue from the swinging sixties (from £20) and chunky metal cuffs (from £11) round off a super elegant look. <br><br> <p> </p><p>Water babe: Elizabeth Hurley (with the aid of her trusty airbrush) model the line of swimwear she designed for high street store Mango<br></p>For retro-inspired swimwear that's all screen siren sex appeal, check out the latest offerings at Myla. Guaranteed to bring out the Marilyn in all of us is the moss green one piece (£135) which might look like silk but its cunning microfibre weave is not just for the sun-lounger - you can also take it swimming with no ill effects to its gorgeousness. Bikini babes will love the frills on the brand's chic little French-inspired numbers (from £45) which reflect our current love affair with ruffles and all things girly. <br><br> <br> Buxom babes that struggle to find bikini tops to fit should head to Bravissimo which stocks swimwear in cup sizes from D to K. Check out the Panache brand which starts at a very reasonable £14 and will be sure to keep 'the girls' in check. <br><br>But if you can't face the crowds on the high street buying online is easy, too. New kids on the block, Indecently Exposed, (ieswimwear.com), already has a massive celebrity following - with fans from Madonna to Cameron Diaz - and we adore the stars and stripes Poko Pano Carnival (£55) bikini. We also love the brightly coloured designs at underwear specialists, Figleaves.com (from £22) and Malene Birger's jewelled purple bikini (£70) at my-wardrobe.com is another winner. <br><br>And don't forget the accessories. This season's 'global traveller' trend is heaven for diaphonous kaftans and cover ups - great if you're not feeling completely beach-body confident. My-wardrobe.com has to-die-for kaftans by Antik Batik (from £220) and Diane von Furstenberg prints from Matches or dvf.com start at £155. On the high street, French Connection does a full length kaftan which is a dead ringer for Pucci and costs only £45. <br><br>If you thought that wearing stilettos on the beach was way de trop, just consider the leg lengthening properties of a pair of killer heels: you'll be the bell of the beach in La Hurley's chunky wooden stacks. Just kick 'em off seductively before you hit the waves, they're much too hot for the fishes! <br><br><br><br>?DJ Mark Ronson turns playboy as he cosies up to model of the moment Anja Rubik for glamorous new Fendi campaign<br><p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:18:22 GMT, 19 July 2012 UPDATED:18:23 GMT, 19 July 2012</p><p>It looks like music might be taking a backseat for dapper DJ Mark Ronson as he pouts like a professional model in a glamorous new aftershave campaign.</p><p>The British producer is the face of Fendi's first fragrance for men, which is released next year, Fan di Fendi.<br></p><p>The black and white picture shows Ronson cosying up to model of the moment Anja Rubik in the back of a limo surrounded by paparazzi flashbulbs.</p><p> </p><p>Which is pretty standard stuff for theNew York based musician who recently married French actress and model Josephine de la Baume and spends his time jettingaround the globe as a superstar DJ.</p><p></p><p>Ronson is known for his sharp suits and his perfectly cioffed quiff, and his very individual rather suave style make him a smart choice for the Italian design house.</p><p>It's only the second time the 36-year-old has posed for an editorial campaign, and it was over ten years ago he appeared in a Tommy Hilfiger advert wearing the brand's signature denim.</p><p>But if he needs to brush up on his modeling skills the woman draped all over him in this shot should be able to offer some advice: Polish Anja is a Fendi favourite often citedas a muse of boss Karl Lagerfeld and has starred in numerous campaigns and catwalk shows for the label.</p><p> </p>?Down-size me with out-sized accessories<p>By CHARLOTTE KEMP, Daily Mail</p><p>Last updated at 16:55 29 May 2006</p><br><p>After weeks of failed dieting, the effects short ofmiraculous.</p><p>Not only was my new giant stripy tote big enough for all thejunk I seem to carry with me these days, its sheer size made melook really tiny by comparison.</p><p>So much so that a couple of friends grilled me about my dietingsecrets at a get-together when I arrived with said bag in tow.</p><p>Four courses on (I even had the cheese) and they were stillguessing as I swung my slimming aid into place (nearly topplingover in the process) and strutted off, smiling smugly.</p><p>It's all an optical illusion, but who cares? If you've had itwith summer crash diets, this season's big bags are big news.</p><p>We're not talking unsightly holdalls, either. From Chloe'slarger-than-life Betty to the curvaceous charm of the Fendi Spy,designers have led the way with bags that are big, beautiful and ablessing in disguise.</p><p>What other accessory can make the most of a less-than-perfectbeach body? All anyone can see as you approach the sun lounger is aslender neck, svelte calves (fake tanned) and the huge fashionstatement in between. Genius.</p><p>So pack away those ugly sarongs and big up your arm candy. Justmake sure what's on your shoulder is facing the crowds.</p><p>Curvy singing star Kelly Osbourne has got the right idea. She'srarely without her giant handbag and looks pounds slimmer. GwynethPaltrow likes to hide her postpartum plumpness behind hers.</p><p>Like all other diet crazes, supersize slimming should come witha health warning ? Victoria Beckham take note.</p><p>When the slender star takes her Fendi Spy out for a walk, youcan't see her at all when she turns sideways. But a bag that bigcould still come in handy ? if she runs out of puff, she can simplyclimb in and ask one of her bouncers to carry her home.</p><p>The rest of us are unlikely to look quite that slim with one,but expect to shave off a few inches all over when you invest inthis summer's most practical and multi-purpose item.</p><p>For the diet shy, there are plenty of other ways to supersizeyourself slim, too. Buy a pair of oversized shades and friends willwonder if you've had a facelift. Invest in waist-cinching belts andsend the personal trainer packing.</p><p>We're talking hourglass figures for couch potatoes.</p><p>Step out in an all-forgiving swing coat and skip the gym for thesummer.</p><p>There are even giant beads to draw the eye away from unsightlybulges. Failing that, you can always use them to massage away yourcellulite.</p><p>So throw away those diet books and big-up those accessories fora slimmer, leaner you with our instant weight-loss shoppinglist:</p><p>The oversized bag: Think really big for asmaller bottom and instant all-over weight loss. Go for lightercolours or attention-grabbing stripes or pattern. But shoulder testbefore you buy (some of these bags can weigh 10lb).</p><p>The five-inch platform: These chunky beautieswill instantly slim and elongate less-than-lean legs. Go forLouboutin espadrilles or Chloe wooden-heeled sandals, though HighStreet alternatives are plentiful, with the best at Topshop, Zara,Kurt Geiger and Office.</p><p>The chunky beads: Great for drawing the eyeaway from midriff bulges. Petite frames look better inFifties-style designs that skim the collar bone. If you're tall,wear the longer Gulliver beads to look smaller all over.</p><p>The oversize sunglasses: Supersize Jackie Oshades create the illusion of chiselled cheekbones with that subtleoval shape. Giant wraparound visors make noses look smaller, too(no wonder Posh is in love with hers by Chanel). Butlarger-than-life vintage designs are a bit too Dame Edna Everage,we think.</p><p>The waist-clinching belt: Notch up as manyholes as you can for that hour-glass shape, no sit-ups required.Big buckles (Fendi style) are great for taming curvy figures.</p><p>The swing coat: Cleverly makes legs look slimand bottoms minuscule. Cue Kelly Osbourne again. She was picturedin a white swing coat over black trousers. She's clearly investedin a supersize wardrobe for a slim new look. We love a girl whohates to diet.</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?Exclusive interview: <br>The only way is Hemingway<p> By <br></p><p>UPDATED:12:11 GMT, 15 June 2012</p><p></p><p>Ballerina, model, actress, socialite, fashion designer&#8230; Dree Hemingway has packed a lot into her 24 years &#8211; as you&#8217;d expect from the great-granddaughter of legendarily adventurous novelist Ernest. Clare Geraghty catches up with the new queen of cool <br></p><p> Dree Hemingway is the ultimate overachiever. At just 24, the great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway has accomplished more than most of us will in a lifetime. But when we meet at the chic Le Meurice Hotel in Paris, the ballerina turned model turned actress turned socialite turned fashion designer has no hint of an ego, despite her extremely varied &#8211; and successful &#8211; career trajectory. In fact, she is charm personified: articulate and animated with a quick sense of humour. <br></p><p>Dree and I are chatting in her capacity of fronting the Paco Rabanne Lady Million eau de toilette campaign. She is certainly doing the iconic French design house proud today &#8211; head to toe in its latest catwalk collection (leather leggings, a studded shrunken jacket and the kind of platform stilettoes that petrify men) and wafting the new scent: a lighter, fresher version of the original, sensual parfum. Dree seems the perfect choice to portray Lady Million &#8211; the emblematic femme fatale &#8211; in the fragrance advert, clicking her fingers to get what she wants from her man. &#8216;Oh my God, it was so much fun to film,&#8217; she giggles. &#8216;Mat [Gordon, her male model co-star] is seriously hot so it was no hardship to do retakes. I tried to make it really young and energetic as I think fragrance is all about attitude and how you wear it.&#8217;<br></p><p>The daughter of Oscar-nominated actress Mariel Hemingway (best known for playing Woody Allen&#8217;s teenage lover in Manhattan) and TV and film director Stephen Crisman, Dree grew up in Idaho in the Rocky Mountains and attended the Ernest Hemingway Elementary School, before moving to New York to pursue modelling full time with campaigns for Gucci, Valentino and Chanel. All long legs and messy blonde locks with luminous skin and wide-set eyes, Dree has since trodden the <br>well-worn path from model to actress and this year sees the release of her biggest film role yet: Starlet, a coming-of-age drama directed by Sean Baker. Here she talks about the Hemingway pedigree, acting ambitions, her famous style and hot men.<br><br></p><p>I really don&#8217;t think about the fact that I&#8217;m a Hemingway. It doesn&#8217;t affect my day-to-day life. It&#8217;s not like I woke up one morning and thought, &#8216;Oh my God, I&#8217;m a Hemingway!&#8217; In fact, the only time it crosses my mind is when I&#8217;m asked [about Ernest] in interviews. I never even met him. I mean, how often do you think about your great-grandfather?<br><br>I would never attempt to write anything. Obviously that would be silly &#8211; I&#8217;d embarrass myself. All my inspiration comes from the creativity of my family, though, but that would be the case whether or not our last name was Hemingway. <br><br>I love Woody Allen and thought Midnight in Paris [set in the 1920s Paris of F Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway] was genius. I suppose seeing it is about as close as I&#8217;ll ever get to Ernest. It was definitely a shock to be watching the film and all of a sudden my great-grandfather [played by Corey Stoll] rolls up on screen! I love F Scott Fitzgerald &#8211; I&#8217;m a big fan of his work. [Ernest&#8217;s work can be] kind of depressing.<br><br>My aunt Margaux [the American model who committed suicide in 1996] was an iconic beauty. She was a supermodel in the true sense of the word &#8211; a personality who truly stood out. Growing up, she embodied everything I thought fashion and modelling were all about; she was my inspiration. I still wear her jeans from the 1970s. <br><br>I was oddly independent as a child. I always felt that I knew everything already and didn&#8217;t need guidance. It was only a few years ago I realised that in fact I knew nothing! But I&#8217;ve always got along better with older people because my childhood <br>was spent surrounded by amazing actors. <br><br></p><p>Growing up on my mum&#8217;s film sets, it was ingrained from a really young age that acting was what I wanted to do. I pursued ballet first and then started modelling after leaving high school [Dree made her catwalk debut in 2009, for Givenchy]. I&#8217;d love to be able to combine fashion and acting.<br><br>I trained in ballet from the age of five for about 15 years at the New York City Ballet school. <br>I also went to Washington DC and danced with Suzanne Farrell [often referred to as the greatest American ballerina]. But I woke up one morning and was like, &#8216;I don&#8217;t know if I can live and breathe ballet any more.&#8217; The difficult thing is that dance becomes your world, and it&#8217;s hard to think about anything else. And I knew that I wanted to do more.<br><br>I still love to dance &#8211; I take ballet classes and try to incorporate balletic elements into videos and shoots that I do [Dree danced in a campaign music video for Halston]. I also like to watch professional ballet but I&#8217;m a little intense about it &#8211; I go by myself and tend to spot mistakes, as I was trained to pick out moves that were &#8216;off&#8217;. I&#8217;ll see a principal dancer leap off the floor and think, &#8216;She could have bent her foot more.&#8217;<br><br>When I was 17, I studied at Rada in London for the summer. I wanted to live abroad and to pursue drama, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I thought I may as well throw myself in at the deep end. My first big role is in Starlet. The film is out later this year &#8211; it&#8217;s so exciting. <br>I dream of working with iconic directors such as Tim Burton, Baz Luhrmann, Terry Gilliam and Wes Anderson &#8211; so I&#8217;m setting my sights pretty high! My perfect role would be in a fairy-tale period piece and I&#8217;m quite upset all the Harry Potter movies have been made as I&#8217;d love to have been in those.<br><br>Although I was born in Idaho and now live in New York, I definitely identify with the European aesthetic. Paris is my mecca; it&#8217;s where I discovered my flair for fashion. But I pay rent <br>and work in New York so that is my home &#8211; I love the culture clash of the city. <br><br>I&#8217;d describe myself as a tomboy, but with a girlie twist. I love the clean lines and simplicity of men&#8217;s clothes. Guys seem to have the ability to pick things up, throw them on and they look great.<br><br></p><p>Katharine Hepburn is my biggest style inspiration. I think her androgynous look in The Philadelphia Story is great, but I also like 70s style and look to Parisian women for ideas. On a day-to-day basis, I dress according to my mood and don&#8217;t follow any rules. People often compare my style to Sienna Miller&#8217;s, which is very flattering. The other day I walked into a room and a mutual friend thought I actually was Sienna, which was a little odd &#8211; it&#8217;s probably because our hair is similar. But I&#8217;ll take the compliment as she always looks amazing.<br><br>I&#8217;ve done fashion collaborations [with Sandro, and as muse for Matthew Williamson&#8217;s Impulse collection] and would love my own collection, but I&#8217;d need help with the design element because <br>I&#8217;m not trained. My sister Langley is an amazing designer &#8211; I&#8217;d love us to collaborate like Sienna and Savannah Miller with Twenty8Twelve, but I wouldn&#8217;t want to take any attention away from her. <br><br>Shopping-wise, I love Asos. There&#8217;s a great floral dress on the website that I&#8217;m lusting after. Isabel Marant is my absolute favourite designer, but for me, it&#8217;s all about the high-low mix. I try not to wear head-to-toe anybody.<br><br>Appearing in Justin Bieber&#8217;s Someday perfume campaign was a funny experience &#8211; I play his friend, not his love interest, so I wasn&#8217;t subjected to hate Tweets from his fans! The campaign photographer [Terry Richardson] is a friend of mine so when he asked me I was happy to be involved.<br><br>I like rugged men with a sense of humour. And I&#8217;m a big fan of facial hair &#8211; I love a beard. Having said that, I do like men with a good sense of style. Ryan Gosling was yummy in Drive &#8211; I think he&#8217;s a happy medium between groomed and rugged! <br></p><p><br></p><p> TOTALLY DREE-MY</p><p> <br></p><br><p>I&#8217;m reading The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart &#8212; I&#8217;m loving it.</p><p>On my iPod I have very eclectic taste, so it&#8217;s The Black Keys, The Kills, Lana Del Rey and Bon Iver. <br>I also saw Pulp at Coachella recently &#8212; they are brilliant.</p><p>I&#8217;m logging on to [street style blog] Jakandjil.com &#8212; I&#8217;m obsessed.</p><p>The object of my affection is the new coral Paco Rabanne tote. I&#8217;ve been secretly eyeing it <br>up all day.</p><p>Top beauty tip Camomile teabags on your eyes &#8212; when they&#8217;re cool, obviously! They <br>work wonders on puffiness. And a spritz of Lady Million; it&#8217;s sophisticated with lily of the valley, but not too heavy. </p><p><br><br></p><p><br></p>?'Ca$ual customer: English heiress Petra Ecclestone goes shopping at Fendi on Rodeo Drive<p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:18:57 GMT, 11 March 2012 UPDATED:07:46 GMT, 12 March 2012</p><p>Even when Petra Ecclestone gets casual, it still involves labels like Hermes and Fendi.<br></p><p>She and her friends enjoyed an Italian-themed afternoon yesterday with lunch at West Hollywood restaurant Cecconi's followed by a visit to Fendi on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.<br></p><p>Petra, who was married in an Italian castle, was seen holding a shopping bag at the Italian luxury fashion house where a pair of heels routinely cost between $500 and $900. <br></p><p>The 23-year-old daughter of Formula 1 chief Bernie Ecclestone stayed comfy in a pink and red long-sleeved top, tight white jeans, and a large pink leopard print scarf. Her beige boots matched her Birkin bag, which can cost well over $9,000.<br></p><p>The one-time model, who was seen yesterday browsing Fendi's shoes, has future plans for a footwear collection, and hopes to open her own store in Los Angeles.<br></p><p>Last September, Miss Ecclestone launched an accessories range named Stark and insisted she worked hard on her designs.</p><p>'I love accessories. I'm a girl. I love shoes. I love handbags. I think Americans call them purses,' she said.<br></p><p>At the tender age of 19, Petra launched a men&#8217;s fashion label, called FORM that sold in Harrods, but she closed the business after two years in 2010.<br></p><p>Speaking to W magazine recently, the blonde beauty said: &#8216;I&#8217;m a hard-working girl. I go to the office. I work a normal 9 to 5 job most days.&#8217;</p><p>&#8216;Everyone always talks &#8211; because I&#8217;m rich and I&#8217;m privileged, and I understand that,' she said.<br></p><p>At the end of the day, I don&#8217;t need to work, and I think it&#8217;s good that I have the drive and willpower to get up and do something in the morning even though I don&#8217;t need to.&#8217;<br></p><p>&#8216;Yes, I have money, and I understand that, and I work. And I think anybody else in my position wouldn&#8217;t say no if they had the opportunity to live the way that I live.&#8217;</p><p> </p><p>Miss Ecclestone famously relocated to Los Angeles shortly after her £5million wedding to James Stunt last year. The couple live in the recently refurbished £52million mansion.<br></p><p>Even as she hit out at claims she was 'privileged not spoilt,' Miss Ecclestone was more than happy to showcase her lavish lifestyle, giving the magazine a tour of her fancy home, which she shares with husband James Stunt, 30.<br></p><p>As well as its 14 bedrooms, the property has three hair salons, a massage room, a walk-in wardrobe so large it has a second level accessed by an internal staircase.<br></p><p>For entertaining, Petra&#8217;s place also has its own nightclub, cinema, and bowling alley.</p><p> Meet the Ecclestone's: Bernie, Slavica, Petra and Tamara posed together at the Formula 1 Party at Bloomsbury Ballroom in London</p><p>The 57,000 square foot French Chateau-style U.S. home, called The Manor, was built in 1988 by late TV producer Aaron Spelling, who was responsible for shows including Charlie&#8217;s Angels.<br></p><p>Miss Ecclestone remodelled it over three months, using 500 workers and renowned interior designer Gavin Brodin to turn it into a &#8216;massive VIP lounge&#8217;.<br></p><p>She married Stunt last August in a suitably extravagant ceremony at the 15th century Odescalchi Castle, in Italy. He literally owns goldmines and is building up an art collection which he proudly boasts will rival that of the British royal family.<br></p><p>Entertainment was provided by Eric Clapton and the Black Eyed Peas, and the wedding reportedly cost her father £5million.<br></p><p>Miss Ecclestone is also an ambassador for the Meningitis Trust, after contracting the virus in 2005.</p><p><br></p><p> </p>?Fashion: Portofino paradiso<p> By </p><p>UPDATED:23:02 GMT, 16 June 2012</p><p></p><p>For old-time Italian glamour fit for a poolside goddess, look to La Perla. Curvaceous cuts, hot hues and the highest of heels. Now you&#8217;re sizzling</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> <br></p><p> </p><p>Stockists<br>Emma Fielden, tel: 01273 746205, emmafielden.co.uk<br>Fendi, tel: 020 7838 6288, fendi.com <br>Giuseppe Zanotti, tel: 020 7838 9455, giuseppezanottidesign.com <br>La Perla, tel: 020 7245 0527, laperla.com <br>Linda Farrow, lindafarrow.co.uk <br>missoma, missoma.com<br>Pebble London, pebblelondon.com<br></p><p>All prices were correct at the time of going to press<br><br>Art director Michela Borgatti<br>Hair Sebastien Richard<br>Make-up Maude Laceppe <br>Model Jeisa Chiminazzo at IMG Models</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>?Fashion for life:Get ready for a nude awakening<p><br></p><p>By </p><p>Created 6:00 PM on 03rd March 2010</p><p></p><p><br></p><p> <br></p><p>For the past endless weeks, I have mostly been wearing black. I occasionally lob in a playful grey, or a capricious navy. But on the whole, it&#8217;s been back-to-back black, a nod to the fact that wearing black has the same slimming effect on a body as ignoring cake for an entire month. Black is a figure-loving friend, happy to keep itself to itself; in fact, it&#8217;s more a canvas than a colour. You can doodle on it with brilliant jewellery and interesting necklines. Really, it&#8217;s a no-brainer. <br></p><p>But lately, for me at least, black has bitten back. It has started to make me appear drained, like a reservoir in drought. It seems to suck the life-force from my face. Black &#8211; the backbone of my wardrobe for what feels like centuries &#8211; now makes me look&#8230;old. Arrrgh! Said it. Old!<br><br>It turns out that new research has demonstrated that black clothes really do age a face. Colour consultants (for whom I have very little regard in the general run of things) have discovered that black clothing can highlight wrinkles under the chin, dark rings around the eyes and lines on the face &#8211; which is just about everything a woman of a certain vintage wants to keep to herself. While black clothes do give the illusion of a slimmer body by &#8216;making the shadows of curves and rolls less visible&#8217; (for which, limitless gratitude. I mean, rolls?), the colour also accentuates &#8216;sunken areas of the face&#8217;. Heck. You may as well tattoo the word KAPUT across your forehead and wait patiently for oblivion. <br></p>We&#8217;re all supposed to be pinging about in pretty pastels...<br>a rude awakening for anyone perennially wedded to black<br><p>Frankly, this news has emerged in the nick of time, just as my face has to bear witness to my 40th year. (It may be my 41st, but who&#8217;s counting? Certainly not me. I&#8217;m whistling nonchalantly and ignoring the whole hideous march of time.) Lucky, too, that the fashion industry has set its face against black this season. In one of those habitual U-turns of style, we&#8217;re all supposed to be pinging about in pretty pastels. Sorbet colours. Ice-cream shades. Sugar-almond pink, nudey blush, peppermint green, powder blue. We&#8217;re also meant to be wearing ruffles and ruches, gingham and kitten heels, tulle and tinsel. I made up the tinsel bit, but you get the general idea. Fashion editors are calling it &#8216;the New Pretty&#8217;, though I&#8217;d be pressed to say what marks it out from the Old Pretty, apart from the fact that you have to buy it new, from Stella McCartney, Fendi, Marc Jacobs and any other designer you fancy. <br></p><p>For anyone perennially wedded to black, the New Pretty will come as a rude awakening (although there&#8217;s nothing remotely rude about it; this is a trend which will ask after your parents and say &#8216;I do beg your pardon&#8217; if it hiccups). Personally, I&#8217;m not much into ruffles, and pastels make me bilious. I&#8217;ve always done black! Even my seven-year-old daughter looks askance at bonbon colours and chooses to wear black given half a chance. At least it doesn&#8217;t make her complexion look like the inside of a bath. Ach, the bounty of youth.</p><br><p><br></p><p><br></p>MAD ABOUT THE GLADS<p>Everyone&#8217;s favourite ballet flat brand French Sole is stepping out with a range of gladiator sandals. Our favourite is this striking black nubuck version, handmade with gold studs and a gel inner sole for extra comfort. So all you need now is a pedi &#8211; and some warm weather wouldn&#8217;t go amiss.</p><p>GLADIATOR SANDALS, £195, French Sole, tel: 0118 988 8800, frenchsole.com<br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>HOORAY FOR HENRY!<br><p>A date for your diaries: 17 March sees the launch of Henry Holland&#8217;s long-awaited collection H! by Henry Holland for Debenhams. At last his coveted 80s-inspired designs, worn here by Pixie Geldof, come to the high street, with prices starting at just £6.</p><p> <br>DRESS, £30, and BAG, £20, both H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams, tel: 0844 561 6161<br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>It&#8217;s darling!<br> CLUTCH, £193, Graham &amp; Spencer, tel: 020 7580 8644<br><br><br><br>?Fashion for life: Why we all look better in the flesh<p>By </p><p>UPDATED:19:00 GMT, 17 April 2010</p><p></p><p>I&#8217;m very excited. Apparently, there&#8217;s a &#8216;new neutral&#8217; in town. To many, this may seem a mere trifle, but to a woman like me &#8211; wedded to the old neutrals of navy, grey, black and white &#8211; this is thrilling news indeed. A &#8216;neutral&#8217;, if you&#8217;re only at Key Stage One of your fashion studies, is a colour that sits well with pretty much anything you throw at it. As a rule, neutrals are impartial. Noncommittal. Like Switzerland. They&#8217;re the friend who only orders half a lager because they&#8217;re driving and always brushes their teeth between meals. <br></p><p>Wearing neutrals is, by definition, a mid-range way of going about one&#8217;s day. It smacks of safety belts and not making a fuss if someone steps on your toe. While other colours are busy making chat-stopping entrances and grand gestures &#8211; the primaries, the neons, the florals and the impossibly rowdy tartans &#8211; black is quietly communing with tan, and grey with navy, to produce something altogether more sophisticated.<br></p><p>And so, to all my neutral buddies out there, a moment: this season, the new neutral is nude. Flesh. Skin. At a push, blush. The idea takes its lead from lingerie &#8211; from all those pale, flattering silks in old gold, rose, honey, coffee, caramel and toffee which are currently doing the rounds. These are the prime tones of today, and the glory of them all is that they&#8217;ll love the skin you&#8217;re in. Such colours can butter up even the most sullen complexion &#8211; you simply need to play around until you hit upon the shade that suits you best. <br></p>Old gold, rose, honey, coffee, caramel and toffee&#8230;these neutrals can butter up even the most sullen complexion<p>The mood is best distilled in Chanel&#8217;s nail varnish du jour &#8211; the quite delightful Particuliere, which is presently gracing my toenails. It&#8217;s the shade you&#8217;d get if you whizzed together cement, cappuccino and a spoonful of hummus in a liquidiser. It is the neutral of neutrals, a taupe that is bang on the money for spring 2010. It&#8217;s also very hard to get your paws on. I bought mine on eBay, after a very dramatic last-ditch bid in the closing seconds of the auction &#8211; which was terrifically gripping for someone otherwise ensconced in neutral behaviour. <br></p><p>A neutral can also, alas, be dispassionate and inert, which is not exactly sexy. You need, therefore, to think very carefully about shapes, fabrics and silhouettes, not just colours. Go for items with a kick in the tail, to propel you out of the dusty doldrums and into the dizzy heights. Something transparent. Something clingy. Something covetable and cultivated that your friends will crave. For an object lesson in how to go about it, start your quest at Celine, where Phoebe Philo executed the new neutrals with exceptional class and skill. Elsewhere, the mild khakis at Chloe performed a similar function, while the fairy tulles at Chanel, Fendi and Givenchy were the stuff of dreams. <br></p><p>You&#8217;ll find these colours have filtered down to the high street now &#8211; to Jaeger and Wallis and Karen Millen and H&amp;M. Look out for soft nude draping (a la Burberry), body-con lingerie dresses (a la Gaultier), suede in pale cafe au lait (like D&amp;G and Loewe)&#8230; All fab. All neutral. All very, very chic, without hoo-ha or hullabaloo.<br><br><br></p>JOIN THE FOLD<br><p>High-street hero Oasis has harnessed the talents of two textile students for its Paper Dolls capsule collection. Claire McInally (Heriot-Watt School of Textiles and Design) and Jenny Neill (Edinburgh College of Art) were inspired by architectural forms and fabric folding when devising this covetable cache. </p><p>On sale 3 May. <br></p><p><br></p>BRIGHT AND BEAZIE<br><p>Calling all jewellery junkies! Beazie Roberts is becoming one of the hottest names on the British fine jewellery scene, with her pineapple pendant (left) already adorning many an A-list neck. This gold and yellow-sapphire-studded bauble doesn&#8217;t come cheap, but we&#8217;re cheered at the news of a purse-friendly diffusion range in the pipeline. Watch this space!</p><p><br></p><p>NECKLACE, £2,900, <br>Beazie Roberts, <br>beazieroberts.com<br><br></p><br><br>It&#8217;s darling!<p><br></p><p>CARDIGAN, £319, Sonia Rykiel, from Fenwick, tel: 020 7629 9161</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>?Fashion:Top new models for A/W 12<p> By </p><p>UPDATED:23:13 GMT, 31 March 2012</p><p></p><p><br></p><p>We're happy to report that A/W 12 was one of thehealthiest newcomer seasons in recent memory, with the door wide open for somerunway rookies to make their mark. Despite this being their debut show season,it&#8217;sthe new faces that are causing a stir - booking coveted runway exclusives atPrada, Calvin Klein and Givenchy, landing major campaigns, and making top photographersand stylists&#8217; shortlists. Discover our fashion bookings editor Megan McCluskie&#8217;spicks for the top ten breakout stars from the A/W 12 runways.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>AVA SMITH, Models 1 </p><p>Nationality: American</p><p>Age: 23</p><p>Height: 5&#8217;9&#8221;</p><p>Show list: Alexander Wang, Altuzarra, Antonio Berardi, Aquilando Rimondi, Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Cacharel, Calvin Klein, Celine, Chanel, Dolce &amp; Gabbana, Dries VanNoten, Elie Saab, Emilio Pucci, Etro, Fendi, Giambattista Valli, Givenchy,Gucci, Hermes, Hussein Chalayan, Iceberg, Isabel Marant, Loewe, Marchesa, McQ, Missoni, Moschino Cheap &amp; Chic, Moschino, Mugler, Nina Ricci, Paco Rabanne, Philosophy diAlberta Ferretti, Preen, Rochas, Salvatore Ferragamo, Thakoon, Trussardi,Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent</p><p>Proof it isn't always about the bigdebut: Ava spent several years as a catalogue model before being repackaged byher agency and subsequently catching the eye of virtually every major castingdirector this season. Her appearance at a total of 51 veteran-heavy shows likeCalvin Klein and Gucci proves this stunning beauty has staying power. With herstriking presence, piercing eyes and cheekbones you could slice a baguettewith, the question is, what took everybody so long?</p><p></p><p>FRANZIMUELLER, IMG </p><p>Nationality: German</p><p>Age: 20 </p><p>Height: 5&#8217;11&#8221;</p><p>Show list: Acne, Antonio Berardi, Aquilando Rimondi, Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein, Celine, Christopher Kane, DriesVan Noten, Erdem, Givenchy, Haider Ackermann, Hermes, Iceberg, JonathanSaunders, J.W. Anderson, Loewe, LouisVuitton, Marni, Maxmara, McQ, Missoni, NinaRicci, Prada, Rochas, Roland Mouret, Valentino, Versus, Yves Saint Laurent </p><p>If you want tobecome the model of the moment, you need a Calvin Klein exclusive. And that&#8217;sexactly what newcomer Franzi Mueller achieved in her catwalk debut. Sinceopening New York&#8217;s most desirable catwalk slot, the 20-year-old German nativewent on to walk for all the major shows across the four fashion capitals. Witheditorial bookings pouring in and an instantly recognisable gaze, she'scertainly got the makings of the next big thing.</p><p></p><p>KOLFINNAKRISTOFERSDOTTIR, Next</p><p>Nationality: Icelandic</p><p>Age: 19</p><p>Height: 5&#8217;11&#8221;</p><p>Show list:Acne, Bottega Veneta, Christopher Kane, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Giles, JonathanSaunders, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marni, Maxmara, Missoni, Moschino, Prada, Topshop, Versace, Versus</p><p></p><p>19-year-oldIcelandic newcomer Kolfinna Kristofersdottir ischarming the fashion circuit with her hypnotic gaze, pixie crop and androgynousstyle. She opened and closed Christopher Kane's dramatic show in London,and took the major international catwalks by storm with the added bonus oflanding a coveted Marc Jacobs exclusive, a sure sign she has the makings of the next big thing.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p></p><p>NADJABENDER, New York Models</p><p>Nationality: Danish</p><p>Age: 21</p><p>Height: 5&#8217;11&#8221;</p><p>Show list: AlexanderMcqueen, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Celine, Chanel, Christian Dior, Dolce&amp; Gabbana, Elie Saab, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Giambattista Valli, Gucci, Iceberg,Isabel Marant, Jean Paul Gaultier, JohnGalliano, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Maxmara, McQ, Missoni, Nina Ricci, RolandMouret, Salvatore Ferragamo, Sportmax, Stella Mccartney, Theykens&#8217; Theory, Tom Ford,Trussardi, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent</p><p></p><p>After bookingsought-after opening slots at Alexander Wang and Rodarte, it&#8217;s no surprise thatDanish native Nadja Bender has the world&#8217;s editors, designers and photographersstanding to attention. With a slenderframe and striking features prime for editorial work, she will undeniablybe a face to recognise for seasons to come. </p><p></p><p></p><p>KATRYNKRUGER, IMG</p><p>Nationality: South African</p><p>Age: 17</p><p>Height: 5&#8217;11&#8221;</p><p>Show list: Acne,BCBG Max Azria Chloe, Christopher Kane, Derek Lam, Diane Von Furstenberg, Dolce&amp; Gabbana, Donna Karan, Etro, Giambattista Valli, Giles, Givenchy, Herve Leger,Jason Wu, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Marni, Missoni,Narciso Rodriguez, Prabal Gurung, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Rag &amp; Bone, Rochas,Roland Mouret, Sonia Rykiel, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria Beckham</p><p></p><p>She might be a newcomer but with herraven hair, dazzling green eyes, strong brows and a debut as a Givenchyexclusive under her belt, Katryn Kruger has everything she needs to launch astellar career. The Cape Town native hashad nothing short of a break-out season. And proof is in the Prada campaignpudding, where she&#8217;s the only newcomer starring alongside Natasha Poly and MeghanCollison. One to watch indeed. </p><p></p><p></p><p>MARIEPIOVESAN, Storm</p><p>Nationality: French</p><p>Age: 26</p><p>Height: 5&#8217;10&#8221;</p><p>Show list:Acne, Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Celine,Christopher Kane, Emilio Pucci, Giambattista Valli, Haider Ackermann, Hermes, Fendi,Gareth Pugh, Giles, Helmut Lang, Jason Wu, Jonathan Saunders, Lanvin, Loewe, LouisVuitton, Marc Jacobs, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Marni, Maxmara, Missoni, NarcisoRodriguez, Paco Rabanne, Ports 1961, Prabal Gurung, Preen, Proenza Schouler,Reed Krakoff, Rick Owens, RobertoCavalli, Thakoon, Valentino, Viktor&amp; Rolf, Versace, Victoria Beckham, Yves Saint Laurent </p><p></p><p>At 25, this French beauty has a few years onmost newcomers, but her mature poise, inimitable bone structure and cool,captivating look, has bagged a well-deserved spot on our ones-to-watch list. Piovesandazzled on the runway of no less than 47 shows (landing the coveted closingslot for the A/W 12 Louis Vuitton show), stars in the S/S 12 Celine ad campaign,and has just shot editorials for style bibles Vogue Italia, Interview, and Pop- no mean feat for a new face.</p><p> <br></p><p></p><p>VANESSAAXENTE, Viva London</p><p>Nationality: Hungarian</p><p>Age: 16</p><p>Height: 5&#8217;11&#8221;</p><p>Show list: AlexanderMcqueen, Celine, Christian Dior, Dries Van Noten, Givenchy, Loewe, LouisVuitton, Miu Miu, Nina Ricci, Prada Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent</p><p></p><p>The opening slot atPrada, so coveted and precious, is a sure sign that the girl will have stayingpower. And this season&#8217;s first exit went to Hungarian native Vanessa Axente,making her runway debut. With her classically beautiful face and slightlyquirky features, she's in an enviableposition for the upcoming campaign season. </p><p></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>CORAEMMANUEL, Premier</p><p>Nationality: French</p><p>Age: 20</p><p>Height: 5&#8217;11&#8221;</p><p>Show list: 3.1Phillip Lim, Acne, Antonio Berardi, Bottega Veneta, Calvin Klein, Dolce &amp;Gabbana, Ellie Saab, Emilio Pucci, Giles, Givenchy, Jason Wu, Jean PaulGaultier, Jonathan Saunders, Just Cavalli, Louis Vuitton, Marni, Maxmara, MichaelKors, Miu Miu, Nina Ricci, Ports 1961, Prada, Rochas, Stella Mccartney, TommyHilfiger, Topshop Unique, Valentino</p><p></p><p>Cora Emmanuel has won over the fashion circuit with her wide eyes,unmistakable cheekbones and endless legs. And after racking up an impressive54 shows in the A/W 12 season, we&#8217;re certain this newcomer is set to follow inthe footsteps of fellow successful Martinique born models Sigrid Agren andMelodie Monrose. Watch this space. </p><p></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>TIAN YI,Storm</p><p>Nationality: Chinese</p><p>Age: 18</p><p>Height: 5&#8217;10&#8221;</p><p>Show list: Acne,Alberta Ferretti, Alexander McQueen, Dries Van Noten, Jonathan Saunders, Kenzo,Louis Vuitton, Marni, Miu Miu, Prada, Rochas, Roland Mouret, Thakoon, Valentino,Yves Saint Laurent</p><p></p><p>With less than a year in the game,Tian Yi has already worked with some of the best designers andphotographers in the industry, racking up an impressivecollection of editorial appearances in thelikes of 10 Magazine, i-D Magazine, and Vogue China. And after booking several coveted show slots, includingPrada and Alexander McQueen, she's in an enviable position for the upcomingcampaign season.</p><p></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p></p><p>OPHELIERUPP, Storm</p><p>Nationality: French</p><p>Age: 21</p><p>Height: 5&#8217;9.5&#8221;</p><p>Show list: 3.1Phillip Lim, Acne, Balenciaga, Burberry Prorsum, Chloe, Diane Von Furstenberg,DKNY, Dolce &amp; Gabbana, Fendi, EmilioPucci, Helmut Lang, Jean Paul Gaultier, Just Cavalli, Marchesa, Missoni,Moschino, Narciso Rodriguez, Paco Rabanne, Peter Pilotto, PPQ, Rodarte, Valentino,Vanessa Bruno, Sonia Rykiel, Thakoon, Topshop Unique </p><p></p><p>AnotherGallic girl, Ophelie Rupp, is being whispered about as one of the mostprominent faces of the season. The beauty has had significant face time with some of fashion's leading editorsand photographers, who rave about Rupp's catwalk and editorial potential. Herhypnotic gaze has many, well, hypnotised. With an Etro campaign shot by MarioTestino in the bag, a Thierry Mugler fragrance campaign and a Prada exclusive,we think she has miles ahead of her on the runway.</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p>?Fashion's new F-word<p>by HELEN WEATHERS, Daily Mail</p><p>Last updated at 12:22 15 February 2005</p><br><p>Ten years ago, it would have been unthinkable. Supermodels anddesigners giving the animal rights lobby the fashion equivalent ofa two-fingered salute by embracing fur with gusto.</p><p>Fur, once the dirty word of fashion, is back with a vengeanceand, apparently, without a guilty conscience. Mink and chinchillaare making a brazen reappearance on the catwalk and women whopreviously wouldn't be seen dead wearing a dead animal are drapingthemselves in pelts.</p><p>This new mood of defiance couldn't have been more apparent thanon Sunday when Mick Jagger's model daughter Elizabeth, 20, openedLondon Fashion Week by wearing a Julien Macdonald fox stole,strutting down a catwalk strewn with cowhide.</p><p>And she wasn't the only one. A veritable farm of luxurious furswent into Macdonald's collection, heralding what fashion writerssay will be the big trend for 2005/6.</p><p>After the show, Macdonald - a favourite of Kylie Minogue andJoely Richardson - gushed "I adore fur; it adds ultimate luxury andglamour to my collections', while stressing he uses only animalfarms which follow international rules and regulations.</p><p>The lobby group PETA (People For the Ethical Treatment ofAnimals) - which famously brought us the slogan 'I'd rather gonaked than wear fur' and persuaded the world's supermodels to posein nothing but their birthday suits for an anti-fur campaign - is,understandably, far from happy.</p><p>"By wearing fur, Elizabeth Jagger is endorsing hideous crueltyto animals,' says PETA campaign coordinator Jodi Ruckley.</p><p>"But in no way is this show an indication that wearing fur isbecoming more acceptable for most women. It will never beacceptable because animal suffering will always be unacceptable. Arecent survey for Cosmopolitan magazine showed that 91 per cent ofwomen would never wear fur, despite what is happening on thecatwalk.</p><p>"This is just about a designer trying to get into the papers bybeing provocative. I don't think dressing models like cavemen isparticularly sophisticated or intelligent."</p><p>Certainly there are still designers - including Calvin Klein,Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Moschino and Vivienne Westwood -who refuse to use fur on principle.</p><p>And there are a raft of celebrities who support PETA, includingHollywood actresses Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore, Hilary Swank,Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman, as well assupermodel Christy Turlington, who appeared in the original 'I'drather go naked' poster.</p><p>But what of supermodels Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford, whojoined her in the PETA campaign?</p><p>Celebrities pose for PETA</p><p></p><p>Campbell, who was recently criticised for modelling athree-quarter-length mink coat, also appeared at Julien Macdonald'sshow, but wisely steered clear of fur.</p><p>"Naomi was once so anti-fur. In 1994, when she was part of thePETA campaign and we showed her videos of animals in fur farms, shecried and said she couldn't believe it," says Andrew Butler, one ofPETA's campaign co-ordinators.</p><p>"But just a few years later, she went back on her word. She wasoffered money to wear fur and she accepted."</p><p>As for Cindy Crawford, she sparked controversy in December whenshe starred in a mink coat advert for American fashion houseBlackglama.</p><p>Her publicist explained the volte face by saying Cindynever really supported PETA's stand against fur, but was being'really nice' to them by lending her image to their campaign.</p><p>And Cindy is not alone in being seduced by the allure of fur.Increasingly, celebrities are becoming bolder about wearing animalpelts. Gone, it seems, are the days when American Vogueeditor-in-chief Anna Wintour was assaulted with a frozen raccoonbecause of her love of fur and activists showered the front row ofa Marc Jacobs catwalk show with a bucket of maggots.</p><p>In recent times, supermodel Kate Moss has been photographedwearing a vintage coyote coat, Lady Helen Taylor has worn blackmink, Jade Jagger has wrapped up in a designer silver fox coat andIvana Trump has plumped for chinchilla.</p><p>J-Lo last week bagged the prestigious final slot in New Yorkfashion week with her debut show and caused controversy by usinglots of fur.</p><p>One British fashion editor commented after the show: "It's badenough that fur is so dominant in fashion this season. But whenJennifer Lopez endorses it, she's telling the world she thinks it'scool.</p><p>"If J-Lo thinks it's cool, then so will the millions of kids whoidolise her."</p><p>However, not everyone in the fashion industry feels the same.They see the renaissance of fur as long overdue and rail at theaggressive tactics of animal activists who shame consumers into notwearing it.</p><p>"At Fendi, fur was never out. We have never stopped using it andhave always treated it as the most luxurious fabric," says designerCarla Fendi.</p><p>"People say fur is back because women want the freedom to wearwhatever they want."</p><p>Despite the frozen raccoon episode, Anna Wintour has not changedher views on fur in the slightest.</p><p>"It is undoubtedly the number one fashion accessory thisseason," she says.</p><p>"And I'm not just talking about a traditional fur coat. There'sfur trim on sweaters, coats, even dresses."</p><p>These endorsements have been seized on by the International FurTrade Federation, which talks soothingly of how the industry hasinvested major sums into scientific advice on animal welfare,farming and trapping techniques.</p><p>Its justification is that fur has been traded for thousands ofyears and is vital to the livelihoods of many aboriginalcommunities.</p><p>It reels off a list of more than 300 designers who have recentlyused fur, including some of fashion's biggest names: Oscar de laRenta, Dolce &amp; Gabbana, Fendi, Gianfranco Ferre, Michael Kors,Karl Lagerfeld, Yves St Laurent, Valentino, Versace, Givenchy,Zandra Rhodes, Christian Lacroix, Donna Karan, Jean Paul Gaultierand Sonia Rykiel.</p><p>While the wealthy women who buy designer furs see only luxuryand beauty, animal rights activists see dead animals which have ledshort, miserable, painful lives.</p><p>"People often say when they wear vintage furs "Oh it's old, it'sbeen dead a long time" as a way to make themselves feel lessguilty,' says Andrew Butler of PETA.</p><p>"But they are still advertising cruelty. Minks are very smallanimals - you need 60 to 80 for just one coat.</p><p>"They are gassed to death by piling them into a chamber. Webelieve that some are still alive and conscious when they areskinned because there are farms that won't pay out the money forthe proper equipment.</p><p>"Mink spend their entire life in wire cages. It causespsychosis, self-mutilation and cannibalism."</p><p>But these grim details are not stopping the new rush for fur.According to the International Fur Trade Federation, more than onemillion people are employed fulltime in the industry and salesworldwide total &pound;6 billion a year.</p><p>While Britain's attitude to fur remains largely dominated byconscience - though thanks to the celebrities recently seen drapedin furs, that may be changing - the markets in Europe, the U.S. andRussia are booming.</p><p>London's top stores Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Harrods donot stock fur.</p><p>A spokesperson for Harvey Nichols, which has not sold fur forten years, says: "Fur is a very important trend on the catwalks,but our buyers are good at working around it."</p><p>But for how long? PETA's latest campaign slogan is 'Fur isdead', but in the fickle world of fashion, that will not deter somepeople.</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?Fendi attracts furious protest as fashion house REFUSES to ban fur on Seoul catwalk<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:18:18 GMT, 31 May 2011</p><br><p>Fendi is to be allowed to use fur on its catwalk, despite an earlier ruling banning the fashion house from using the material. <br></p><p>The Italian label is to stage a high profile catwalk show in Seoul on Thursday, at which it had originally planned to show 20 fur items. <br></p><p>But following pressure from animal rights groups who threatened massive rallies, Seoul City officials issued Fendi with an ultimatum: pull all fur items from the fashion show, or face a ban. <br></p><p>'We have clearly confirmed social sentiment against fur products,' Jong-Hyun Lee, spokesman for the Seoul City Government, said at the time.<br></p><p>Given today's announcement though, it is clear that it is Seoul's officials, not Fendi, who have backed down.</p><p></p><p>Seoul official Seo Jeong-hyup said today that the city changed its mind once Fendi said it would feature fewer fur products. <br></p><p>Seo said Fendi argued it had spent months preparing.</p><p>A group of animal rights activists have declared that they will stage an anti-fur rally and launch a consumer campaign to boycott Fendi products.</p><p>The catwalk show, which is to be held as part of a series of events to launch a new cultural centre built on the floating islands of Seoul's Han River, is likely to attract an audience of millions. <br></p><p>More than 1,200 guests including celebrities, global media, and fashion leaders are expected to participate in the event, which has been many months in the planning. <br></p><p>The no-fur ruling had given Fendi, famed for its use of fur, just two weeks to rework the entire collection.</p>?Fendi holds fashion show on Great Wall of China<p>Last updated at 17:10 19 October 2007</p><br><p>At well over 1,500 miles it must be the longest catwalk inhistory, but that didn't stop designer Karl Lagerfield staging ashow for Fendi on the Great Wall of China.</p><p>The show-stopping event was held on top of the ancientstructure, with spotlights lighting up the models and casting thesurrounding countryside into gloom.</p><p>A section of the World Heritage Site was extended even furtherinto the mountains around the capital Beijing to create thecatwalk, with a backdrop of open sky.</p><p>Scroll down for more...<br></p><p>Fashion-conscious celebrities eagerly attending the eventincluded actress Thandie Newton in a primrose yellow satin ballgownand Hollywood starlet Kate Bosworth in a striking black and whitefur-like coat.</p><p>Fifties-style promdresses and fur jackets were highlighted onthe stage by the Italian luxury goods company famous for its shoes,bags and geometric logo.</p><p>After the show Karl Lagerfield, wearing his trade mark shadesand dark overcoat received applause from the fashionista audience.He was joined by creative director Silvia Venturini Fendi alsosomber in black.</p><p>Scroll down for more...</p><p>First built in 221 BC to preserve China's borders during thereign of the Qin Emperor, the construction of the Great Wall becamethe chief defensive strategy to repel the enemy from the north inthe age before gunpowder and cannons. It was a massive undertaking,equivalent to the building 30 of the great pyramids of Egypt.</p><p>Emperor Qin chose his most able general Ling Qia as chiefforeman who put to work an army of over 300,000 men.</p><p>In recent years, the Great Wall has been used as a backdrop toscores of events to help publicise the emerging superpower.</p><p>A rave on the Wall in 2005 caused a national outrage afterdrunken Western party goers were photographed urinating against theancient structure.</p><p>High heels on teetering models dressed in the seasonalmust-haves however, were eagerly approved by the government-runChina Great Wall Society.</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?Forget the 'It' bag - now its all about the designer iBag (but beware the four-figure price tags)<br><p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:21:07 GMT, 27 April 2012 UPDATED:21:47 GMT, 27 April 2012</p><p>The tech world has long harnessed the cachet of the fashion industry to design limited-edition laptop cases and phone covers.</p><p>Butnow it seems designers are no longer awaiting an invitation, as the latest wave of must-have bags all appear to be taking heavy inspiration from the iPad.</p><p>Spring/summeraccessories from high-end labels including Tom Ford and Burberry Prorsum all bear an uncanny likeness in shape to the sleek Apple tablet.</p><p> </p><p>The latter's $1,695 bamboo and leather clutch, for example, is a roomy 12 x 8 inches in size - just perfect for the 9.5 x 7.3-inch iPad.</p><p></p><p>Some, such as a chain-handled Marc Jacobs design and Proenza Schouler's iPad-friendly take on its popular PS1 bag are even designed with the gadget in mind.</p><p>They don't come cheap though. Though many iPad owners choose to use a $20 padded case from a computer accessory store, the more sartorially-inclined are spending up to nearly$5,000.</p><p>A feature on the subject in the latest issue of featured a $4,870 stingray version of the Fendi case, as well as a $1,310 design by Valextra. <br></p><p>The third bag pictured was a red crocodile design by Tom Ford - so exclusive that it didn't even appear with a price, though it is safe to assume that it is also in the four-figure region.</p><p>Mr Ford told the magazine that the iPad had not been his 'inspiration', rather he and his design team had simply considered how a bag of each size might be used.</p><p>'While the bag was not "inspired" by the iPad, we try all contemporarytechnological devices in our bags, so yes, it was important that an iPad fit easily inside,' he explained.</p><p>Net-a-porter.com founder Natalie Massenet added that it is a canny move on the part of designers.</p><p>'This is simply illustrating how the savvy fashion houses are more and more customer-centric,' she told Vogue. <br></p><p>'They take into account the way we actually live our lives, which, let's face it, has been transformed by these clever gadgets.'</p><p>SIX OF THE BEST IPAD-FRIENDLY HANDBAGS...</p><p> </p><p> <br></p>?Fur flies at Fendi as Seoul puts ban on catwalk show<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:07:22 GMT, 18 May 2011</p><br><p>Fashion house Fendi has come under attack from the South Korean government for its plans to use fur in a high-profile runway show. <br></p><p>The Italian company was set to hold an important fashion show in Seoul City next month before officials stepped in to demand they remove all fur from the show, or face a ban.</p><p>'We have clearly confirmed social sentiment against fur products,' said Jong-Hyun Lee, spokesman for the Seoul City Government. <br></p><p>Fendi had planned to show 40 looks from the autumn/winter collection, including 20 fur items, as part of a series of events to launch a new cultural centre built on the floating islands of Seoul's Han River.<br></p><p>The City's new edict comes in the wake of protest from Korea's animal rights activist groups, and contradicts an earlier statement released by the Seoul government saying fur would be included in the upcoming show. <br></p><p></p><p>The press release confirming the fashion house's use of fur was met with heavy criticism from animal rights pressure groups, forcing an about-turn by the government.</p><p>Korean officials warned Fendi they must remove items containing fur from the catwalk show, but received a rebuttal by the fashion house. <br></p><p>Now the City has threatened the show will be cancelled altogether if Fendi will not promise to show a fur-free collection. <br></p><p>A cancellation would would be a serious blow for the fashion house, which counts on the Asian market for much of its support. <br></p><p>The planned event was set to be of a similar scale to one held on the Great Wall of China in 2007, which Fendi's Korea office claims attracted 532 million viewers worldwide.</p><p>Fendi say the recent no-fur ruling has come as a surprise. <br></p><p>'I met with Seoul City Government officials last March and at this meeting there was agreed mutual excitement and cooperation for the execution of this premier event,' Fendi CEO Michael Burke told abc news. <br></p><p>'I'm surprised to learn of Seoul City's decision to possibly cancel the event.'</p><p>More than 1,200 guests including celebrities, global media, and fashion leaders were expected to participate in the event, which had been many months in the planning. <br></p><p>The ruling gives Fendi, famed for its use of fur, just two weeks to rework the entire collection. </p>?Eat your heart out Suri Cruise! How Gucci and Stella McCartney are targeting future fashionistas with designer childrenswear<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:11:53 GMT, 6 November 2010</p><p>Her designs are de rigueur for Notting Hill yummy mummies, and a favourite with Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow on the red carpet. But Stella McCartney's latest venture deals with somewhat smaller matters, as today sees the launch of her first childrenswear collection.</p><p>The line, which caters for 0-12-year-olds, features pea coats, stripey cashmere-blend knits and darling yellow wellies for splish-splashing around in puddles.</p><p>But before you dismiss it as something that only the Suri Cruises of this world will have access to, the fashion designer, who is soon to give birth to her fourth child, has made every effort to make her childrenswear debut as accessible as the collection she created for Gap earlier this year.</p><p>'As a brand with so many working parents in the team, I wanted to create a fun, desirable, wearable kid's collection that was affordable,' she explained.</p><p></p><p>'I feel all the timeless children's wear is reserved for the expensive brands and that did not sit well with me. <br></p><p>'Kids and parents, aunts, uncles, friends should all be able to have access to Stella McCartney Kids clothes.'</p><p>While it's hardly H&amp;M, StellaMcCartney Kids definitely undercuts rival brands on price point. Therange start at £14 for a baby T-shirt to £130 for a coat. <br></p><p>And it's already a hit. Less than 24 hours after it went on sale, those aforementioned wellies had already sold out.</p><p>But Stella's not the only designer to be cashing in on the childrenswear market. Silvia Fendi looks set to enjoy the same success with her first kids' line, which she showcased at her label's catwalk show in Milan earlier this year.</p><p>Like Stella, she was inspired by those close to her, and decided to create the collection when she learned she was going to become a grandmother.</p><p> 'I started with bibs and strollers and then it justturned into a whole line of clothing for kids from baby to 12 yearsold,' she said.</p><p>'There is a fashion element to thecollection, but it is important that it be clothingthat works for children and that it be made well from good materials.'</p><p>And Paul Smith has also created a kids' line in August, celebrating its launch this month with a pop-up shop in Harrods.</p><p>Piecesbear all the label's witty hallmarks, including an 'I love milk'babygro, and the cutest printed frocks and socks - though at £76 for asignature floral shirt, it's not exactly playtime attire.</p><p>Nor, indeed, is Gucci's offering,modelled by Jennifer Lopez's two-year-old twins, Max and Emme in acampaign shot by feted fashion photographers Mert &amp; Marcus.</p><p>Designedfor children aged 0-8, it's a rather more grown-up affair with a minicamel suede trench and logo-print plimsolls - but the pieces are no lesscovetable. <br></p><p>Itwill launch on November 20, to coincide with International Children'sDay, and the label is marking the occasion by pledging a donation of$1million to UNICEF's Schools for Africa initiative.</p><p>Of course, if you are prepared to splash out on these miniature must-haves, there's every danger that your children may look cooler than you (tears and food spillages-permitting).</p><p>So just make sure you snap up sizes large enough that you can borrow their new togs. And at least the kids will grow into them eventually...<br></p><p> </p><p>Small wonders: Paul Smith launched hiskids' line in August, including, from left, babygro, £38, girls'spotted tights, £34, and boys' smile-print T-shirt, £39</p><br><br><p><br></p>?Has Kylie found herself a new man? Pop star spotted cuddling with Spanish model at Dita von Teese's birthday party<br> <p>By <br> UPDATED:15:25 GMT, 6 October 2008</p> <p>At first glance it might appear Kylie Minogue had fallen back into the arms of ex-lover Olivier Martinez at the Parisian party to celebrate the birthday of burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese.</p><p>But the lucky man who caught the diminutive singer's eye is 30-year-old Spanish supermodel Andres Velencoso, who seemed to be delighted by the Aussie's attentions.</p><p>Velencoso has modelled for Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier and is friends with models Gisele Bundchen and Daria Werbowy. <br></p> <p></p><p>Close: Kylie Minogue cosied up to Spanish model Andres Velencoso at a party for burlesque star Dita Von Teese in Paris on the weekend</p><p>The pair spent the evening chatting and Kylie even cuddled up to the model while the champagne flowed at the party, held in the Milliardaire Nightclub.</p><p></p><p>Kylie, ten years Andre's senior at 40, but looking years younger, hit the dancefloor watched by birthday girl Dita at the party thrown for the burlesque star by fashion house Fendi.<br></p> <p>Dancing queen: Kylie was feeling the beat as she danced the night away with the Spanish model never far away from her</p> <p>One onlooker said: "It was Dita's party but Kylie was definitely the star of the show. <br></p><p>'She was turning heads and people were asking about the guy she was sitting with.</p><p> </p><p>"They certainly made a stunning-looking pair."</p> <p>Sparkling: Dita is presented with a cake</p> <p>Let her eat cake: Dita celebrates with a generous handful of cake</p> <p>Dita and Kylie catch up at the party held in the burlesque dancer's honour by fashion house Fendi</p> <p>Revellers attending the Fendi 'O' Party event to celebrate Dita's 36th birthday included model Daisy Lowe - former squeeze of DJ Mark Ronson, shoe designer Christian Louboutin, model Alice Dellal and Bob Geldof 's daughter Pixie.</p><p>Alice and Pixie also tried their hands at DJing at the exclusive party.<br></p> <p>Model DJ: Alice and Pixie take to the decks</p> <p> </p> <p>It's a London thing: Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldof and Alice Dellal decamped to Paris for the bash </p> <p> </p><p></p><p> </p>?'I think I'm in love,' confesses smitten Russell Brand as he follows Katy Perry to Paris <br><p>By <br>UPDATED:00:42 GMT, 8 October 2009</p><p>His romances rarely last beyond 24 hours, but it seems Russell Brand's womanising ways have finally been tamed by one Miss Katy Perry.</p><p>The smitten comedian followed the brunette singer to Paris, where she has been attending the city's fashion week. <br></p><p>They arrived together at a party hosted by Fendi on Tuesday night, with the I Kissed A Girl star turning heads in a bright blue mini-dress and suspenders.<br></p><p> Yesterday they showed their affection for all the world to see as they strolled hand in hand on the streets of Paris, before appearing together at the launch of John Galliano's latest fashion collection last night.<br></p><p>His decision to chase after the 24-year-old comes just a day after he confessed: 'I think I'm in love.'</p><p>And today he tweeted: 'I'm in "Gay Paris"- I swear as an Englishmanthat by the time I leave tomorrow it'll be known as "Hetero Paris". Orat least "Bi Paris". X'</p><p>While both have been seen enjoying the company of other people thisweek, the reconnection last night suggests the relationship may well begetting serious. <br></p><p></p><p>The pair are believed to have hooked up earlier this month after weeks of phone flirting. <br></p><p>Russell then sent Katy a poem he had written - in response she sent him a photo of her cleavage sporting the word poem.<br></p><p>A delighted Russell then invited Katy to join him in Thailand.</p><p>While Katy declined to name who she was spending her holiday with, she hinted at a 'secret' on her Twitter micro-blogging page.</p><p>She wrote: 'After a week in magical Thailand I'm ready to face thereal world again. Been schooled on Morrissey, Oscar Wilde &amp; PeterSellers... inspired.'</p><p>Russell is well known for his love of the three men and has even named his cat after Morrissey.</p><p>Writing on Thursday, she added: 'Pssst... I've got a secret. HUGE news coming in a couple days! No, my ego is not prego.'<br></p><p>Russell also wrote about Thailand on his Twitter page, but focused on Buddhism and elephants.</p><p>They caught up again in London over the weekend with Katy joining Russell for dinner at Jonathan Ross' house on Friday night. <br></p><p>She spent the night at Russell's £2million home in Hampstead, North London, and was seen leaving his home on Saturday morning. <br></p><p>The couple first met over a year ago at the MTV Video Music Awards,but they had already shared a kiss before their romance began.<br></p><p>Katy kisses Russell during a cameo appearance in his new film GetHim To The Greek, which sees the comic reprising his role as womanisingrocker Aldous Snow from Forgetting Sarah Marshall.<br></p><p>And Katy has already confessed that she's a big fan of the star.<br></p><p>During an interview with Scott Mills on Radio 1 last year, Katyrecalled their first meeting and said: 'I met Russell Brand who I'm inlove with.<br></p><p>'I love him. He's so great. He's got the worst sense of humour in the best sense of the way.'</p><p> </p>?It's another mad hair day for Amy Winehouse and her new headscarf<p>Last updated at 21:47 19 April 2008</p><br><p>What&#39;s a superstar to do when she wants to pop out for akebab but doesn&#39;t want to spoil her hairdo?</p><p>Why, she reaches for a designer Fendi headscarf, of course.</p><p>Amy Winehouse may have had more pressing things on her mind thanmaking a fashion statement, but the troubled singer was clearlydetermined to protect her trademark beehive during a break from arecording studio in London.</p><p>Troubled Amy, 24, could find nothing to her taste in the HighStreet takeaway and left empty-handed ? but at least not a hair wasout of place.</p><p>Meanehile it has been reported that the Grammy winner&#39;smarriage is on the rocks after she ignored her jailed husband&#39;sbirthday this week.</p><p>She failed to send a card to or visit Blake Fielder-Civil inPentonville Prison when he turned 26 on Wednesday and according tofriends she is now living as a &quot;single woman&quot;.</p><p>Fielder-Civil, who is charged with assault and conspiracy topervert the course of justice, allegedly threatened Amy withdivorce for repeatedly missing prison visits last year.</p><p>And a month ahead of their first wedding anniversary, he is nowreportedly self-harming on a regular basis due to her continuingabsence while he is behind bars.</p><p>Scroll down for more...</p><p>Miss Winehouse has been spotted recently with a series ofbizarre phyisical problems.</p><p>Earlier the singer, who is writing the next 007 movie themetune, stepped out of the recording studio looking worryinglythin.</p><p>Her legs were so skinny that a tendon could clearly be seenbulging out of her right thigh.</p><p>And late last month it emerged the award-winning singer wassuffering from the bacterial skin infection impetigo after shestepped out of a kebab shop with spots and scabs on her wrinkledcheeks, chin and nose.</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?'It's hard being a freak!' Grace Jones has built a 30-year career on scaring the hell out of us. But, she says, she's really a big softie <p>By <br> UPDATED:02:11 GMT, 7 November 2008</p> <p>Even her best friend says her name equals danger. She's the world's most daunting diva, who once pummelled 007 in hot pants and whacked Russell Harty in what is still described as television's most shocking moment. <br></p><p>Grace Jones is a living legend, and a scary one at that. Only last week, there was a tangle when she demanded to be taken to her seat seconds before the James Bond world premiere of Quantum Of Solace began. <br></p><p>Then, at the first-night party, she became incandescent with rage, shouting and shrieking, after a hapless man trod on her voluminous vintage fur coat. <br></p><p>Force of nature: Grace Jones, whose album Hurricane is out now</p> <p>She famously keeps interviewers waiting for hours - when she's not conducting them from her bath, that is. But when I arrive, early, at her local Italian riverside restaurant in Southwest London, she is already in situ. This is the first shock of the evening. <br></p><p>Grace has been an icon in the music and fashion world ever since her former partner and collaborator, French photographer Jean-Paul Goude, transformed her from a human being into an androgynous alien, with cropped military hair and angled shoulders, poised like a panther ready to pounce. <br></p><p>I can't actually see the hair tonight because she is wearing a Peruvian hat, topped with a black pork pie hat given to her by photographer David Bailey. <br></p><p>Sitting alone in the corner of the top floor, her lashes are lowered in demure contemplation. Can this really be the volatile superstar who is said to strike terror into the hearts of men? <br></p><p>She raises her head to reveal glistening eyes, but there's no sign of mischief. She's here because she's pulled off the most dramatic of comebacks. <br></p><p>Comeback is not a word she likes. Grace argues that she never went away after her smash hits of the Eighties: Pull Up To The Bumper, My Jamaican Guy, Nightclubbing, Slave To The Rhythm, as well as memorable film roles such as the villainess May Day in A View To A Kill opposite Roger Moore as James Bond. <br></p><p>But now she's back, with her first album in two decades, Hurricane, which was released this week, a tour in January and a docufilm by Sophie Fiennes about her life and times.</p><p>Grace Jones as May Day lifts KGB Klotkoff (Bogdan Kominowski) in the James Bond film A View To A Kill</p> <p>Her festival dates over this summer left fans begging for more, so now she's making headlines again - and not just for the wrong reasons. <br></p><p>Some would say she has done quite enough of that. In my research, I read of Press encounters where Grace ends up snogging the interviewer and howling to the moon after numerous rounds of flaming sambucas. <br></p><p>But tonight she's either following strict instructions to be on her best behaviour, or being truthful when she claims she is now gaining the confidence to show a softer side. <br></p><p>'To be honest, my life is not really as way-out and myth-loaded as people like to portray it,' she says softly. 'A friend has a great quote about me which would make a great song: "I'm not a rock star, I'm a soft person." I think it's hilarious. <br></p><p>'In the Seventies and Eighties we all had our fun, and now and then we went really too far. But, ultimately, it required a certain amount of clear thinking, a lot of hard work and good make-up to be accepted as a freak.' <br></p><p>Amid all the bluster, she concedes that the boundaries between the real Grace and Grace the icon can get blurred. The truth is that she likes to curl up at home watching television with a bottle of good red wine. <br></p><p>'I don't party now, and nobody really knows how to party with me any more. So I stay in a lot. I really am a home person. I like to have my own little parties at home, especially now because where is there to go?' <br></p><p>Well, we're meeting the night after the James Bond party where Grace made a grand entrance, a scene and then a dramatic exit. Does that count? <br></p><p>'No it doesn't because there was great music but no daaaance floor,' she purrs. 'I was the only one who was daaaancing. Without daaaancing, it's a business meeting. <br></p><p>Eighties icon: Grace Jones with Boy George in 1985</p> <p>'Now I'm going back on tour and it's exciting because I love creating and performing. When I'm on stage, that's my party.' <br></p><p>She enjoyed the new Bond film but didn't feel any nostalgia for the day she was the star of the cast in A View To A Kill. 'I only move forwards, never backwards, darling,' she grins. <br></p><p>By arriving late, she missed the two-hour wait the rest of the audience endured before Princes William and Harry were seated for the start of the film. She congratulates herself. ' Purrrfect, Grace,' she snorts. 'I would never wait. I don't wait for anyone, darling.' <br></p><p>Andy Warhol, for whom Grace was a muse, said she spent all her money on furs. Was that what triggered the Quantum Of Solace party coat rage? <br></p><p>'I don't buy furs these days. I used to get given them. This was a much-treasured vintage Fendi,' she shrugs. <br></p><p>The key to Grace is knowing that she loves to act the baddie, even if she's really not. 'It's much more exciting to be the villain and much more me,' she says. <br></p><p>'I do change roles in life, I live that way. I go feminine, I go masculine. I am both, actually. I think the male side is a bit stronger in me and I have to tone it down sometimes. I'm not like a normal woman, that's for sure.' <br></p><p>This brings us to Roger Moore and the day he and Grace filmed their sex scene for the 1985 Bond film - Moore's last as the legendary secret agent. <br></p><p>'Roger has the hardest legs of any man I have ever felt,' she announces with a dead-pan face. <br></p><p>'He also had this gag he would do just before his love scenes. He would always have some kind of contraption under the covers and when you got under them he would goose you with it. <br></p><p>Infamous night: Grace attacked chat-show host Russell Harty in 1981</p> <p>'I heard about this, and my great friend [now Bond film producer] Barbara Broccoli, who was in charge of looking after me during filming, and I agreed: "Let's get him first, before he gets me." <br></p><p>'So we went to Props and we got this very big black sex toy and we put white spots on it to make it look diseased. When I came back on the set and I had to take my robe off, I had it strapped on and I jumped on him. Roger roared with laughter.' <br></p><p>And so does Grace. The whole restaurant can hear her rich and infectious hooting. 'But Roger was great, you know. He showed me what he had for me: it was like a six-pronged carrot!' <br></p><p>Grace has been drinking water but now she's ordering wine in Italian 'Yes, some nice red wine since I'm winding down - blood of Christ, shall I say,' she smiles, flashing her stunning teeth framed by full, sensual lips. <br></p><p>It's a reference to the strict religious upbringing which has deeply influenced her behaviour - both outrageous and modest. <br></p><p>The third of seven children, she was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica and is, by all accounts, 60 years old, although when asked to specify, she will only bluff: 'I'm younger, but call the FBI if you want to know by how much, darling.' <br></p><p>At the age of 12, she moved to Syracuse in New York, where her father, the Reverend Robert Jones, had established a Pentecostal ministry. <br></p><p>Plain, skinny Grace rebelled against her strict upbringing by pursuing an acting and modelling career, eventually finding recognition in Paris with a dramatically re-worked image. <br></p><p>'Religion has stayed with me even though I rebelled,' she insists. 'Our family was always scrutinised because the church said: "If you can't control your own family, then you can't preach to others." <br></p> <p>'My father would have been made a bishop much earlier than he was had it not been for me and my image. <br></p><p>'I had no childhood really, so I imagined more than played, and that definitely led to my showbusiness image, the theatrics and the drama of my life. <br></p><p>'My dad's family were political and he was always a theatrical creature, whereas my mum is really musical and her father was the touring pianist with Nat King Cole. My family was an explosive mixture of politics, religion and music - no wonder I turned out how I did.' <br></p><p>Grace's music has always mixed a revolutionary disco beat with a distinctive and mysterious half-sung, half-spoken sound. She didn't let the fact that she had a son, Paulo, now 28, with Goude stop her from working. <br></p><p>'I went jungle and just took him to work with me,' she says. 'Now he's in my band, but he's way more talented than me.'</p><p>Her mother Marjorie and Paulo both sing on her new album Hurricane. <br></p><p>'My mum has sung on many of my records but couldn't have credit because of my father's position as bishop. That changed after my father passed away in May this year,' she explains. <br></p><p>'Mum was a high-jumper and qualified to go to the Olympics, but it got into the newspapers that she was married to my father and the church put pressure on her to pull out of the Olympic team, saying: "You can't be exposing all your legs." That's how strong the influence of the church was on us all.' <br></p><p>Of course, it was Grace's rebellion that led to her becoming the bee's knees throughout the Seventies and Eighties, when she was Warhol's muse, with visual artist Keith Haring painting her body, and Helmut Newton and Robert Mapplethorpe taking erotic nude photographs of her. <br></p><p>She focused even more on her body through boyfriends who, post- Goude, were bodybuilder types such as Dolph Lundgren and Sven Ole-Thorson, which served to enhance her superwoman image. <br></p><p>She has been married twice, once to producer Chris Stanley in 1989 and then to bodyguard Atila Altaunbay in 1996, though they later divorced. <br></p><p>She has a man in tow now but there's no more body building - she's content to keep to swimming and hula hooping. <br></p><p>'Oh, God! I was doing a lot of body building in the Eighties, which I don't do any more because I really messed up my joints. Now I've rediscovered hula hooping from my childhood,' she grins. <br></p><p>She's still super-fit, although admits she's happier in her skin today than she was back then. 'I'm 5ft 101/2in tall and was teased at school for being so skinny, so I'm glad I've finally been able to put a bit of weight on and be more curvy.' <br></p><p>In the late 1970s, she shared a flat in Paris with Jerry Hall and Jessica Lange, which she describes as being just a place to store champagne. She remembers going to a party with various French ministers wearing nothing but a string of bones around her neck. <br></p><p>Things have changed somewhat. Tonight no flesh is on show, and the most noticeable things are her sculpted cheekbones. </p><p>Over the past decades, Grace has been quietly working non-stop, mainly modelling in private shows for fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and even performing with the late Pavarotti in Modena in 2002. <br></p><p>It was equally surprising when in 2006 she starting dating music producer, Ivor Guest, the 4th Viscount Wimborne. The relationship lasted two years, but though there was speculation she would become a somewhat vibrant lady of the manor, they are no longer an item. <br></p><p>His aristocratic status seems to have been of no consequence to her. Would you have liked to have been a viscountess? 'I'd much rather be Queen,' she quips. <br></p><p>She describes Ivor as a 'passionate friend'. 'It was a slow-burn relationship,' she says. 'We met through a mutual friend, milliner Philip Treacy. He threw a dinner party but banned Ivor from talking to me about music in case I got angry. <br></p><p>'It was only at a subsequent meeting that he brought me the music to a track he'd been working on. I put my lyrics Devil In My Life to it. <br></p><p>'From there, we had a creative chemistry and the music flowed. We remain great friends and have created 23 tracks, of which the rest will form the next album.' <br></p><p>Grace wrote Devil In My Life after a party in Venice, where she simply stood in the corner observing, something she says she likes to do often. <br></p><p>'I often go out alone and watch people,' she says. It's a world away from her days as a chat-show staple, so it would be a shame not to mention the late television show host Russell Harty. <br></p><p>'Oh mamma mia, poor guy - we should leave him in peace!' she chuckles, although she has not forgotten a single detail of the infamous night in 1981. <br></p><p>'I have no regrets. He was misbehaving, which is why I thumped him. We had a rehearsal of the show but when we got on air, Russell completely changed it and turned his back on me. <br></p><p>'I fumed: "Why have I flown in all this way from America just to be ignored? I'm not having this." So I thumped him. <br></p><p>'I didn't feel bad - I actually wanted to hit him even more. My only regret is that I should have just rolled his chair back and tipped him over on to the floor.' <br></p><p>It's an example of how human she is - despite her image. This was something that her former partner, Goude, failed to realise at the time. <br></p><p>'I was more interested in the virtual character than the real woman. I still am,' he said recently. <br></p><p>'It's true,' says Grace, 'That's why I left him. I was an object, always.' Now however, she admits that she's in a relationship with a ' caring artist'. 'I'm still enjoying sex and I still have to beat men away.' <br></p><p>All in all, my expectations of Grace Jones have been wide of the mark. Pretty down-to-earth, really, I am thinking as she gets up to leave. <br></p><p>First, she orders a doggy bag of two creme brulees and a bottle of red wine to take home. Then her coat is produced - it's the enormous Fendi fox-coloured fur of the previous night's fame. <br></p><p>As she pulls it over her statuesque shoulders, she changes from unremarkable to unbelievable. Despite the pitch black night outside, she dons her darkest sunglasses and the picture is complete: from meek pussycat to irrepressible party diva. <br></p><p>'Don't forget to come to my Hurricane party - I'll make sure it's f*****g rocking,' she roars as she marches out into the night with trails of the fur following in her remarkable wake. <br></p><p>&#8226; Grace Jones's new album Hurricane is out now on Wall Of Sound. Her UK tour starts on January 19. For more information call 0871 230 5576 or go to www.thehurricaneiscoming.com <br><br><br></p> <p> </p>?Put your back into it! Exercise guru Jennifer Nicole Lee shows off her sculpted frame in dangerously low-slung backless dress<br><p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:21:14 GMT, 27 April 2012 UPDATED:21:45 GMT, 27 April 2012</p><p></p><p>She&#8217;s not the type to shy away from flaunting the rock hardbody she works hard for. </p><p>But Jennifer Nicole Lee may have had onlookers wondering wherethe rest of her dress disappeared to as she stepped out in Beverly Hills today.</p><p>The 36-year-old was keen to show off her impressive figureas she did a spot of shopping on Rodeo Drive and there&#8217;s no doubt she got theattention she was after in her daring ensemble.</p><p> </p><p>A regular on the beaches of Miami, Jennifer let her tannedskin take centre stage in a frock with a gaping back area.</p><p>She was obviously aiming for elegance on the famous road forhigh-end retail purchases, fashioning a long sleeve number with cowl-style overher derriere.</p><p>The star barely had room for any underwear in the extremelyshort clothing which drew attention to her lengthy legs as well as her tonedshoulders.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>However the exercise guru did not appear as graceful as shemight have hoped as she flashed several winged inkings in her ribs and posterior.</p><p>She teamed her ivory number &#8211; which she wearing for a photo shootfor her backless dress line &#8211; with large white sunglass and plenty ofaccessories.</p><p>In somewhat mismatched chic, she added a flurry of gold withitems including hoop earrings, a watch and tiny handbag.</p><p> </p><p> <br></p>?Jessica Simpson and her fiance shop for a new winter wardrobe (and boy, do they need it!)<br><p> By <br>Created 2:59 PM on 29th December 2010</p><p>Jessica Simpson took her new fiance Eric Johnson shopping at an exclusive boutiques yesterday after heading off to Aspen, Colorado, for a romantic getaway.</p><p>The couple skipped the slopes on their first day and instead browsed through clothes at a range of stores, including Fendi, in the exclusive ski resort.</p><p>And by the look of their outfits, they could both do with a winter wardrobe overhaul.</p><p> </p><p>Jessica's fur-trimmed coat, matching stole, head band and leopard print handbag made for a rather strange look and the ensemble did littleto flatter her shapely figure.</p><p>Her fiance also turned heads for all the wrong reasons in a brightly coloured Aztec print jacket which heteamed with jeans and a back-to-front baseball cap.<br></p><p>The couple are together in Colorado after celebrating Christmas with the Simpson family, including her parents Joe and Tina, sister Ashlee, brother-in-law Pete, and nephew Bronx. <br></p><br><p> </p>?Kate Moss and Jamie Hince go to Fendi party dressed in matching grey<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:16:55 GMT, 12 March 2009<br></p><p>Kate Moss may be a style guru, but it seems she's fallen foul of the classic couples' clothing mistake of wearing matching outfits with her man.</p><p>Kate and boyfriend Jamie Hince were out in Paris last night, dressed in colour coordinated grey outfits.</p><p>The model wore a shimmering gun metal grey dress and fur coat, while Jamie was dressed in tight grey washed-out looking jeans, grey dinner jacket and a skinny black and white stripy scarf.</p><p> The pair were on their way to the Fendi after-party held in VIP Room nightclub.</p><p>It's the second fashion faux pas Kate has made recently.</p><p>She raised eyebrows yesterday with a choice of outfit that was more suitable for the convent than the catwalk.</p><p>The model wore a long, black dress that left everything to the imagination as she left The Ritz hotel with boyfriend Jamie to shop at the Fendi store in Paris.</p><p>She wore her hair up in a plain chignon style with her oversized sunglasses and designer handbag the only clues to her celebrity status.</p><p>Perhaps the star's new look is down to her changing body shape.</p><p>The 35-year-old revealed in an interview with New York magazine last month that she was wearing a bra for the first time in her life after gaining weight on her chest. </p><p>'I've never worn a bra in my life. Ever!' she said. 'It's so awful, even my friends are phoning me up and saying, "Are you pregnant?" And I&#8217;m like, "No! I just put on a couple of pounds, and they went in the right place.''</p><p>'I've just grown breasts. I am a woman now! It's true.'</p><p>Leaving everything to the imagination: From the front and the back, Kate keeps completely covered up<br></p><p>Her figure isn't the only recent change in Kate's life. Earlier this week, the model was pictured arm-in-arm with a new friend - Lily Allen.</p><p>At one time they were said to be at war over their rival fashion ranges, but it appears that any past arguments have been long forgotten.</p><p>Laughing and joking together, the two appeared to have put any past arguments aside as they arrived at the Chanel Party in Paris.<br></p><p> Their friendship is perhaps unsurprising - they both have an interest in fashion and enjoy a good party. <br></p><p>Back in 2007 there were rumours the two had argued after Lily launched a fashion range for New Look at the same time as Kate introduced her first Topshop range.</p><p>Two years later and Kate's range is still going strong - while Lily's has not been recommissioned. <br></p><p> </p><p> </p><p>However Lily doesn't appear to begrudge her rival's success, with the two even wearing matching green rings.</p><p>Earlier Kate and Lily had joined supermodel ClaudiaSchiffer and Slumdog Millionaire actressFreida Pinto in the frontrow at Chanel's Autumn/Winter show.</p><p></p><p>Despite being a newcomer to fame former model Freida needed no tips on how to maintain her poise among the A-list clientele.</p><p></p><p>Andshe looked disarmingly elegant in a white draped cocktail dress with ablack layered chain detail and black stilettos.</p><p>Freida's stunning outfit put Kate - dressed in a boring blacktuxedo-style suit - and Lily, who arrived wearing an unflattering pinkruched minidress - firmly in the shade.</p><p>The 24-year-old has confessed to getting starstruckdespite now being a celebrity in her own right.</p><p> </p>?Kate Moss goes wild for Beth Ditto at Fendi after-party in Paris <br><p>By <br>UPDATED:16:43 GMT, 13 March 2009</p><p>Kate Moss is not the shy and retiring type, so it's no surprise to see her enjoying a show by pal Beth Ditto.</p><p>The supermodel was at the Fendi after-party in Paris held in VIP Room nightclub, where Beth's band The Gossip gave an outrageous performance.</p><p>Beth, 27, stripped off an exclusive Karl Largerfeld outfit to reveal spangly hotpants and a sequinned bra top.</p><p></p><p>Kate obviously enjoyed the performance, waving her hands in the air as Beth cavorted on stage.</p><p>The stocky singer went on to remove even more clothes, stripping right down to her underwear, before flinging herself into the crowd.</p><p>Kate, 35, laughed and applauded her friend's antics before throwing herself back into the party vibe.</p><p>The two friends have been snapped around Paris this week, attending the Chanel fashion show together.</p><br><p>Kate's boyfriend Jamie Hince was also at the Fendi after-party.</p><p>Although, the duo committed the worst of fashion crimes by wearing matching colour coordinated grey outfits.</p><p>The model wore ashimmering gun metal grey dress and fur coat, while Jamie was dressedin tight grey washed-out looking jeans, grey dinner jacket and a skinnyblack and white stripy scarf.<br></p>?Blonde bombshell Kelly Osbourne outshines mother Sharon <br><p>By <br>UPDATED:10:53 GMT, 8 October 2010</p><p>Kelly Osbourne was the picture of elegance as she strolled into the Fendi Boutique Opening in Los Angeles last night, but her mother Sharon was a different story.</p><p>As the 25-year-old has slowly transformed into a glamorous fashion icon over the past year, Sharon, 57, has increasingly transformed her look too, but with a strange result.</p><p>The mother and daughter duo posed for photographers side by side in black ensembles, while Kelly showed off her cropped blonde locks and petite figure.</p><p>After recently reinventing her image with dramatic weight loss, aplatinum blonde dye job and tattoo removal, Kelly looks like a newwoman.</p><p>But former X Factor judge Sharon seems to have taken her plastic surgery obsession a step too far, judging by her frozen face.</p><p>She&#8217;s been open about her love of plastic surgery, which Sharon has dabbled in to change both her face and body.</p><p>Ozzy Osbourne&#8217;s wife admitted to spending £120,000 on plastic surgery in the past, including stomach stapling, a face lift, brow lift and breast enhancement.</p><p>&#8216;I had my breasts lifted, my arms lipo-ed and my tummy tucked. I had my bum lifted and implants inserted. And I had my legs lifted. The total cost was £120,000 and it was worth every last penny. I love cosmetic surgery.&#8217;</p><p> </p><p>But she told the Daily Mail last year: &#8216;I&#8217;ve accepted that I&#8217;m never going to be happy with how I look, if that makes sense.</p><p>&#8216;I&#8217;m too old to ever have the body I want to have,&#8217; while explaining that she had stopped having cosmetic surgery for the moment.</p><p>The America&#8217;s Got Talent judge said she got to the point where she wasn&#8217;t respecting her body, but abusing it by trying to change too much.</p><p>But by the looks of her face last night, she might have started her fixation again.</p><p>The star seemed to have a rigid expression across her forehead, which can be a tell tale sign of facial rejuvenation treatments.</p><p>Her face was also looking suspiciously plumped but hid her body under a head-to-toe black shirt and trouser suit.</p><p> <br></p>?Kiddie couture: As mini models take to the Fendi catwalk we ask are they too young, or is it just a bit of fun? <br><p>By </p><p> UPDATED:06:50 GMT, 20 April 2011</p><p>At the Fendi fashion show last week, typical catwalk chaos reigned. But while the frantic scenes were familiar, the models being shepherded out onto the runway were not.</p><p>The miniature models were infants chosen by the Italian fashion house to launch a new spring/summer children's clothing range at Fendi's flagship New York store.</p><p>Onlookers described the colourful scene of kiddie couture as Devil Wears Prada meets Kindergarten Cop, as dressers tucked and smoothed shirts and suits and dozens of nursery-aged children decked out in the designer clothes giggled and skipped down the runway.</p><p>Amidthe buzz backstage, champagne was swapped for fruit smoothies, snacks were from Plum Organics baby range - and there wasn't a cigarette in sight. </p><p>Actress Kelly Rutherford, best known for her role on Gossip Girl, hosted the evening, and took to the catwalk with her own two children, four-year-old Hermes (whose name was surely a conflict of interest for the occasion), and her 22-month-old daughter Helena. <br></p><p> Rutherford took to the catwalk in a bright orange Fendi dress with purple and yellow sandals, while son Hermes wore a grey Fendi suit and Helena modelled a sundress - costing £159.95 - from the collection. <br></p><p></p><p>Ofthe range, Fendi said: 'It's easy chic style with a sprinkling of ironyfor the little Fendi ones. <br></p><p>'The baby girls' collection plays with neutral shades of cream and traditional pepper-and- salt nuances revisited with big buttons, little bows and monogram fabric inserts in the traditional mahogany colour, which distinguishes the Fendi maison.'</p><p></p><p>It's a serious business - but at the prices Fendi is charging, it has to be. The flippy floral sundress modelled by Rutherford's daughter retails at £159.95. A pair of brown suede moccasins bearing the fashion house's distinctive logo cost £134.95</p><p>Prices aside, the children here clearly had a ball. Uninhibited, healthy and smiling they were a world away from the half-starved miserable-looking teen stick insects who take to the catwalks at grown-up fashion weeks. <br></p><p>When the children look this happy, it's impossible to criticise the well-meaning designers who involved the children in the event.</p><p>But while Fendi's miniature fashion show is just a bit of fun, what are the effects of dressing children in extortionately priced clothes over, say, more affordable play clothes? <br></p><p>Are the children the real fashion victims here? <br></p><p>Of course, it might be simply that the children adore the clothes - and parents fall into the trap of spending more to please their little charges. <br></p><p>But such lavish spending is not always healthy, according to Chartered psychologist Dr Colin Gill.</p><p>Dr Gill believes lavishing money on designer clothes points to an increasingly prevalent and deeply misguided attitude among parents. 'Now more than ever, and even in a recession, we are a relatively cash-rich, time-poor society,' he says.<br></p><p>'Everything has a monetary value attached to it and we genuinely believe, therefore, that more money equals more love.' <br></p><p> Dr Gill believes that our desire to spend excessive amounts on our children's clothes has selfish overtones. <br></p><p> 'We are trying to buy our way out of spending quality time with our children,' he says. <br></p><p>'Increasingly in Britain we seem to believe that we can throw money at difficult parts of our lives - including caring for small children - and make them less troublesome.' <br></p><p>But Dr Gill warns that in addition to salving our guilty consciences, dressing our children in designer clothes can change the way they view the world, encouraging them to prize material goods above other values. <br></p><p> 'The child will quickly become aware that you place a great deal of importance on what they are wearing. You are therefore teaching them that things are as important as they are.</p><p> 'It's an insidious message.'</p><p>Dr Gill adds that it is also possible to stifle children by dressing them in expensive clothes. <br></p><p>'A child dressed in this way, feeling they will be letting his parents down if they spoil their clothes, will be less willing to explore,' he says.</p><p> 'This is worrying, as children learn through exploration.'</p>?Kiss me quick - fashion ideas for Valentine's<p>Last updated at 17:42 12 February 2007</p><br>Be suductive this Valentines with our pick of the hottestoutfits to be seen in <p>Black and white shirt, &pound;65, StickyFingers, 020 8888 1685. Black long skirt, &pound;4200,Ralph Lauren, 020 7535 4600. Red belt, &pound;35,French Connection, 020 7036 7200. Black shoes,&pound;460, Celine, 020 7297 4999. Jewellery allfrom Graff as before.<br><br><br></p><p></p><p>Black and white graphic long dress, &pound;2670,Christian Lacroix at HarveyNichols, 020 7235 5000. White opaque tights, &pound;22,Wolford at Fenwick, 020 76299161. Black ankle boots, &pound;292, VivienneWestwood, 0207 439 1109. Red ?lips? couture hat, from aselection at Philip Treacy, 020 7730 3992. Redruby drop ring, from a selection at Graff, 02078232489. Diamond and ruby ring, from a selection at Ritz FineJewellery 020 7409 1312.<br><br><br></p><p></p><p>Big red ring, &pound;18, Sobral by JackieBrazil, 0121 288 5830. Red satin wrist cuffs, &pound;155,Sera of London, 020 7467 0799. White dungareeshorts, &pound;230, Chacherel atHarrods as before. Black patient shoes,&pound;385, Fendi as before. Red and white widebelt, &pound;70, Jean Charles de Castelbajac, 0207908 7759. Black tights, &pound;22, Wolford asbefore. Black and white top, &pound;45, Top Shopas before.<br><br><br><br></p><p></p><p>Black and white mini dress with plastic, &pound;700, belt,&pound;240, Fendi, 020 7838 6280. Heart necklace,&pound;245, Blacks of Blackheath, 020 88520181.Heart bouquet from Birksen 020 7622 6466www.birksen.co.uk<br><br><br><br><br><br><br></p><p>Black and white short dress, &pound;125, Coast,01865 881986. Pink sapphire and diamond jewellery fromGraff as before. Pink heart purse, &pound;30,Penhaligons, 0800 716108.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br></p><p></p><p>Black and white long flowing dress, &pound;1500, JennyPackham, 020 7267 1864. Black animal style cuffs,&pound;285, each Merola, 020 7351 9338. Blackpatient heels, &pound;350, Gina, 020 7409 7090.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br></p><p></p><p>White top with black circles, &pound;175, Etro,020 7495 5767. High wasted shorts, &pound;25, TopShop branches nationwide. Red lips handbag, &pound;395,Lulu Guinness, 020 7823 4828. Black bowler hat,from a selection at The Non Stop Party Shopwww.nonstopparty.co.uk . Black platform shoes, &pound;480,Sonia Rykiel at Harrods asbefore. Heart necklace, &pound;15, Accessorisebranches nationwide.<br><br><br><br><br><br></p>Share this article: <p> </p>?Kylie Minogue caught canoodling with Spanish model who looks uncannily like her ex Olivier Martinez <p>By <br> UPDATED:06:32 GMT, 7 October 2008</p><p> </p><p>Over a year and a half since her relationship with Olivier Martinez ended, it seems Kylie Minogue may have found a new man.</p><p>After the pop princess was photographed cuddling up to Spanish model Andres Velencoso over the weekend, it appears the 40-year-old has a weakness for handsome European men.</p><p>The chemistry between Kylie and Andres, 30, was undeniable on Saturday night as they cuddled up at Dita Von Teese's birthday party in Paris.<br></p> <p>New decade, new man: Kylie Minogue's reported new love interest Andres Velencoso (L) is 12 years younger than her previous boyfriend Olivier Martinez (R)<br></p><p>To fellow partygoers, including Pixie Geldof and Alice Dellal, Kylie's male companion had an air of familiarity about him.</p><p>With his smooth skin, shiny brown hair and dreamy brown eyes, there is definitely similarities between Andres and Kylie's ex Olivier. <br></p><p></p><p>Despite having a full-time job as an actor, Parisien Olivier's good looks have given him the opportunity to model and he is currently the face of Yves Saint Laurent's L'Homme fragrance.</p> <p>Model men: Andres poses in a bath for an Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance Fleur Du Male and Olivier Martinez in an ad for Yves Saint Laurent scent L'Homme</p><p>Barcelona-native Andres is a veteran of after shave ads, having modelled for Jean Paul Gaultier's Fleur Du Male and Chanel Allure Pour Homme.</p><p>Both men are no strangers to nudity either and seem perfectly confident with showing off their birthday suit.</p><p>Olivier, 42, stripped off for risque love scenes with Diane Lane and Dame Helen Mirren in movies Unfaithful and The Roman Spring Of Ms Stone respectively.</p> <p>Birthday suit: Andres bares all for a modelling shoot</p> <p> </p> <p>Raunchy: Olivier Martinez played the lover of a married woman (Diane Lane) in 2002 movie Unfaithful</p> <p>Meanwhile, Andres frequently appears nude or in his underwear in various magazine shoots.</p><p>Both men have medium builds with hairless chests and toned physiques.</p><p>Olivier and Andres aren't the only European men Kylie has been linked to, she previously dated French photographer Stephane Sednaoui.</p> <p>Bare-chested: Andres (L) and Olivier (R) show off their assets<br></p><p>Only time will tell if Kylie's acquaintance with Andres will match her dramatic four year love affair with Olivier.</p><p>She recently joked she may turn lesbian after failing to find a boyfriend.</p><p>She said: 'God knows I can&#8217;t get a man - so maybe I should cross over.'</p> <p>Come to bed eyes: Andres puts on a seductive pose</p> <p> </p> <p>Doing a spot of nearly naked gardening: Andres plays with a hose on a modelling shoot</p> <p> <br></p><p> </p><p> </p>?<p>The Do Something Award<br>Manyang Reath Kher &#8211; Humanity Helping Sudan<br>Meg Bourne &#8211; Art Feeds<br>Danny Mendoza &#8211; Together We Rise<br>Katie Gomez &#8211; Educate2Envision<br>Seth Maxwell &#8211; The Thirst Project <br></p><p>WINNER: Katie Gomez &#8211; Educate2Envision</p><p>Athlete<br>Cristiano Ronaldo<br>LeBron James<br>Tim Tebow<br>Serena Williams<br>Hope Solo</p><p>WINNER: Hope Solo</p><p>Comedian<br>Ellen DeGeneres<br>Russell Brand<br>Wanda Sykes<br>Joel McHale<br>Kevin Hart</p><p>WINNER: Joel McHale</p><p>Couple<br>Justin Bieber &amp; Selena Gomez<br>Ellen DeGeneres &amp; Portia de Rossi<br>Channing Tatum &amp; Jenna Dewan-Tatum<br>Blake Shelton &amp; Miranda Lambert<br>Mariah Carey &amp; Nick Cannon<br>Jay-Z &amp; Beyonce</p><p>WINNER: Mariah Carey &amp; Nick Cannon</p><p>Facebook<br>Selena Gomez &amp; UNICEF<br>Ben Affleck &amp; The Eastern Congo Initiative<br>Taylor Swift Takes High School Senior With Leukemia To ACM Awards<br>Lenny Kravitz &amp; UNICEF Tap Project<br>Matt Damon &amp; ToiletDay.org 'Talk Sh*t' Campaign</p><p>WINNER: Ben Affleck &amp; The Eastern Congo Initiative</p><p>Music Artist<br>Adam Lambert<br>Shakira<br>Will.I.Am<br>Katy Perry<br>Taylor Swift<br>One Direction</p><p>WINNER: Will.I.Am</p><p>Style<br>Nicki Minaj &amp; Ricky Martin<br>Heidi Klum<br>Giuliana Rancic<br>Nicole Richie<br>Cindy Crawford</p><p>WINNER: Giuliana Rancic</p><p>TV Star: Female<br>Lea Michele<br>Amy Poehler<br>Zooey Deschanel<br>Betty White<br>Victoria Justice</p><p>WINNER: Lea Michele</p><p>TV Star: Male<br>Ian Somerhalder<br>Don Cheadle<br>Neil Patrick Harris<br>Cory Monteith<br>Ryan Seacrest</p><p>WINNER: Cory Monteith</p><p>Source: Celebrity-Gossip.net</p>?And now for my Mad Men look: Lindsay Lohan plays it demure in Sixties-style dress<br> <p> By <br>UPDATED:22:07 GMT, 5 October 2011</p><p></p><p>There has been something of a short theme to Lindsay Lohan's outfits during her stint in Paris.</p><p>But today the actress showed that the demure look actually suits her quite well as she stepped out in the French capital in a pretty eggshell blue frock.</p><p>It was a rare sight to behold as 25-year-old Lohan covered up her usually-exposed thighs in the mid-length dress, which was evocative of the kind of outfit uptight Mad Men housewife Betty Draper might wear.<br></p><p> </p><p>The high-necked, high-waisted sleeveless garment also kept her ample cleavage out of sight and under control.</p><p>Lohan topped off her look with a boxy Fendi bag and shades as she went out on a shopping trip with twomale friends with her hair casually pulled back off her face.</p><p>She put a modern twist on the early-Sixties look, though, tottering on a pair of vertiginous peep-toe heels, the likes of which would have sent January Jones' character Betty into a spin.<br></p><p>Lohan was photographed smiling while chatting on her phone and looked quite the girl about town.</p><p>In pictures published yesterday, the Mean Girls star was looking far from demure in a pair of daring short shorts, which all but disappeared under her navy nautical-inspired blazer.</p><p>Theaudacious attire also exposed a large unsightly bruise on the actressesthigh and what appeared to be a fresh application of fake tan.</p><p>Lindsay paired the look with some black patent brogues and a mustard coloured satchel handbag. <br></p><p>This wasn't the first time she has made a fashion faux-pas in the French Capital. <br></p><p>Theactress also looked a sight over the weekend, when she turned up to Kanye West's first fashion show, DW by Kanye West at Lycee Henri IV in adisastrous dress. <br></p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Now for some of my other looks: Lohan's general theme during her stay in France has been short, but the results have not always been so sweet<br></p><p>While her tousled hair and 60s' inspired make up looked lovely, the pale ecru of the frock drained her porcelain skin, and the creased fabric made her look scruffy and not stylish.<br></p><p>But the worst aspect of the outfit was the lack of support offered to the blonde's cleavage, with a bra most likely improving the look beyond measure.<br></p><p>In the City of Love for Paris FashionWeek, the troubled Mean Girls star has been a regular sight on the French capital's club scene.</p><p>Last Friday night's fashionable excuse to party was an event hosted by photographer Terry Richardson, then the recently rehabbed-actress went to her new favourite haunt, Raspoutine night club, until 5.30 a.m.</p><p>The actress looked decidedly worse for wear again after her second late night out. </p><p>Thenight before on Thursday she was spotted leaving the same club at a similarly early hour of the morning, this time in a little red dress anda black clutch hiding her face.</p><p>Perhaps all of the actress' hiding is to avoid further speculation over who she was out on the town with, in light of recent speculation over her busy dating life.</p><p>Her latest rumoured boyfriend is German designer Philipp Plein.</p><p>The couple has been seen enjoying each other's company in recent days after meeting at Milan Fashion Week the week before.</p><p>It comes after Plein described Lohan as 'authentic, talented and beautiful' at a press conference last week, after announcing she would be the face of his 2012 fashion line.</p><p>The 33-year-old shared a kiss with the actress after they had a casual dinner in Milan.</p><p>Accordingto Fox 411, Lohan and Plein are 'hooking up,' with one source telling the showbiz site: 'There's a lot of chemistry there.'</p><p> </p>?Is that going to be your look for working in the morgue? Lindsay Lohan's bizarre zombie style make-up for court date<p> By <br>UPDATED:22:02 GMT, 20 October 2011<br><br></p><p>Lindsay Lohan was given a sentence of 16 hours community service at the L.A County Morgue.</p><p>So it seems fitting the actress would turn up for her court appearance sporting bizarre, almost zombie-like make-up.<br></p><p>The actress, 25, turned heads for all the wrong reasons, as she arrived at the Airport Branch Courthouse in Los Angeles with an unflattering grey-brown shade of blusher smeared across her cheeks.</p><p>Presumably she had intended to create the effect of hollowed cheekbones. But instead, Lohan's clumsy efforts with the cosmetic gave the impression that she had matching bruises on either side of her face.</p><p> </p><p>Celebrity make-up artist Rachel Wood, who has worked with Olivia Palermo, Louise Roe and Lily Cole, described the colour as 'dirty' and the application 'heavy-handed'.<br></p><p>'When contouring a blush for your cheeks, it can be like Spanx for your face - sleek, lifting and very slimming,' she told Mail Online. 'But there's a fine line, and unfortunately Lindsay has crossed it.</p><p></p><p>'Her application is heavy handed, the colour looks dirty not fresh. It's an Eighties-style application gone wrong... <br></p><p>'In her case, this contoured blush look - which is very on trend now - should have been applied delicately,' she added.<br></p><p> </p><p>The Mean Girls star appeared to have been chanelling a 'good girl' look, with her below-the-knee Fifties-inspired Fendi dress and Giuseppe Zanotti peep-toe platforms.</p><p>It was the exact same outfit, handbags aside, that she was seen wearing in Paris during Fashion Week earlier this month.</p><p>But the attempt at 'polished' would have been marred by the fact that she seems to have neglected her dental hygiene routine.</p><p>Just last week she stepped out on the red carpet with stained and decaying teeth.</p><p> </p><p>Dr Pankaj Singh, of Arch Dental Associates in New York, told Radar Online that the damage appears to have been caused by 'a combination of smoking, drug use and a lack of personal care.'</p> <p>In any case Lohan's efforts appear to have been in vain. Judge Stephanie Sautner slammed her for failing to complete 360 hours' community service at a Downtown LA Women's Centre.</p><p>The order had been issued earlier this year as part of her sentence for stealing a gold necklace from a jewellery store.</p><p>The tearful star was lead away from court in handcuffs, though she is believed to have been released now after posting $100,000 bail. </p>?Pixie's big fashion day out! Miss Lott is a style icon by modelling FOUR outfits in 24 hours<br><p> By and <br>UPDATED:07:05 GMT, 19 September 2011</p><br><p>We&#8217;re used to seeing Pixie Lott preened to perfection, but this season she seems to be taking an extra special interest in London Fashion Week</p><p>The pop star has been attending fashion shows as if she was preparing for an exam and has been changing outfits almost as much as the catwalk models.</p><p>Yesterday Pixie was snapped in three different ensembles within 24 hours and made sure to show off a completely different look with each one.</p><p> </p><p>Quick change: Pixie changed her outfits more than the models yesterday, by sporting four different looks <br></p><p> </p><p>During the day the 20-year-old strutted her stuff around the cobblestones of the courtyard at Somerset House to watch the Jaeger show.</p><p>She used the street as her catwalk and flashed those famous legs before entering the tent where the show would be taking place.</p><p>Pixie was wearing a navy and red striped dress with a pair of classic black brogues.<br></p><p>The flat shoes were a good choice to help her navigate around the uneven cobblestones when she was snapped upon her arrival.<br></p><p>Pixie had been wearing a blue blazer but removed it before she arrived at the venue to show off the full effect of her outfit.</p><p>The dress and shoes were simple but stylish, however bearing in mind that Somerset House would be acting as host to a variety of glamorous people, the singer decided to jazz up her outfit a little.<br></p><p>She wore a black sequined necklace which gave the effect that there was a collar on her dress, wore her cropped blonde hair sleek and added lashings of red lipstick to the look to top it all off.</p><p> </p><p>Pixie then shot over to Sloane Street to attend the Fendi and Royal College of Art after party in a grey knit dress.<br></p><p>Later that night she had quickly changed into a black mini dress, a matching blazer and ankle boots to attend the Roberto Cavalli store launch alongside her boyfriend Oliver Cheshire.<br></p><p>The couple then headed to The Box nightclub in Soho and although Oliver wore the same ensemble, Pixie made sure to change her dress.<br></p><p>She kept her ankle boots on but swapped her LBD for a blue sheer shirt and little black skirt.<br></p><p>While at the Jaeger show, the star looked excited to see the new collection as she made her way in and sat eagerly in the front row waiting for the catwalk to begin.</p><p> </p><p>Parading her pins: Pixie wore a simple outfit which she dressed up with accessories and make-up<br></p><p>It was a busy fashion event which saw even those in prime position in the front row having to squeeze up as much as possible to allow all of the most important attendees to have a great view of the models as they sauntered down the catwalk.<br></p><p>As well as enjoying the show the singer has been in a fantastic mood recently following last weekend's announcement that her song All About Tonight had reached the number one spot in the charts.<br></p><p>She also attended the opening of the Westfield Stratford store this week, where she took part in the ribbon cutting ceremony alongside Mayor of London Boris Johnson.</p><p> <br></p>?Makeover magic: Lindsay Lohan glams up for once<p>Last updated at 11:41 14 February 2008</p><br><p>Well-worn leggings, ballet flats and loose-fitting dresses havebeen Lindsay Lohan's staple wardrobe items in recent times, but theactress proved on Tuesday she's still a glamour girl at heart.</p><p>The Mean Girls star turned heads at a magazine photo shoot inHollywood with a strapless pink frock, softly styled brown tressesand lashings of red lipstick.</p><p>Scroll down for more...</p><p>It was an impressive transformation for Lindsay, who had arrivedjust two hours earlier in dressed-down tights and billowing cobaltblue top.</p><p>The star was once again in dazzling form yesterday, when shearrived in a plunging gown at the opening of a newly refurbishedFendi store in Rodeo Drive.</p><p>Scroll down for more...</p><p>The troubled 21-year-old is slowly emerging back on Hollywood'ssocial scene after a leaving rehab six months ago.</p><p>She is now living a quieter life, saying recently: "I likehaving friends around me, but now I'd much rather be at home."</p><p>Still, she hasn't completely given up her penchant for partying,adding: "That's not to say I'll never go to a club again, becauseI'd be lying."</p><p></p>Share this article: <p> </p>?Meet the bag ladies<p>By KAREN CLARKSON</p><p>Last updated at 23:36 05 November 2006</p><br>When it comes to must-have accessories, nothing quite tops thefemale fantasy list like a handbag. So obsessed are we with eachseason's essential piece of arm candy, we no longer flinch at theidea of paying a month's earnings for the latest It-bag.<p>But the price of instantly recognisable designer bags keepson rising. Just a few years ago, it was all about the &pound;595Mulberry Roxanne - as carried by Scarlett Johansson and JuliaRoberts. Now the standard Fendi Spy or McQueen Novak doesn't leavemuch change from &pound;2,000.</p><p>Yet isn't it cooler to have something more unusual? While wecontinue to justify our whims with the bank manager, there arethose who have been smart enough to make a business out of theirobsessions. KAREN CLARKSON speaks to five womenwho have turned bags into business:</p><p>TOP RIGHT: Pontine Paus, 33, lives and works from herNotting Hill townhouse. Her bags are popular with Kylie and QueenSilvia of Sweden. Pontine says:</p><p>When I embarked upon my master's degree in industrial design atDomus Academy in Milan, I never imagined that I would end up as ahandbag designer - I thought I'd go into furniture or architecture.However, as part of this course I experimented with materials andchemicals. I covered some silk in plastic and decided to make ahandbag out of it.</p><p>One day in Milan a woman, who owned a boutique, asked me wheremy bag was from. When I told her I had made it myself she asked meimmediately to make a collection for her to sell.</p><p>My bags took off. I sold them through shops in Italy and createda range for the designer Louisa Beccaria. My father encouraged meto learn some business skills, so I stopped making the bags while Itook a business course.</p><p>In 2002 I started making bags again. They became popularstraightaway. Now we're stocked all over the world - Scandinavia,Italy, France, the Middle East and Japan.</p><p>Not everyone wants to make a major fashion statement with theirclothes - most women feel more comfortable experimenting withaccessories instead.</p><p>The beauty of handbags is that they can suit you whatever yourage, figure or looks. They're also not as intrusive as clothing, asyou can put them down when you want. I grew up surrounded by bagsas my mother loves them and has a huge collection of Hermes ones.Now she only wears mine!</p><p>I own about 70 bags. I used to have a lot of vintage ones but Imoved house recently and had to get rid of loads as I didn't haveenough space. Now I only wear my own - if I need one for anoccasion I just design it. I carry one bag for maybe six months andwear it to death before moving on.</p><p>I love big bags for the day. But for evenings I vary themdepending on my outfit - my favourite is a clutch bag called TheNight Owl. Every season I'm inspired by something different. I wantto make beautifully-crafted bags with character. My Hunter bags fornext season are all about war and hope - symbolised by star andcamouflage prints. My Bandit bags were inspired by cowboys. I likehaving a story behind each one - that's where my art backgroundcomes in. www.pontinepaus.com</p><p>Swedish-born Charlott Vasberg, 31, lives in Chelsea. Shesays:</p><p></p><p>I studied womenswear design at London College of Fashion,followed by an MA in womenswear at St Martins. I graduated in2003.</p><p>I didn't want to work for someone else, and making bags enabledme to be creative with patterncutting which is quite stimulatingfor me. My first collection consisted of five bags. They were softleather bags with lots of zips. I called them 'transformation bags'- by opening and closing zips you could change their shape andlook. In 2004, I sent some pictures to a few shops and got a callimmediately from Selfridges. They placed an order on my firstcollection.</p><p>I own at least 40 bags. For day I like big bags which I canthrow everything into. I have a large Twist Bag which I've beencarrying almost every day for two years. For evening I like smalltotes and clutches. At home, my bags are hanging on the sides of mywardrobes. I also have a huge basket full of them. Most of theseI've made myself, but if I was to wear one by another designer itwould probably be Fendi. www.charlottvasberg.com</p><p>Susannah Hunter, 35, lives in Kilburn, London, and hasbeen designing bags for five years. Elle Macpherson, Nicole Kidmanand Uma Thurman are fans. She says:</p><p></p><p>I studied fashion design at St Martins, graduating in 1993.While working in retail at Margaret Howell, I began making handbagsin my spare time for myself and for friends. The first one wasolivegreen leather with irises appliqu&Egrave;d all over. I carriedit everywhere.</p><p>One evening at a party I met a model called Angela Dunn. Sheloved my bags and promoted my work within the fashion industry. Shewas best friends with Patsy Kensit who immediately bought four bagsfrom me. Soon I had an order from the fashionable Holland Parkboutique The Cross.</p><p>Now we're stocked in Harvey Nichols, The West Village, Paul&amp; Joe, and Barneys and Saks in America. We're also about toopen our first shop in London. Initially, I made the bags in mybedroom. Now I have a workshop with a full-time team of sixpeople.</p><p>With the appliqued flowers, my bags look distinctive, but Ichange the colours and shapes each season.</p><p>Growing up in Scotland where my mother is a painter, I wasalways surrounded by colour and images of nature. I take picturesof flowers whenever I travel and this is the inspiration for mybags. My drawings get turned into leather flowers, which arelayered onto the bag.</p><p>Everything is made by hand - it takes about a day to make eachbag. I find it amazing how much women are willing to spend on bags.Mine retail between &pound;295 and &pound;770. Designer bags in bigdepartment stores are even more. I only own about 15 bags. Most ofthem are my own, apart from a few vintage bags and one from IsseyMiyake. My favourite is still the first one I ever made, which Istill carry to this day. www.susannahhunter.com</p><p>Canadian-born Victoria Sleeper, 35, lives and works inLondon and Paris. She is a bag consultant to fashion houses fromYSL, Chanel and LVMH, and sells her vintage bags in Liberty, UrbanOutfitters and Portobello market. Vicky says:</p><p></p><p>Growing up in Mid-West Canada, I learned how to do needlework,metal work and woodwork because if you wanted something personalyou had to make it yourself.</p><p>I never studied fashion - everything I know about bags I'vetaught myself. I'm not very interested in fashion, but bagsencompass so much - they hold our money, our lipstick and all thethings that are important to us, while being tactile, sculpturaland interesting to look at. I'm constantly researching things aboutbags.</p><p>I probably have a collection of about 20,000 bags, dating from1600 to 1980. They come from all over the world. One of myfavourites is a gentleman's hobo bag from the 1920s and I love mypre-1970s Hermes bags, the stitching is amazing. I'm also a big fanof beaded bags, probably because of my Canadian roots.</p><p>I love to change the bags I carry around with me. Sometimes I'llcarry five bags in one day - I hate the thought of them beinglocked up in a cupboard, they need to live!</p><p>I sell a lot of bags to fashion designers but in Portobello Ihave all sorts of customers. Teri Hatcher bought some recently whenshe was in London; this morning I sold one to Helen Mirren; and Ieven sold a bag to the Queen.</p><p>The bags I make appeal to men and women. They're lightweight,multi-functional and in primal colours. I've just finished creatingmy first collection of Vicky Sleeper bags. My daughter describesthem as avant-garde; my friends say they are art; and someone elsehas called them 21st-century urban camouflage.www.vickysleeper.com</p><p>Tabitha Somerset-Webb, 31, lives and works in Battersea,London. Customers include Cat Deeley, Denise Van Outen and DanniiMinogue. Tabitha says:</p><p></p><p>I'm probably the least likely handbag designer you can imagine.I never studied fashion or art, and I can't draw. Bags weren't evensomething I particularly liked. The problem was I could never findthe right one for me, so in the end I thought I should just designone.</p><p>After working hard as a producer in advertising and TV, I wantedto get out and start my own business. I came up with an idea tomake one bag, and ended up going around the East End beggingmanufacturers to make up my designs. One agreed to make somesamples.</p><p>The scenario was haphazard. I took a stand at the Top Drawertrade fair in Olympia to try to start selling my bags to retailers.After three days no one had placed an order, and I was about togive up when House of Fraser placed an order for &pound;20,000worth of bags.</p><p>Our first orders arrived late and half the bags fell apart. Butdespite the hiccups, the orders grew, so I went to China to find adecent factory to make the bags. We've become well-known for ourmodernlooking metallic leather bags, and we're now stocked inFenwick, Harrods, Graham &amp; Green and The Conran Shop, andMacy's and Bloomingdale's in the U.S. We're just about to open ourfirst shop on the King's Road. My own collection is around 40 -they are stored under my bed. I have a few vintage ones, but theyare mostly my own creations. www.tabitha.uk.com</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?Mellow yellow fashion<p>Last updated at 12:57 11 June 2007</p><br>Embrace the summer with sunshine shades <p>Yellow silk jumpsuit by Future Classics fromSelfridges, &pound;308, 08708 377 377. Yellowpatent belt by Dorothy Perkins, &pound;5, 0845 1214515. Silver sequin sandals by Fendi, &pound;495,020 7836 6288. Silver necklace by Red Herring atDebenhams, &pound;12, 08445 61 61 61www.debenhams.com<br><br><br></p><p></p><p>Dress by Valentino, &pound;7,480, 020 72355855. Belt by Below the Belt fromFenwicks, &pound;89, 020 7629 9161. Bangle fromFenwick, &pound;39, 020 7629 9161<br><br><br><br><br></p><p></p><p>Yellow cotton smock top, by J Jeans by JasperConran, &pound;28, yellow bikini bottoms byCollection at Debenhams,&pound;6, silver beads worn as belt by RedHerring, &pound;12 Sandals with cork heels by JJeans by Jasper Conran, &pound;30, bead bracelet byMood, &pound;7. All fromDebenhams, 08445 61 61 61, www.debenhams.com<br><br><br></p><p></p><p>Top with chain detail by D&amp;G fromHarrods, &pound;199, 020 7730 1234. Tweed skirt byTibi from Fenwick, &pound;269,020 7629 9161. Patent bag, &pound;825 and heels, &pound;480, byFendi, 020 7836 6288<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br></p><p></p><p>Crop jacket by Zara, &pound;79, 020 7534 9500.Leggings by Mango, &pound;5, 020 7434 3694. Blackheels by Paco Gil, &pound;165, 020 8444 9043<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br></p><p></p><p>Strapless jersey dress by Morgan, &pound;59.99,0800 731 4942. Black mock croc and leather belt byOpika, &pound;86, 01943 865 516. Black patentsling-backs by Jimmy Choo, &pound;380, 020 78231051. Sunglasses by Linda Farrow Vintage fromHarrods, &pound;165, 020 7730 1234</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?Top marks in the style stakes: Mena Suvari struts her stuff in bra-let and high-waisted skirt for Fashion Night Out <br><p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:07:23 GMT, 7 September 2012 UPDATED:11:34 GMT, 7 September 2012</p><p>It's a night dedicated to fashion so it is only right that attendees dress up for the occasion. <br></p><p>And Mena Suvari soared to the top of the class in the style stakes with her on-trend ensemble for Fashion Night Out in LA last night (Thursday). <br></p><p>The 33-year-old actress opted for a black bra-let and a figure-hugging high-waisted skirt from ASOS's Africa collection. <br></p><p>The outfit emphasised Mena's tiny waist while accentuating her curves. <br></p><p>The pencil skirt boasted baroque print panels sat next to white and grey stripes and the actress finished the look off with a pair of peep toe heels. <br></p><p>She had her hair pulled back into a slick oversized bun on top of her head, and had eyeliner flicked out at the corner of her eyes for an 1950's inspired make-up look. <br></p><p> </p><p>Mena was seen browsing through the Farbod Barsum boutique and it appears that a number of products on offer caught her eye. </p><p>She was seen leaving toting a black leather bag by the brand and a large smile, indicating she was rather pleased with her new accessory. <br></p><p>Mena also popped by to jewellery designer Suzanne Felsen's store, who she is close friends with. <br></p><p>The actress, who is gearing up for the release of her latest film You May Not Kiss The Bride, had left her diminutive boyfriend at home for the evening. <br></p>?Naomi Campbell dazzles in next season's prints as she prepares to launch TV career<br><p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:17:36 GMT, 19 June 2012 UPDATED:17:36 GMT, 19 June 2012</p><p>Her personal life often overshadows her professional one but clearly, Naomi Campbell still knows how to strike a pose.</p><p>The 42-year-old has modeled a range of luxurious high-end ensembles during a photoshoot for the July issue of magazine.</p><p>The shoot is part of a promotional run that the model is currently in the midst of as she prepares for the launch of a new TV reality series titled The Face.</p><p> The supermodel, who lives in Moscow with her Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin, will mentor aspiring models on the show, which is being made by Oxygen network.</p><p>As styled by Giovanna Battaglia, she has been photographed for W in designs by Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Dolce &amp; Gabbana, Etro and Mary Katrantzou.</p><p></p><p>Photographed by Australian-born snapper Emma Summerton, she also shows off a range of accessories such as a Fendi iPad case, a Missoni clutch, a Bally handbag and Yves Saint Laurent heels.</p><p>Miss Campbell, who is rumoured to be looking to buy a villa in Ibiza with Mr Doronin, offered the magazine some advice for younger, less experienced models.</p><p> </p><p>She said: 'Whatever you do, do it 110per cent. That's what my mother taught me, and it's what I've always believed in.'</p><p>It seems that the model had prepared plenty of advice in preparation for her small screen role.</p><p>Two other high-profile personalities will join Miss Campbell on the show but they are yet to be announced.</p><p>Each of the contestants on the show will be competing to become the face of a major brand.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Miss Campbell herself has fronted campaigns for Valentino and Ralph Lauren, as well as Hilton hotels and Dunkin' Donuts over the years.</p><p>She is certainly well-equipped to give advice to the hopefuls - though her famously fiery temper promises entertaining on-screen moments.</p><p>In a press release announcing the news, she said: 'With The Face the audience will get a real insider&#8217;s look at this exciting industry that has been so good to me. </p><p>She told W magazine that she is a big fan of reality TV.</p><p>'Ilove the Real Housewives - all of them,' she said. 'Of course, I would never expose myself in that way. But I'm happy to share my experiences.'</p><p>Although she is renowned for her career in fashion, the supermodel is no stranger to the world of TV.</p><p>In 1988, she had a guest role on The Cosby Show.</p><p>Miss Campbell has been dating Mr Doronin since 2008.</p><p>She originally lived in the UK before relocating to Moscow to be with him.<br></p><p>The couple have a property portfolio that includes houses in Moscow, a private island in Turkey, a luxury retreat in Jamaica and a mansion in Miami.</p>?Web exclusive: The top 10 new models to watch<p> By </p><p>UPDATED:08:59 GMT, 11 July 2011</p><p></p><p>Each season a slew of new models enter the international scene eager tobecome the next Stella Tennant, Agyness Deyn, Liu Wen or (dare we say?)Kate Moss. Of course there are telltale signs (opened the Prada show,shot by Steven Miesel for Vogue Italia, enlisted by Christopher Baileyfor the Burberry campaign), but there are also fresh faces who justhave that special something that makes it obvious they&#8217;ll have stayingpower. <br></p><p>So after meeting a handful of catwalk hopefuls, chatting withmodel agents, and scouring the shows, we&#8217;ve compiled a new must-watchlist - the future girls who could well give Ms Moss a run for hermoney, if you will. Hedge your bets now.</p><p>Nyasha Matonhodze </p><p>Chosen as one of the new fresh faces for Louis Vuitton&#8217;s autumn/winter campaign, 16-year-old Nyasha Matonhodze has caused a sensational stir among blue chip designers and casting directors. Hailing from Northampton, Zimbabwean born Matonhodze was discovered in her school uniform at Elite model agency in 2009 and went on to win the prestigious Elite Model Look UK competition later that year (accompanied by none other us at YOU!) In addition to the Vuitton campaign, this future face has also been photographed for top fashion bibles Love, i-D, Harper's Bazaar, and Teen Vogue. One to watch indeed.<br><br></p><p><br></p><p>Saskia de Brauw</p><p>Numerous model predictors are saying 2011 will be all about the Dutch girl - and Saskia de Brauw - born and raised in a village just outside of Amsterdam, is well on her way to ensuring this prediction comes true. In addition to starring in campaigns for Chanel and Givenchy this season, de Brauw was also featured on the cover of Vogue Italia and was chosen to star on French editor Carine Roitfield&#8217;s last Vogue Paris cover. Indications are clear that Ms de Brauw is a girl with staying power. <br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Julia Saner</p><p>One of this season&#8217;s most talked-about fresh faces is Swiss Miss Julia Saner. Perhaps it was inevitable that the Berne-born beauty, having won the international Elite Model Look content in 2009, would book a show run spanning Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, Lanvin, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton. Now that the booking sweepstakes have turned from shows to stellar editorials and campaigns expect Julia to be one of those must-book girls for seasons to come. <br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Hailey Clauson</p><p>Despite being a young sophomore in high school, California-born Hailey Clauson's poise, maturity and innate elegance made her a must-book in her debut season &#8211; earning comparisons to fellow American teen model Karlie Kloss. After walking the walk for the highly selective likes of Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Versace and Miu Miu and scoring numerous blue chip editorials, Clauson looms large as a girl with the possibility for longevity.<br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Emily Baker<br></p><p>With razor-sharp cheekbones, personality and a runway strut that evokes the glory years of the nineties supermodel, 17-year-old Emily Baker is poised to become this year's most striking new face. Courted by influential casting director Russell Marsh, the New Zealand native debuted on the autumn/winter 11 catwalks for Prada, Miu Miu, Balenciaga, and Proenza Schouler. Attention now turns from the runways to magazines and campaigns, and Emily&#8217;s unique beauty is sure to deliver a distinctive image. <br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Josephine Skriver</p><p>From Calvin Klein to Preen, to Gucci, Max Mara and Alexander Wang, 17-year-old Josephine Skriver has made a huge impact on the catwalk, the kind that has put this Danish native on the watch list of every top photographer, fashion editor and casting director in town. With a cover for Vogue Germany and a slew of top runway bookings in the bag, it&#8217;s clear fashion&#8217;s finest can&#8217;t seem to resist the lure of this fresh faced newcomer, signalling there is much more to come.<br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Cailin Hill</p><p>Canadian native and Ford Model Cailin Hill has won us over with her witty, fun, and ever so slightly sarcastic Tumblr blog, Model Burnbook. With model watchers opting for models with personality, Hill has enjoyed face time with some of the industry's top photographers and casting agents, shooting for the likes of Marie Claire, Flare and starring in this season&#8217;s Calvin Klein denim campaign. A girl with distinctive personal style, look for Hill on both major runways and countless street style blogs in the seasons to come. <br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Colinne Michaelis<br></p><p>It goes without saying that two of the most important positions on the runway are the opening and closing slots. This has become even more apparent when it comes to Prada. And this season&#8217;s coveted Prada opening slot went to French newcomer Colinne Michaelis, the great granddaughter of Vogue's legendary art director Alexander Liberman. Catching the eye of casting director Russell Marsh, Michaelis also walked for fashion power houses Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and Lanvin. With campaigns in the pipeline and editorial high summon from the likes of ACNE Paper and Interview, Colinne proves herself be a rising star indeed. <br><br></p><p>Molly Smith </p><p>16-year-old British newcomer Molly Smith is the latest Burberry girl to be shot by Mario Testino starring in the autumn/winter 11 campaign. Discovered while shopping in Covent Garden two years ago, Smith has gone on to shoot editorials for top titles Teen Vogue and Vogue Italia - coups for any new model. We predict a further slew of enviable assignments guaranteed to keep her front and centre in the booking sweepstakes. <br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p>Sui He<br></p><p>With models Fei Fei Sun and Liu Wen appearing front and centre in major ad campaigns, runway shows, and magazine editorials, model watchers are predicting that Asian models are on the rise in 2011. And newcomer Sui He suggests this prediction may well come true: opening the autumn/winter 11 Ralph Lauren show in New York, Sui marked the first time in recent history that an Asian model has opened for the revered American brand and followed with appearances at fashion power houses Dries Van Noten, Jill Stuart and Dolce &amp; Gabbana. With editorials in Harper&#8217;s Bazaar China and V, Sui has indeed justified her status as a breakthrough star. It's perhaps premature to hope that 2011 will be the year of the Asian model, but any increase in diversity in the fashion industry is certainly worth noticing. Watch this space.<br></p><p></p><br>?Paris is the main attraction as she's mobbed by tourists<p>by DONNA McCONNELL</p><p>Last updated at 13:48 04 July 2007</p><br><p>Paris Hilton can't quite let go of her need to be the centre ofattention - as she willingly pouts and poses for tourists who lineup to take their picture with the ex-convict heiress.</p><p>Clad in a black crocheted lacy swimsuit, the not-so-shrinkingviolet revelled in the attention as she spent the afternoon surfingon the beach.</p><p>Scroll down for more</p><p></p><p></p><p>After serving her time for breaking her probation fordrink-driving, Hilton told American talk show host Larry King thatpartying 'is not going to be the mainstay of my life any more'.</p><p>But although she hasn't crossed the threshold of a club, sheseems to find it hard to exist without the oxygen of celebrity.</p><p>Paris cuts a striking figure as she's tries out the local sport,surfing, for size.</p><p>Scroll down for more</p><p></p><p></p><p>She is said to have lost seven pounds in weight during her timein jail, but looked in fine form as she enjoyed the Hawaiiansurf.</p><p>But despite fleeing to Hawaii to enjoy a sunshine breakfollowing her 23-day prison stay - it seems Paris Hilton isdestined to be the main attraction wherever she goes.</p><p>Scroll down for more</p><p></p><p></p><p>Scroll down to watch footage of the newsreader whorefused to read a story about Paris on air... and Paris's interviewon Larry King</p><p>The socialite, who is best known for her partying and hugeappetite for shopping, has seemingly made a quick return to herglamorous lifestyle.</p><p>And on a shopping trip to a local boutique in Maui a crowd ofholidaymakers gathered to gawp at Paris.</p><p>Scroll down for more</p><p></p><p></p><p>Kept back by burly security guards, a crowd of onlookersfollowed the heiress as she browsed the stores at a local shoppingmall.</p><p>And when she stopped at boutique Enchantress, the crowd,brandishing mobile phones and video cameras, stopped too as Parisperused the designer wares and quickly remembered how to use hercredit card.</p><p>Scroll down for more</p><p></p><p></p><p>Dressed in a simple black shirt dress and black pumps, and hertrademark oversized shades, Paris seemed relaxed as she tried onsome Jackie O style headscarves, and mulled over whether topurchase some Fendi ballet-style pumps.</p><p>Clearly her appetite has returned, as she tucked into anice-cream. The hotel heiress claimed she was profoundly affected byher time in prison and vowed to end the wild partying for which sheis famous - even if it meant ditching some of her friends.</p><p>Scroll down for more</p><p></p><p></p><p>However, the 26-year-old socialite did spend much of her time injail doing what she loves most - shopping.</p><p>She told King the 'horrible' food plunged her into a 'traumatic'depression, but prison records show that she spent &pound;72 in oneweek on snacks and cosmetics at the jail's canteen and store.</p><p>To supplement her meals, inmate 9818783 ordered 30 packs ofchicken broth, five packs of chicken noodle soup, seven muffins,ten snack bars, 3lb of toffee peanuts, five bags of pretzels, plustea and coffee.</p><p>She also bought cold cream, Vaseline, a brown eyebrow pencil andan emery board, according to documents obtained by gossip websiteTMZ.com.</p><p>Now watch footage of the newsreader who refused to reada story about Paris on air... and Paris's interview on LarryKing:</p><p><p><p></p><p><p><p></p>Share this article: <p> </p>?Patty Hearst and model daughter Lydia hit fashion party on rare night out together<br><p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:18:47 GMT, 6 September 2012 UPDATED:18:47 GMT, 6 September 2012</p><p>Rarely seen together, Patty Hearst and her model daughter, Lydia, stepped out for an evening of fun and bags, and some good old-fashion mother daughter bonding last night.<br></p><p>Attending the Fendi Baguettemania party in Hollywood, the blonde pair celebrated the iconic bag's 15th anniversary together.<br></p><p>It was obviously a special visit from the 58-year-old publishing heiress; with Lydia, 27, tweeting before the event: 'With my mom at @andylecompte's salon in LA. So happy she came to visit me!'<br></p><p> Miss Hearst, who has carved a career in her own right as a model, despite being most known as the daughter of her kidnapping victim, socialite and convicted bank robber mother, is well-established fan of Fendi's famous Baguette bag.<br></p><p> Baguettemania, which has been touring the internationally since June this year, hit Los Angeles at Maxfield to launch a Fendi pop-up shop open until October 5th.</p><p>The luxury house collaborated with several local artists on a new series of artist Baguette, where they each appropriated blank Baguettes as their canvas. <br></p><p>A one-of-a-kind Baguette from Chaz Bojorquez, Kenny Scharf, and Pae White were exhibited and auctioned off during the event, where Silvia Venturini Fendi was on site for a book signing as well.</p><p></p><p>In an effort to describe Baguettemania, Ms Fendi explained: 'It was like a fever because the Baguette was so difficult to find and the minute you did, it wouldn&#8217;t be the one you were looking for&#8230;So it has started this crazy mania&#8230;'</p><p>This mania is close to the same mania the Hearst mother and daughter duo have endured themselves.<br></p><p>Lydia's great-grandfather was William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper magnate said to have inspired the megalomaniac central character in Citizen Kane.</p><p>Her mother, Patty, was an apolitical 19-year-old American heiress when she was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army, a Left-wing guerrilla group, in 1974.</p><p>During her captivity, she joined the SLA, denounced her former life, took the name Tania and carried out an armed robbery on a bank in San Francisco with other group members.<br></p><p>Shewas arrested the following year and during her trial it was claimed that she had developed Stockholm syndrome, the condition in which hostages begin to identify with their captors in order to make sense of what is happening to them.</p><p>Patty was imprisoned for almost two years, and was later granted a presidential pardon by President Bill Clinton in his last official act before leaving office.<br></p>?PETA won't be happy! Fendi unveils fur extravaganza at Milan Fashion Week<br><p> By <br>UPDATED:09:42 GMT, 24 February 2012<br></p><p>Animal rights activists will be up in arms after seeing the Fendi show today at Milan Fashion Week.</p><p>While fur has been a big trend this season, the Italian label unveiled a collection of pelts that featured in almost every look.<br></p><p>From antelope to goat, mink to crocodile &#8211; it seems no hide was spared. </p><p> </p><p>Are you fur real? Fendi unveil a collection of animal pelts at their Autumn/Winter show at Milan Fashion Week<br></p><p>Models wore braided hair - lending a tribal feel but it failed to camouflage the amount of animal skin on display.</p><p>Even handbags and Ipad cases were made using fur.<br></p><p>No stranger to controversy, designer Karl Lagerfeld will no doubt have little regard for Peta's opinion.</p><p>A spokesperson for The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said:'Fashion should be fun, and there's nothing fun about draping models inskins torn from the backs of animals who may have been alive and able to experience every agonising second of it. </p><p> </p><p>Love the skin you're in? It seemed no animal was spared as antelope, goat and mink were used<br></p><p> </p><p>'Today there are countless luxurious and humane alternatives to real fur, which is why truly creative and talented designers, including Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Marc Bouwer, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein, all refuse to use fur in their collections. <br></p><p>'Even Karl Lagerfeld used faux fur inhis autumn 2010 collection &#8211; proving that you can have a look that kills without killing animals.'</p><p>Despite Italy's current economic crisis, luxury fashion houses are keen to prove money is no object at Milan this week. <br></p><p>After yesterday's opulent Gucci show and today's luxe collection , it seems they have succeeded. Other labels also showing this week include Prada, Versace and Giorgio Armani.</p><p> </p><p>Home of fur: Milan has never shied away from using animal skin<br></p><br><br>?Liz Jones moans: Proof even Sarah Jessica Parker can have a bad clothes day<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:07:04 GMT, 15 October 2009<br><br></p><p>Crime against fashion&#8230;</p><p>Not even Carrie looks like Carrie every day</p><p>It&#8217;s not that Sarah Jessica Parker&#8217;s outfit &#8211; jeans, desert boots, sweat shirt, giant scarf &#8211; is so very terrible, but doesn&#8217;t it just prove that all women, even those with a Manolo Blahnik and Fendi addiction, have days when they just slob around lugging carrier bags?</p><p>This picture is a leveler, isn&#8217;t it? And proof that not even Carrie Bradshaw can keep up looking like Carrie Bradshaw every damn day of the week&#8230;</p><p></p>What is it with women and bottles of water?<p>I hate water fascists. I went to the cinema with a girlfriend theother night to see The Time Traveler&#8217;s Wife (mini moan: I really cannotstand it when movie makers change the endings of much loved books).</p><p>We sat down, and she promptly pulled a huge bottle of Evian from herhandbag, complete with a sort of teat that she proceeded to suck onthroughout the film. It was beyond annoying. <br></p><p>In the end I said, 'Why don&#8217;t you just buy a giant Coke, like a normal person?'</p><p> 'I don&#8217;t want to get dehydrated,' she said, as if she were about to traverse the Sahara desert. <br></p><p>Whatis it with women and bottles of water? They carry them around with themin the gym. They bring them to the office. They sit them on thepassenger seat as they drive. <br></p><p>'Does anyone want some water?' is the most frequently asked question the length and breadth of Britain. <br></p><p>Andthen of course these women are always going to the loo, which means youhave to wait for them for hours. A bottle of still water is theultimate goody goody accessory. <br></p><p>It shouts, 'I look after my body. I won&#8217;t ever age. I have an iron will. I am pure, like a nun.'</p><p>I went to dinner last night with another friend (you might wonder Istill have such a thing) who ordered 'a glass of flat' (meaning: notfizzy; that would smack too closely of hedonism) and when it arrivedwith ice, she sent it back with a shudder. <br></p><p>'Why did you do that?' I asked. 'The ice might not be from bottles.'</p><p>Celeb brain dead moment of the week</p><p>Sharon's talking compost again </p><p>Sharon Stone hasn't been acting recently and has been filling her free time with gardening:</p><p> 'What I am finding is that when you start to really clear old, dead things and really take that time to take away the old stuff and organize a garden and clear out and get in the dirt and weed things out and then see the new stuff that's coming up and move things around, this time that you take that actually takes some labor and is meditative and organized with nature, you can get yourself in a harmonious place.' <br></p><br>?Oversize me! Rihanna steps back in time with an extra large 80s-style blazer complete with leather sleeves <br><p> By <br>UPDATED:06:45 GMT, 15 September 2011</p><br><p>She's modelled for Armani and no doubt has the best team of stylists for her live shows and photo shoots.</p><p>But when she is left to her own devices, eyebrows have often been raised over some of Rihanna's wardrobe choices - and last night was no exception.</p><p>The singer was snapped leaving a restaurant in Santa Monica in what at first looked like an oversized cream waistcoat.</p><p>But on further inspection, it turned out to be a coat which had leather sleeves, making it a rather odd material mix.</p><p>She teamed the coat with a pair of straight black trousers, black strappy heels and a large Fendi clutch bag.</p><p>Rihanna, 23, was snapped leaving the Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi and getting into a people carrier to whisk her away.</p><p>She was recently criticised for her attire when she jetted into New York to attend Fashion Week and was seen leaving her hotel in a scruffy and casual outfit.</p><p>Despite being in Manhattan on one of themost stylish weeks of the year, she left her apartment in ripped jeans and a stripey sweater.</p><p>And on Saturday night, she wore an odd combination of denim shorts and a tuxedo top and looked slightly awkward in her unusual outfit.</p><p>The Firework singer has recently been promoting her new single Cheers, which is currently number five on iTunes.</p><p>And reports today have suggested that Simon Cowell is considering asking her back on the X Factor, this time as a mentor on the US version that starts this weekend.</p><p>A source told the Sun: 'Simon loves Rihanna and loved having her on the UK show last year - so it's no surprise he wants her back.<br></p><p>'He hasn't officially announced her yet as he loves keeping everyone guessing. But fans are already getting excited.</p><p> <br></p>?The bag that made Sex and the City a show about fashion: Sarah Jessica Parker on how the Fendi Baguette marked a 'defining moment' for Carrie&#8217;s closet<br> <p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:23:05 GMT, 15 May 2012 UPDATED:14:23 GMT, 16 May 2012</p><p>Sarah Jessica Parker's flair for fashion in Sex and the City was as much a part of the show's success as the story of the four protagonists. <br></p><p>And according to the actress, the defining moment that set her character Carrie Bradshaw on a path towards the most coveted wardrobe in television, came when she was loaned a Fendi Baguette bag. <br></p><p>In a new book that pays tribute to the iconic purse, the co-author and style maven talks about how the classic designer purse propelled the show and its narrator into new territory. </p><p>As reported by , Ms Parker writes: 'Having the Fendi Baguette was a very big deal, and the gateway to everything else. </p><p></p><p>'It really opened the floodgates and influenced the storyline - especially Carrie's habit of spending more money on fashion than her home.'</p><p> </p><p>Prior to the loan of the neat rectangular bag - a staple in the closet of every handbag fanatic- Sex and the City's stylist Patricia Field, had to be 'industrious and creative with a low budget by getting clothes from thrift stores,' she explains.<br></p><p>But once Carrie had carried the Baguette, it quickly became a regular feature on the show and other fashion houses were clamouring to lend the series their luxury items.<br></p><p>This shift helped the production 'dramatically in conveying Carrie's decadence,' writes Ms Parker.</p><p>The Fendi Baguette was originally designed in 1997 and was an instant hit in the fashion world earning the company an award in 2000 for excellence in accessory design. <br></p><p>Since then 700 variations have been made in a variety of fabrics, colours and with an array of playful embellishments. <br></p><p>Even the world's most famed artists such as Damien Hirst, Richard Prince, and Jeff Koons, have lent their talents to the Baguette for one-off, limited-edition works of art.<br></p><p>Ms Parker shares her admiration for the iconic shoulder-piece with others in a tribute coffee table book this summer entitled Fendi Baguette.<br></p><p>'I have very sentimental feelings toward the Baguette,' admits Ms Parker. 'My very first Baguette was olive-green satin, with beautiful floral beading, a red snakeskin strap, and a colourful interior lining. I used it for everything.'<br></p><p>Her nostalgia for the bag is reflected in the the numerous scenes in which it appeared throughout the beloved show. <br></p>?Shaggy story of the mammoth Fendi bag<p>Last updated at 12:28 23 February 2007</p><br><p>Fendi is, first and foremost, a fur house ? and there was furaplenty on the catwalk in Milan last night.</p><p>So if you fancy a shaved mink mini-skirt or a voluminous capemade from pale silver fox, you know where to head.</p><p>This being Britain, nation of dog-lovers, mink-lovers andfoxlovers (unless we are killing them for sport), fashionable womentend to overlook the fur element of Fendi and home straight in onthe bags.</p><p>Remember the episode of Sex And The City where Carrie Bradshawand chums go into ecstasies over Fendi baguettes?</p><p>Well, the Baguette has been usurped many times over. But stillthe Fendi bag is a symbol of status.</p><p>If the Baguette was a dainty slice of a bag, for autumn 2007 thebags were more like giant ciabattas.</p><p>So large that they looked in danger of snapping the models'twigthin arms, they came emblazoned with sequins, feathers andpatchworks of fur.</p><p>The patchwork theme was continued in capes and coats, but thenon-fur garments were far more savoury.</p><p>There was a Forties feel to the black jackets with nipped-inwaists.</p><p>Shoulders were accentuated with long, shaggy strands of wool ? aperplexing trend in Milan thus far.</p><p>Capelets were another strong trend, as were belts stitched inridges to look like gun holsters.</p><p>The cinchedin waist is key for next season, which is a goodargument for buying those mammoth bags.</p><p>Anything that big can only make your waist look smaller.</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?All over each other! Sharon Stone and toyboy lover continue lovefest during Milan Fashion Week<br><p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:18:26 GMT, 22 September 2012 UPDATED:07:42 GMT, 27 September 2012</p><br><p>There's nowhere like Italy to indulge in a spot of romance, or that's what cougar Sharon Stone must have thought.</p><p></p><p>The 54-year-old Basic Instinct star is making the most of dating 27-year-old Argentinian model Martin Mica and seems to be enjoying showing him off during Milan Fashion Week.</p><p></p><p>Her toyboy lover might be 30 years her junior but the pair didn't seem able to keep their hands off of each other as they sat front row at the Fendi show on Saturday.</p><p>Scroll down for video<br></p><p>The blonde bombshell was keen to show off her style credentials, wearing chic black trousers and a button up black cardigan complete with feather shoulder pads.</p><p>The A-lister added a Fendi cuff and brown snakeskin heels, keeping her make-up natural and her hairstyle simple.</p><p>She might have made her name by baring her body, but Sharon has proved that she knows how to dress for her age, keeping her wardrobe chic and simple during Milan Fashion Week.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Sharon stepped out with her new love the night before as she partied with designer Roberto Cavalli at his store launch party.</p><p>The actress is due to wear a specially-designed evening gown by Cavalli at the amfAR benefit gala held on Saturday night.</p><p> Sharon and Martin have been dating since May after meeting at a Vogue Brazil party in Sao Paolo</p><p> There has been no sign so far though of Sharon's three sons, Laird, seven, Roan, 12, and six-year-old Quinn</p><p> Twice-married Sharon was enjoying a break from her latest silver screen project, What About Love.<br></p><p>Whilelittle is known about the film, Sharon and co-star Andy Garcia shot scenes in Bucharest Old Town last month, as well in a small village on the famous Romanian Transfagarasan mountain road.<br></p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p>VIDEO: Sharon shows off her toyboy!?'Wild horses couldn't keep me away': Stunning Sharon Stone overcomes migraine and hospital visit to wow at amfAR Milano<br><p> By and </p><p>PUBLISHED:22:23 GMT, 22 September 2012 UPDATED:15:58 GMT, 23 September 2012</p><br><p>On Saturday Sharon Stone was taken to hospital after she was taken ill following a meal with her boyfriend Martin Mica but even that wasn't going to keep her away from amfAR Milano 2012. <br></p><p>Stepping out in good health Sharon, who earlier in the day complained of migraine like symptoms, appeared to high spirits as she took to the black carpet.</p><p>Making sure to stun using her world renowned beauty, the 57-year-old graced the event, which was held at La Permanente, in gown which braved a plunging neckline.</p><p>Scroll down for video</p><p> Sharon wore a specially-designed evening leather and lace gown by Roberto Cavalli.<br></p><p>Showing off her slender frame, the cleavage baring dress was also made up of fringed side panels.</p><p>Wearing a pair of large drop earrings, Stone highlighted her blue eyes with dark eyeshadow teamed with shimmers of gold.<br></p><p> </p><p>Speaking to MailOnline about the events which took place before the party, which aims to raise money for HIV/AIDS, a spokesperson for amfAR said: 'Sharon experienced migraine related symptoms, and we all felt it best that she got checked out before the amfAR event. <br></p><p>'She was examined and given a clean bill of health.'</p><p>Continuing the representative added: 'And as she said, wild horses couldn't keep her away.<br></p><p> </p><p> </p><p> Complimenting his lady's flawless showing, Martin wore a blazer which was cut from the same fabric as Sharon's gown.</p><p></p><p>A black spotted bow tie, a white shirt with black buttons and black suit trousers completed his look.<br></p><p> </p><p>There's nowhere like Italy to indulge in a spot of romance, or that's what cougar Sharon Stone must have thought.</p><p></p><p>The Basic Instinct star is making the most of her Argentinian model boyfriend Martin and seems to be enjoying showing him off during Milan Fashion Week.</p><p></p><p>Her toyboy lover might be 30 years her junior but the pair didn't seem able to keep their hands off of each other as they sat front row at the Fendi show prior to the amfAR Gala.</p><p>The blonde bombshell was keen to show off her style credentials, wearing chic black trousers and a button up black cardigan complete with feather shoulder pads.</p><p>The A-lister added a Fendi cuff and brown snakeskin heels, keeping her make-up natural and her hairstyle simple.</p><p>She might have made her name by baring her body, but Sharon has proved that she knows how to dress for her age, keeping her wardrobe chic and simple during Milan Fashion Week.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p>VIDEO: Sharon shows off her toyboy in Italy!?Sharon Stone's fur wardrobe raises eyebrows in Rome<p>Last updated at 00:04 29 October 2007</p><br><p>Actress Sharon Stone raised a few eyebrows last night when shedonned an enormous Fendi fox wrap to the Cinema Against AIDSbenefit in Rome.</p><p>In a move likely to upset anti-fur protestors Stone posed on thered carpet proudly clutching her controversial accessory.</p><p>Scroll down for more...</p><p>Stone has made no secret of her fondness for fur and is oftenpictured draped in the material.</p><p>She presided over the Friday night auction in central Rome,which drew celebrities including film director Sofia Coppola, modelEva Herzigova and actress Mira Sorvino.</p><p>Scroll down for more...</p><p>The benefit for the American Foundation for AIDS Research, oramfAR, was held on the sidelines of the Rome Film Festival.</p><p>At one point, at the request of one of the guests, Stoneauctioned off her own necklace, featuring a feather-shapedpendant.</p><p>The necklace, which sold for US$50,000 had not been among thelisted items for sale.</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?Sick poverty chic: Outrage as Pakistan designers underline rich-poor divide in adverts<br><p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:23:17 GMT, 18 March 2012 UPDATED:23:17 GMT, 18 March 2012</p><p></p><p>Fashion is arguably about aspiration with its limited editions and price-on- request adornments. But when fashion, in the name of aspiration, creates an ugly divide between the haves and have-nots, it's bound to create outrage. <br></p><p>That's what Pakistani designer duo Sana-Safinaz is seemingly facing. The designers, considered one of the biggest names in luxurious design in their country, are no strangers to publicity - the most recent being their designs worn to the Oscars and the Vanity Fair party by Pakistan's Oscar debutant Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. <br></p><p>Their 'Lawn' collection print advertisement is, however, garnering the wrong kind of publicity with most labelling it as 'distasteful'. <br></p><p>As soon as the design house posted a picture of its latest spring/summer ad campaign on Facebook, it received a slew of angry comments. The campaign shows model Neha Ahmed posing in front of coolies with Louis Vuitton luggage, most of whom can never think of affording a LV with a lifetime of earnings and savings. <br></p><p>The advertisement reminds the fashion-conscious of Vogue India's 2008 issue when it used poor people not as models but as props for obscenely expensive brands such as Burberry and Fendi. <br></p><p>The issue that featured an old woman holding a child wearing a Fendi bib; a family squeezing on to a motorbike with the mother holding a Hermes Birkin bag; and a barefoot man holding a Burberry umbrella, created a lot of furore online about its vulgar display of luxury, juxtaposing it with extreme poverty. <br></p><p>For countries such as India and Pakistan - where the divide between the rich and the poor is so stark - campaigns that bring both the worlds together seem to be mocking the gap more than anything else. <br></p><p>The same is being experienced once again as Twitter and Facebook are full of critical remarks for the designers. <br></p><p>'The image uses the poor as props. It not only dehumanises them, it also trivialises and celebrates the stark contrast,' a post on Twitter read. <br></p><p>Designer Safinaz Munir has reacted to the angry tweets in an interview, saying: 'We're public figures and it goes with the territory&#8230; everyone uses porters for luggage. No one carries their own luggage.'</p><p>Munir's personal luggage was used in the advertisements.</p><p></p><p></p>?So in love... so why can't Katy Perry and Russell Brand smile?<p>By <br>UPDATED:15:01 GMT, 8 October 2009</p><p>Katy Perry and Russell Brand have already enjoyed a 'magical' week together in Thailand, with the notorious womaniser declaring he's 'in love'.<br></p><p>So why the long faces?<br></p><p>Attending the John Galliano spring/summer 2010 fashion show in Paris last night, the new couple barely raised a smile all evening. </p><p>Despite being in the throes of a brand new relationship, the couple could have looked happier to be in each other's company.</p><p>After reportedly sharing a kiss at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York three weeks ago, Katy and Russell confirmed rumours of a relationship last weekend when the American singer was photographed leaving the comedian's London home after spending the night.</p><p>Just days after Katy, 24, left the capital for Paris Fashion Week, Russell decided he missed her and reunited with his new lover in France on Tuesday.</p><p>On Wednesday, they were spotted enjoying a romantic walk through the streets of Paris and visited the grave of The Doors frontman Jim Morrison at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.<br></p><p>Despite his previous lack of interest in fashion, it appears Russell is charming Katy by accompanying her to fashion shows.</p><p>The 34-year-old comedian played the doting boyfriend as he sat patiently beside Katy in the front row of the Galliano show at the Halle Freyssinet venue last night.</p><p></p><p>While Russell stuck to his usual scruffy rake's uniform, Katy went for a pretty, feminine look in a pink strapless gown with embroidered flowers.</p><p>Following the show, Katy took to her Twitter micro-blogging page, writing: 'Oh my, Gallianowas by far the best. It was a dark sexy dream of beautiful mentalsparkling women, I can relate to that, the mental part.'</p><p>Sitting just a few seats away from the pair was superstar Prince, who was spotted checking out the I Kissed A Girl singer.</p><p>Sat next to the Purple Rain singer was his protegee Bria Valente, who looked stunning in yellow baby doll dress.</p><p>Katy and Russell's relationship was made public last week after it was revealed they had enjoyed a secret holiday in Thailand.<br></p><p>While Katy declined to name who she was spending her holiday with, she hinted at a 'secret' on her Twitter page.</p><p> </p>?Sophie Raworth: Trinny and Susannah taught me to be more adventurous<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:07:36 GMT, 1 July 2010</p><p></p><p>Newsreader and TV presenter Sophie Raworth, 42, lives in London with her husband, Richard, and their three children: Ella, six, Georgia, four, and Oliver, two.<br></p><p>As a child, I wasn&#8217;t interested in clothes or fashion. I didn&#8217;t think seriously about the clothes I was buying until I got into TV. <br></p><p>When you are appearing on screen, in front of millions of people, your focus changes: what I was wearing suddenly became important.<br></p><p>I started regional presenting at about 27 and for many years wore nothing but formal suits to work. <br></p><p>But in recent years, I&#8217;ve relaxed somewhat and enjoy wearing dresses. I like simple, elegant, classic styles.<br></p><p>My views on colours have changed, too. Until recently, I wore lots of black and dark colours.<br></p><p>I still like them because they&#8217;re easy to wear, especially as I&#8217;m blonde. But I&#8217;m more adventurous now.<br></p><p>I&#8217;ll never forget appearing six years ago on What Not To Wear On The Red Carpet with Trinny and Susannah. <br></p><p>They dressed me up to attend the TV Baftas and were adamant I was wearing a bright pink dress. <br></p><p>It was so against the grain, but I did it. I learnt so much from them, such as what shapes and styles work for me, such as V-necks and fitted, simple styles rather than fussy designs.<br></p><p>They made me more conscious of colour. Since having my kids and getting my figure back, I&#8217;ve become braver in terms of colour. <br></p><p>But I have to be careful because anything too bright washes me out.</p><p>One of my favourite colours is purple, which hasn&#8217;t always been the case. I attended Putney High School and wearing a purple uniform put me off the colour for years.</p><p>Outside work, I dress casually: usually jeans, T-shirts and flat shoes. Among my casual gear is a pretty red, white and blue-striped top, which is a favourite. But, basically, it&#8217;s anything comfy, such as summer dresses, including a lovely purple Ella-designed cotton dress.<br></p><p>I hate trawling through shops because there just isn&#8217;t time. I&#8217;ve discovered the benefits of personal shopping in places like Liberty and Selfridges. I&#8217;ve learnt that what can look boring on a hanger can look great on &#8212; and vice-versa.</p><p></p><p>But when I do go out shopping, my favourite places are L K Bennett, Whistles, French Connection, Zara and M&amp;S. I like designers such as Donna Karan and Diane von Furstenberg.</p><p>This fuchsia pink, fine woollen dress (above), which I love, is one of her designs. It cost about £200 and is suitable for work and going out &#8212; in fact, I wore it to a dinner last night.<br></p><p>I&#8217;m good at culling and every so often will have a good clearout.</p><p>SOPHIE'S WARDROBE FAVOURITES</p><p>REISS PURPLE COAT</p><p>I love this coat. It looks great on TV, so I can wear it when I&#8217;m filming. I also throw it over a pair of jeans and wear it on the school run. I bought it two years ago when I was presenting the BBC news on Boxing Day. <br></p><p>I had hours to wait between the lunchtime and evening bulletins so braved the sales at Westfield shopping centre, across the road, and stumbled upon it. I love its shape, plus it was half-price (£120) which always makes it feel much better.</p><p>DVF SUIT</p><p>This was the first outfit I ever bought by Diane von Furstenberg. I got it from Matches in Richmond.<br></p><p>I have a bad habit of leaving things to the last minute and needed something to wear when presenting, in 2007, the BBC&#8217;s coverage of the memorial service marking the tenth anniversary<br>of Princess Diana&#8217;s death. I wanted something smart, but not black. <br></p><p>Another consideration was that I was nearly three months pregnant with my third child and struggling to fit into anything. This dress and jacket were perfect: stretchy jersey material in a beautiful<br>purple. I&#8217;ve worn it loads on the news and for filming since.<br></p><p>RIBBON AND ROSES TURQUOISE DRESS<br></p><p>We went to Egypt on holiday with the kids earlier this year. Sitting around the pool, I met a lovely woman from the Scottish Borders who told me about her daughter and her friend &#8212; both in their 20s &#8212; who&#8217;d given up good jobs to pursue their dream of running their own business: a boutique called Katie and Jo in South-West London.<br></p><p>I really admire people who do that, so I&#8217;ve been trying to support them by buying bits. I bought this dress recently for an event I was hosting. It cost £100 and I love it. I&#8217;ve worn it on the lunchtime<br>news a couple of times.</p><p>SUE CHADWICK NECKLACE</p><p>This is the first necklace I bought from jewellery designer Sue Chadwick &#8212; it&#8217;s silver and cost about £80. I stumbled across her &#8212; literally &#8212; as I was leaving my local swimming pool with my children a few years ago. <br></p><p>She had a small stall set up in the entrance hall. I don&#8217;t buy much jewellery, but couldn&#8217;t resist her beautiful, simple designs.</p><p>DONNA KARAN DRESS</p><p>I wore this ink-blue jersey dress to present an award at the TV Baftas this year. I hadn&#8217;t been to the Baftas since being pushed down the red carpet by Trinny and Susannah six years ago.<br></p><p>I felt far more comfortable this time, far more myself. At about £500, it&#8217;s the most expensive dress I&#8217;ve ever bought. Thankfully, it was in the Liberty sale so the price tag was half what it should have been. But it&#8217;s worth every penny. It&#8217;s timeless, elegant and makes me feel great.</p><p>FENDI SHOES <br></p><p>I struggle with shoes. You always hear women talking about how much they love buying them and how many pairs they have. I&#8217;m definitely not one of them.</p><p>I don&#8217;t own many pairs of really smart shoes, probably because when you read the news your shoes don&#8217;t get seen much and when I&#8217;m at home I wear flat shoes or Converse trainers for running around with the children. But I bought these Fendi shoes last year in Selfridges and have treasured them ever since. Ridiculously, I don&#8217;t wear them too much because I don&#8217;t want to spoil them.</p><p>MALENE BIRGER CARDIGAN COAT</p><p>This is comfy, cosy but quite cool. I bought it for £130, again in Selfridges, recently when I started filming a documentary about parenting, which goes out later this year. I wore it a lot for that, but have kept wearing it at home. It&#8217;s really unusual, which is why I like it.<br></p><p>Also, I don&#8217;t have many clothes that are pale like this &#8212; they don&#8217;t tend to be terribly practical with small children.</p><p>Sophie is presenting BBC2&#8217;s Money Watch series, which begins next Wednesday</p><p><br><br></p>?Style queen: Katie Holmes pops into Milan for Fashion Week as Max Mara name her 'face of the future'<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:17:57 GMT, 24 February 2011<br><br></p><p>Katie Holmes took a break from motherhood and transformed into a style queen as she joined the fashion pack today in Milan.</p><p>The actress left daughter Suri and husband Tom Cruise to fend for themselves while she spent quality time at Fashion Week with her mother at the Max Mara show.</p><p>Katie, sporting the label head-to-toe, looked the height of glamour and chic for her brief outing as she decided to go all out for the event.</p><p> </p><p> </p><p>At the show, she wore a silk asymmetric jumpsuit, before changing into a more travel friendly camel coat and black trousers for her trip home.</p><p>Katiehas obviously been taking tips on how to travel in style from Jackie O,whom she plays in the TV mini series The Kennedys', wearing large glasses and a belted coat.</p><p>Clearly Max Mara believe Katie has ticked all the sartorial boxes as they awarded her with 'The Face of the Future' honour 'in recognition of her outstanding acting achievement and embodiment of style and grace'.<br></p><p>Meanwhile, Fashion Week is in full swing as Max Mara, D&amp;G and Fendi all showed today.</p><p>D&amp;G's fun and floaty pieces were inspired by the alphabet as the catwalk was littered with letters and <br>the vibe was very much a throwback to the 80's.</p><p>In contrast, Max Mara was as sophisticated as usual with signature tailored silhouettes and sharp tailoring.</p><p> </p><p>Sharp tailoring: Max Mara is considered the epitome of Italian style and luxury<br></p><p>Fendi, designed by Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld broke with the norm with a collection that was more traditional England than Italian chic.</p><p>Aiming to bring catwalk collections closer to the high-street customer, Roberto Cavalli and Frankie Morello will strut their creations in public venues, including a transparent hall built in the central Duomo cathedral square to the delight of tourists.</p><p>'One of our goals was to make fashion a more public event.</p><p>'People will be able to see what happens in the Duomo square,' Mario Boselli, president of Italy's National Chamber of Fashion told reporters last week.</p><p> </p><p>Unlike London, where the buzz about the April 29 wedding of Kate Middleton and Britain's Prince William added more excitement to the fashion season, Milan has been striving to woo money-conscious customers with traditional star-studded events.</p><p>Milan's fashion for the people movement reflects a trend seen among top brands such as Valentino, which launched a capsule collection for the U.S. clothing retailer Gap last year and Burberry, which streamed its catwalk show in London live to its shops and a billboard in London's Picadilly Square.</p><p> </p><p>English country: Fendi's designs were unusual for Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld<br></p><p> <br></p><p><br></p>?Suit you, Signore!<p>By Frank Barrett, Mail on Sunday</p><p>Last updated at 15:16 17 September 2003</p><br><p>The middle-aged Japanese woman was insistent: &#39;With discount? With discount?&#39; Immaculately and expensively dressed, she was determined to get every bargain on offer, shamelessly demanding a further discount on a beautiful lime-green silk shawl.</p><p>The sales assistant gave up and agreed to a final price of &pound;23: an absolute steal for anything silk and with the Salvatore Ferragamo label (likely to cost five times as much in the High Street).</p><p>We were in The Mall - the new retail development that has become the focus of the factory outlet fashion business in Tuscany.</p><p>The small village of Leccio is an unlikely spot for a shopping centre - its only other major retail activity is a shabby Fina petrol station.</p><p>The fashion business began here with a Gucci factory shop a decade ago. The company was so keen to avoid attention it chose not to put up a sign advertising its presence.</p><p>When I first came here three years ago I drove through the village four times before I spotted it. This single shop has been turned into a smart cafe, while a new hard-to-miss mini-mall has been built next door.</p><p>The shops in The Mall may be small, but the names are huge. Gucci has been joined in Leccio by Armani, Yves St Laurent, Valentino, Sergio Rossi, Ungaro and Bottega Veneta - not your normal out-of-town mall and not with the usual promotional brouhaha.</p><p>Such is the continuing sensitivity of the factory outlet operation, the security guards seem to be more concerned with stopping people taking photographs of the shops than with apprehending shoplifters.</p><p>The other three main Tuscany shops - Prada, a half-hour&#39;s drive down the autostrada in Montevarchi, and Dolce &amp; Gabbana and Fendi, both about half a mile down the road from The Mall - all operate with subterfuge and chosen obscurity.</p><p>Prada&#39;s factory shop is almost impossible to find, while Dolce &amp; Gabbana and Fendi have finally decided that they need some road signs (albeit very discreet ones). The reason for the shops&#39; secrecy becomes apparent when you step inside. Their prices make you gasp with amazement.</p><p>This has been an awful year for both the tourist and retail business in Italy. American tourists have been frightened away by continuing fears of travel after September 11 and the war in Iraq. They&#39;ve also been put off by the slump in the value of the dollar against the euro. The Japanese have been put off by the SARS epidemic and their own troubled economy.</p><p>The three-month heatwave in Tuscany has put everyone off shopping for anything other than cool drinks and swimming costumes.</p><p>The result is that the big fashion labels have had to cut prices in their high street stores, which has forced steeper cuts in the outlet shops where shifting surplus stock has become an even more pressing priority.</p><p>All shoppers are given a very warm welcome. In the Mall&#39;s Armani outlet the assistants were all charm.</p><p>The coat is a little tight, madam? No problem, we have all sizes in the stock room. My wife liked a beautiful cherry-red fitted woollen coat from the Armani Collezioni range, tempting at &pound;162.</p><p>Men&#39;s suits were more of a bargain - a black formal suit from the Emporio Armani range was &pound;176; a heavier grey woollen winter suit from Armani Collezioni was &pound;263.</p><p>In the outlet business, it&#39;s hard comparing like with like (the outlets stock old styles), but the discount prices represent savings of at least 50 per cent on normal prices. Shop carefully and you can save more than two-thirds. Armani jeans were &pound;20, compared with a normal price of &pound;86.</p><p>The Gucci shop was another treasure trove. Gucci handbags start at &pound;86 - and there was a sale shelf of bags at just &pound;33.35. If you wouldn&#39;t be seen dead carrying last season&#39;s handbag this is not the place for you.</p><p>But a Gucci handbag is a Gucci handbag - the leather is the finest and the craftmanship first-class. Watches and sunglasses are also good buys. Gucci men&#39;s suits of exquisite quality cost &pound;466 - less than half the price in proper Gucci shops. But black leather jackets sell here at &pound;600, even with the hefty discount.</p><p>Bottega Veneta has a huge choice of shoes, boots and bags. A pair of brown suede chunky boots cost &pound;133, while a leather tote bag was a snip at &pound;100.</p><p>In Salvatore Ferragamo two men almost came to blows over a men&#39;s full-length suede coat for &pound;393. In Sergio Rossi a father turned a deaf ear to his daughter&#39;s pleas for a pair of pink stilettos with six-inch heels for &pound;33.</p><p>YSL (Yves St Laurent) is one of the smallest shops on The Mall but has lots of bargains. An amazing black trenchcoat was &pound;183, less than a third of its normal price. You could buy a YSL silk tie for &pound;20.</p><p>You&#39;ll want to pop round to the Dolce &amp; Gabbana and Fendi outlet shops - both about 400 yards from each other and five minutes&#39; drive away. Fendi has its famous bags, while D&amp;G stocks fashion of a bling-bling Posh Spice type and good men&#39;s shirts from about &pound;25.</p><p>Check out the Prada shop at the back of a suburban factory. Men&#39;s suits from &pound;250, leather bags from &pound;150. But after The Mall, will you have any money left?</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?<br>UPDATED:23:53 GMT, 6 February 2009<br><br> <p>Left, yellow trench coat, £3,600, Blumarine (020 7823 1555) and below left, the high street version by LK Bennett is £79. Right, the black feathered dress from Derek Lam's catwalk show cost £3,000, while the equally glitzy version below right by Julien Macdonald at Debenhams is just £250 (www.debenhams.com)<br></p> <br><br> <p>Left, this Fendi fur coat is an exercise in extravagance at £21,000, but the feathered version from Miss Selfridge is much more reasonable, costing just £85 - and far fewer animals had to suffer for its production. Right, DKNY's blue skirt is lovely - but it costs £148. We've found a dead ringer, below, for just £32 at Topshop<br></p><br><br><br> <p>Right, this liquid gold gown shimmered down the catwalk at Diane von Furstenberg's spring/summer show, but in store will cost £548 (www.dvf.com, 020 7499 0886). This fabulous version from Marks &amp; Spencer is a steal at just £99 (www.marksandspencer.com)<br></p><p><br></p> <p>Christopher Kane's catwalk show featured bright laser cut skirts with wild animal prints like this jumper, £700 (www.brownsfashion.com) but this Debenham's jumper is just £12.50 (www.debenhams.com)<br></p><br><br> <p>Left: Statement chandelier earrings worn at the Alexander McQueen show ring in at £550 (020 7355 0088), while these red glistening red earrings, right, are a snip at £120 (www.theearringboutique.com)<br></p><p><br></p> <p>If you have a spare £800, you might want to treat yourself to this leopard print hat from Ralph Lauren (020 7535 4600), but if you'd rather save your money to spend elsewhere, this Accessorize version, right, is a fraction of the price, at just £21.55 (0870 412 9000)<br></p><br><p> </p>?The good, the mad <br>and the ugly<br>In this occasional column we look at the good, the mad and the just plain ugly. This week we check out the feathers-on-everything trend... <p>By </p><p>Last updated at 7:34 PM on 01st June 2008</p><br><br> <p>THE GOOD</p><p>Renowned for 50's couture and little black dresses, designer Paule Ka has taken this particular LBD to the next level. <br></p><p>Fashion forward feathering and a good bustier design make this little number sexy, feminine and directional. <br></p><p>Add to that a subtle palate of colours and serious attention to detail, and you're on to a winner. <br></p><p>£2,000, Paule Ka, 0207 823 4180</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p> <p>THE MAD<br></p><p>Mad it may be but at the same time demure, darling and lusted over by any gal with an eye for luxury. <br></p><p>The allure of this bunch of feathers is that it harks back to childhood memories of burrowing in the dressing up box, and there's something in us all that hasn't quite grown up. <br></p><p>We love, love, love this wild looking treasure. <br></p><p>Feathered jacket, £1,886, Sonia Rykiel, 020 7493 5255</p><p><br></p> <p>THE UGLY</p><p>Over done, over priced and over it. After this Fendi creation appeared in the Sex And The City film, it was plastered over the pages of almost every single magazine in the Western world. <br></p><p>We weren't wowed by it in the first place and frankly, we're now beyond bored by this distinctly average offering. <br></p><p>If you're looking to spend over £500 on a bag you want a keeper not a one flight wonder. <br></p><p>"To you" bag, £545, Fendi, 020 7838 6288<br></p><br><br><p> </p> <br>?Dress to impress: The perfect outfit for a dinner party <p>By <br></p><p>UPDATED:08:47 GMT, 5 November 2009</p>DRESS &amp; JACKET <br><p>Dress up a simple shift dress with a belted cropped jacket. <br></p>BAG IT UP <br><p>A small bag like this is great for autumn.</p>FOOT NOTE <br><p>Simple court shoes will look chic. <br></p>NECKLACE<p>Chunky jewellery will make this outfit glamorous.</p><p></p><p> </p><p>From left: Suede bag, £1,050, Fendi, 020 7838 6288, Shoes, £149, reiss.co.uk, Necklace, £16,<br>oasis-stores.com<br></p>?Recession hits Royal Ascot as Princess Beatrice wears a Topshop jacket to join the royals at the races<br><p>By <br>UPDATED:07:28 GMT, 17 June 2009</p><br><p>Recession hit the races at Royal Ascot yesterday with even royalty getting their outfits off the peg.</p><p>Frugal Princess Beatrice led the way in a Kate Moss for Topshop jacket, priced at a modest £90, with a pair of £65 two-tone shoes from Office.</p><p>Unfortunately, when you reduce yourself to the level of mere mortals, embarrassments can occur - and another racegoer was seen wearing an identical Philip Treacy hat.</p><p>Royal flush: From left, Princess Beatrice in forest green dress with £90 Topshop jacket and £65 Office shoes; Camilla Duchess of Cornwall in pale golddress and striped fawn coat by Vivienne Westwood, and Sophie Countess ofWessex in monochrome dress and black accessories</p><p>Dozens of women sporting covetedRoyal Enclosure badges had also taken their inspiration from the HighStreet on the first day of the colourful annual Berkshire meet.</p><p>But if the price tags were at rock bottom, some ladies still made an effort to display high fashion.</p><p>Addinga little glamour to the occasion were a smattering of stars includingBritain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden who wore a skin-tight reddress by Italian label Fendi with what appeared to be a rather bizarrepair of high heeled, peep-toed trainers.</p><p></p><p>The38-year-old actress was accompanied by her fellow judge, Simon Cowell,who abandoned his much-maligned high-waisted black trousers andt-shirts for a traditional morning suit.</p><p>Miss Holden confessed she is no expert on racing form, admitting her method for picking a winner is very much based on luck. </p><p>Winningstreak: The Queen arriving at Ascot this afternoon with Prince Phillipto watch one of the six horses she has running this week. Bookmakerspaid out at 4-1 on yellow being the colour of Her Majesty's hat<br></p><p>Family affair: Prince Charles and wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, arrive in the parade ring at Ascot </p><p>'I go by the name,' she said. 'If I get lucky then I get lucky. If I don't I've still had a good time.</p><p>'I love the social occasion morethan anything else. I like a glass of champagne and looking at all thelovely hats and seeing the men in their top hats and tails.'</p><p>Describing her outfit she added cheekily: 'My underwear is by Marks &amp; Spencer before you ask.'</p><p>The popular television presenterclashed horribly with opera singer Katherine Jenkins who sported aneye-wateringly hot pink body-con dress with an oversized hat andChristian Louboutin heels.</p><p>Colour was most definitely the orderof the day - led by the Queen who sported a bright yellow hat. <br></p><p>Also in the royal party, who arrivedaccording to tradition in a fleet of landaus, were the Duchess ofCornwall, looking particularly chic in a bespoke Vivienne Westwooddress and coat, and Princess Anne who brightened things up in atangerine-coloured jacket and hat with a startling pair of ski-typesunglasses.</p><p>Like mother, like daughter: Princess Anne and the Queen both opted for citrus shades<br></p><p>Intriguingly, Camilla and Anneappeared to get on like a house on fire. While the rest of their partytook their seats in the royal box for the first race, the two womenstayed in the parade ring, gossiping about odds as they shared a formguide.</p><p>The traditional royal race meetappeared to have been hit by the current economic crisis in other ways.Although figures have yet to be confirmed, attendance was definitelydown and staff at the numerous champagne bars stood around twiddlingtheir thumbs.</p><p>There was also bad news for thebookmakers who lost millions after a string of favourites romped home.'It's been the worst opening day for bookies in years. The losses havebeen colossal,' said a spokesman for Ladbrokes.</p>?The style co-op: How pooling your money with friends can keep you on top of the latest trends<p>By SADIE NICHOLAS</p><p>Last updated at 22:11 24 February 2008</p><br><p>With the whiff of spring in the air, fashion-conscious womeneverywhere are poised to splurge on the new season&#39;scollections. But when your penchant is for Prada not Primark,keeping up with the latest high-end offerings can be an expensivebusiness.</p><p>Unless, of course, you split the cost with your friends and saveyourself thousands in the process. Small wonder that clubbingtogether for clothes is the latest trend among women who are assavvy with their finances as they are with their fashion.</p><p>For these aspirational shoppers, pooling resources affords thema new designer outfit - heels, handbags and jewellery included -every month without spending more than about &pound;500 each.Chipping in together boosts their buying power and keeps their bankmanagers happy.</p><p>Stroll down for more...</p>Shares are on the up: Emily in Marc Jacobs dress; Layla inNicole Farhi dress with Aruna Seth clutch and wedges; Sophie inFrost French cape and shoes by L&#39;Autre Chose; and Rachel withthe girls&#39; Jimmy Choo platforms and Fendi bag <p>Open the doors to 26-year-old Sophie Ball&#39;s wardrobe at herhome in Bethnal Green, east London, and it reveals a collectionthat runs well into five figures that would leave most womenreeling. But Sophie, who works in the film industry, has a secret -she co-owns most of these items with three friends.</p><p>Emily Keogh, 24, works in consumer PR, Layla Powell, 25, worksfor a financial company, and Rachel Ferrie, 23, is a fashion PR.The four share everything - partying, gossip, travelling, a love offashion and the purse strings for their designer clothes.</p><p>&quot;We&#39;ve been friends for about five years since meetingthrough work and mutual friends,&quot; says Sophie. &quot;Andwe&#39;ve been sharing the cost of our clothes and accessoriesvirtually ever since. It started when we discovered a woman onPortobello market selling-Marc Jacobs pieces at U.S. retail pricesand we just couldn&#39;t get enough. We were spending a fortunebuying the same pieces, so we decided it would make sense to splitthe cost and share them.&quot;</p><p>But sharing a wardrobe with friends requires a practicalapproach to avoid designer handbags at dawn.</p><p>&quot;Clothes are such an emotional purchase, and we really haveto trust one another to co-invest in something like an &pound;800handbag,&quot; says Sophie.</p><p>&quot;We&#39;ve never clashed to date, but God knows what wouldhappen if we fell out.&quot;</p><p>&quot;There have been a few times when more than one of us haswanted to wear something or use a handbag at the same time,&quot;adds Rachel. &quot;The general rule is that if one of the girls hasa hot date or an important event then they get first refusal when aclash occurs.&quot;</p><p>Three of the girls are similar heights and size eight whileSophie is taller and a size ten to 12. She says: &quot;We tend tobuy key pieces such as my favourite gold Frost French jacket anddesigner accessories.</p><p>&quot;We email each other virtually every day about fashion andthings we&#39;ve got our eyes on, then the others have a look andwe decide what we want to buy. We went to Selfridges a couple ofweeks ago and split the cost of an &pound;845 Balenciaga bag, a&pound;290 Fendi purse, a &pound;245 Miu Miu purse, a &pound;220Frost French jacket and a &pound;700 Marc Jacobs dress.</p><p>&quot;And we are addicted to designer jewellery by Delila andLalique. It&#39;s expensive but we recently clubbed together to buya &pound;490 necklace and a &pound;300 long chain. Instead ofcosting one of us &pound;800 we paid just &pound;200 each for thetwo pieces.</p><p>&quot;It makes sense, they are the sort of items that you buyand wear on important occasions but the rest of the timethey&#39;re sat on your dressing table at home. This way, thethings we buy are in constant use because we rotate them betweenus.&quot;</p><p>But how do girls like Sophie and her friends account fordifferent tastes in the buying process?</p><p>&quot;We&#39;ve got quite different fashion personalities, butsomehow it just works and is a great way of encouraging one anotherto wear things we might not ordinarily. It&#39;s the most brilliantway to avoid getting stuck in a style rut.</p><p>Stroll down for more...</p>Modelling the latest must-haves: Rachel wears a Hanii Yjacket with Sass &amp; Bide skinny jeans; Sophie pairs a DonnaKaran sequin dress with Seven jeans and Perspex Delila necklace;Layla wears a pink Frost French top and jeans with Mulberry bag andR.Soles boots; Emily accessorises a Frost French dress with Delilanecklace and Pied a Terre Rouge shoe boots <p>&quot;We joke that we&#39;re like the Sex And The City girls.Rachel looks like a model. She has a funky style and is the CarrieBradshaw of the group. Layla is Charlotte - she looks like her anddresses like her - I&#39;m a sucker for a sequin and am more brashlike Samantha, while Emily is much more of a classic dresser likeMiranda.</p><p>&quot;Pooling our funds and buying clothes to share has helpedus to be open-minded about clothes and accessories. We spendbetween &pound;300 to &pound;500 per month each on clothes, butsave three or four times that amount because we club together.</p><p>&quot;There are girls out there spending every last penny tokeep up with the latest designer trends or, worse, getting intodebt to stay fashionable. All they need is to join purses withlike-minded friends.</p><p>&quot;We have to be organised about sharing our wardrobe andmost of the stuff we buy jointly is kept at my house,&quot; saysSophie. &quot;We live near each other and go out together, but wetend to gather at my house before a night out, so it makes sensethat most of the clothes and accessories are here.</p><p>&quot;To us, part of a night out is rummaging through ourfabulous wardrobe and getting ready together.&quot;</p><p>Miriam Lahage, CEO of online designer retailer koodos.com, saysthat while pooling resources is a growing trend, it should beapproached with caution.</p><p>&quot;You&#39;ve got to trust the girls you&#39;re sharing yourshopping bill with,&quot; she says. &quot;Plus you need to considerpracticalities. There&#39;s little point sharing a wardrobe if youdon&#39;t live close to one another, if you&#39;re vastly differentsizes or if you&#39;re going to argue over who gets to wear whatdress or use which handbag when.</p><p>&quot;This trend for splitting the cost of highend, coveteditems has gathered pace in the past few months, perhaps because ofmutterings about a recession.</p><p>&quot;Splitting the cost increases the value the girls get froman item. Fashion-conscious women with a passion for high-enddesigners don&#39;t want to sacrifice on quality by downgrading tothe likes of Primark. But they are wising up to the high cost of adesigner wardrobe, so they&#39;re being smarter about it.&quot;</p><p>It&#39;s a sentiment echoed by one of Sophie&#39;s partners incrime, Rachel. &quot;I love to mix designer, vintage and HighStreet,&quot; she says. &quot;But I can&#39;t afford to keep upwith the designer prices, so sharing the cost with Sophie, Emilyand Layla makes it possible to wear the clothes I really wantwithout breaking the bank. We tend to choose classic pieces thatwill transcend the seasons rather than high fashion.</p><p>&quot;My favourite items include a Hanii Y leather jacket fromNet-A-Porter and a gorgeous pair of black Christian Louboutinslingbacks that cost just &pound;74 each between us. I&#39;m hopingthe other girls will pitch in for a couple of dresses from theHalston label that Net-A-Porter is selling for spring andsummer.</p><p>&quot;Sharing makes us look after things, too, so youwouldn&#39;t catch any of us trudging the streets in the pouringrain in our Louboutins or leaving them unpolished.&quot;</p><p>Natalie Robinson is a personal stylist at style-icon.co.uk andtravels the world shopping for clients. &quot;Girls have beenswopping and sharing clothes, make-up and gossip for years,&quot;she laughs. &quot;So sharing the cost of their designer habits isthe obvious next step.</p><p>&quot;Frequently, clients will book a day&#39;s shopping with methen bring their friends along. One of them will spot a fabuloushandbag or jacket and the others will automatically want it, too,so it makes sense to split the cost. I notice it particularly withhandbags and shoes. They aren&#39;t affected by fat or thin daysand can change an outfit in an instant.</p><p>&quot;It&#39;s a sign of great friendship when women make thiskind of arrangement work - they just need to be realistic about thepracticalities. There&#39;s little point cost-sharing with a friendwhose taste is the polar opposite to your own.&quot;</p><p>Layla says she has loved designer fashion since receiving aCartier ring from an aunt when she was just 12. &quot;My mum is alinguist and very glamorous, and when I was a little girl myfriends always commented on how lovely her clothes were. Ittriggered my own love of clothes and accessories.</p><p>&quot;I work in Mayfair, just round the corner from the designershops on Bond Street, which can be depressing because there arealways so many things I want to buy.</p><p>&quot;But if you want to be top-to-toe in designer-wear, youneed to be seriously well off or seriously in debt. I&#39;mneither, so chipping in with the girls enables us all to wear someof the pieces we adore. We&#39;ve recently invested in a pair of&pound;500 heels by an amazing designer called Aruna Seth, plustops from Frost French and Anna Sui.</p><p>&pound;I&#39;m also a big fan of Mulberry handbags and wasgutted when I got mugged last year and they stole the one we&#39;dbought together. Thankfully, the others were just concerned that Iwas OK.</p><p>&quot;The four of us buy clothes together but we also share,borrow and swop things we&#39;ve bought independently, too, whichgives us access to an even wider wardrobe. I used to work forNicole Farhi, so I&#39;ve got some amazing pieces that I bought ata huge discount, which the others borrow.</p><p>&quot;I probably spend an average of &pound;300 a month onclothes and accessories by sharing the cost. I&#39;d spend wellover &pound;1,000 if I didn&#39;t share with my friends.&quot;</p><p>Meanwhile, Emily has just returned from a ten-day trip to NewYork, funded, she says, with money saved by splitting the cost ofclothes with her friends.</p><p>&quot;I&#39;ve got a classic style and love Frost French piecesas I can wear them during the day, too,&#39; she says. &#39;Sharingwith my girlfriends not only means I get a much bigger wardrobe fora lot less cash, it&#39;s made me braver with my choices.</p><p>&quot;For example, I&#39;ve got a classic blue Frost Frenchdress, but now I&#39;ll wear a perspex Delila necklace to jazz itup. It works the other way round, too. Sophie can be a real glitzydresser and I get the opportunity to suggest ways for her to tonedown her look so we meet somewhere in the middle.</p><p>&quot;And there&#39;s less wastage when we shop together becausewe all have to really want an item in order to buy it. So, wedon&#39;t tend to fall into that old trap of buying somethingwe&#39;re not quite sure about and then leaving it unworn in thewardrobe having wasted a fortune.&quot;</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?Top-to-Toe We track down the clothes and accessories that will fit together to create the perfect spring outfit. This week, it's a desk-to-dinner look: smart city shorts with luxe blouse are given an edge with in-your-face jewellery and oversized sunnies designed by our very own Mrs Beckham. <br> Last updated at 6:25 PM on 15th May 2008<br>?She means business! Frieda Pinto makes a style statement donning red hot suit for film premiere<p> By </p><p>PUBLISHED:16:13 GMT, 28 April 2012 UPDATED:18:23 GMT, 28 April 2012</p><p>She is the star of the film so last night was her moment to shine and Frieda Pinto decided to be bold with her use of colour. <br></p><p>The actress showed exactly how to work business chic on the red carpet in a fitted Gucci suit as she arrived for the premiere of her film Trishna. <br></p><p>Freida, 27, teamed the bright red outfit with a plunging black blouse and a striped Fendi clutch bag. <br></p><p>Scroll down for video... <br></p><p>The actress added a few extra inches in a pair of black pumps and had her hair styled into an elegant up do.</p><p>To contrast her bright outfit Frieda clashed the colour of the lipstick opting for a pale pink hue which complemented her skin tone to perfection.</p><p>Trishna is a British drama starring Freida British actor Riz Ahmed. <br></p><p> </p><p>The story is an adaptation of Thomas Hardy's novel Tess of the d'Urbervilles and tells the story of when Trishna, Pinto, meets and falls for Jay Singh, Ahmed. <br></p><p>The film, directed by Michael Winterbottom, was shot in Jaipur but is set in contemporary Rajasthan. <br></p><p>The film, which was released in the UK in March will hit cinemas in the US on July 13. <br></p>?Victoria Beckham suffers a fake tan disaster while visiting David during Milan Fashion Week<br> <p>By <br> UPDATED:18:04 GMT, 21 January 2009<br></p><p>She's an expert pouter, but even Victoria Beckham outdid herself with this sour face as she left a furniture showroom in Milan today.</p><p>Perhaps the fashionista was on her way to find a new beautician after her very noticeable tanning disaster.</p><p>The former Spice Girl, who has a tan all year round, appeared to have applied her faux glow in rather a hurry.</p> <p>Tanning disaster: Victoria Beckham's ankles and wrists look pale next to her mahogany legs as she leaves a Milan fashion show</p> <p> </p> <p>But as she left Gibo in the centre of the northern Italian city it appeared Victoria hadn't quite reached all her white bits when applying the fake tan.</p><p>Her ankles and wrists appeared dangerously white next to her mahogany legs, which lessened the impact of her figure-hugging black dress and cape.</p><p>The busy mother-of-three cleverly planned her latest visit to her footballer husband to coincide with Milan fashion week, and fitted in a few parties.</p><p>Victoria donned a fitted red dress from her new range which revealed her slim figure last night. And she teamed the low-cut frock with a pair of stilettos in a matching shade of scarlet.</p><p>David, currently playing for AC Milan, chose a glossy grey suit and matching silk scarf, tossed casually around his neck.</p><p>The two showed off their style at the My Sky HD Wears Fendi cocktail party.</p><p>Later, the couple popped into the Italian Vogue party where Posh appeared to be engrossed in t-shirt talk with editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani.</p><p>Victoria also unveiled a new hairstyle at the event. <br></p><p>After weeks of wearing her hair in a carefully messed up crop she instead chose an oriental style updo.</p><p></p><p> </p> <p>Perfectly posed: Victoria Beckham shows off her slim figure as she joins David for the My Sky HD Wears Fendi cocktail party as part of Milan Fashion Week</p> <p>Oops! Victoria nearly loses her balance as she turns away from photographers at the event</p><p>Victoria's visit to the city coincided with the launch of a new Armani advertising campaign starring her and David.</p> <p>The couple, who are parents to Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 6, and Cruz, 3, are promoting underwear from the spring/summer collection for the Italian label.</p> <p>And in the latest racy shot from the campaign the two are pictured in their underwear, with David reclining on a bed while Victoria smoulders at the camera.</p> <p>Posing: The fashionista has perfected her 'I'm almost smiling' look<br></p><p> </p> <p>Mission fashion: Posh looks engrossed in t-shirt talk with Italian Vogue's editor-in-chief, centre, Franca Sozzani at the Vogue party<br></p><p> </p>?What a Carrie on: Why Sex and the City's leading lady is still a fashion victim at 40<p>By LIZ JONES</p><p>Last updated at 11:27 19 November 2007</p><br><p>When Sex and the City first hit our TV screens almost ten yearsago, it was a revelation.</p><p>Here was a group of women whose relationships with each othermeant more to them than their careers, their men or theirfamilies.</p><p>The four main characters were funny, smart and independent. And,my goodness, they knew how to dress.</p><p>Scroll down for more...</p><p>Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw,single-handedly changed the way women - and by that I don't justmean twenty-something Manhattanites, but most of us - dress.</p><p>She invented the status handbag and the mania for not just onepair of designer shoes, but dozens.</p><p>She turned brands such as Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik andBalenciaga into household names.</p><p>Over the course of the show's six seasons, Sarah Jessica Parker(with a huge dollop of help from the series' costume designer,Patricia Field) developed an eccentric, feminine-but-not-tarty,high-end style that is now imitated around the globe.</p><p>Don't believe me? How about combats with heels, or hipstertrousers exposing a bare midriff, or layering, or vintage, orfloral prom dresses?</p><p>She wore an apron as a dress about nine years before Marc Jacobs(and, latterly, Samantha Cameron) got there.</p><p>Scroll down for more...</p><p>The sheer audacity of Carrie's wardrobe (who on earth would stepoff a long-haul flight wearing a sailor-inspired flower-festoonedtop by Sonia Rykiel under a shimmering coat by Behnaz Sarafpour,with a Judith Leiber cream clutch and a Chanel cap with pearltrim?) prevented her from ever becoming the archetypal desperatethirty-something singleton.</p><p>"Carrie didn't dress for men, wasn't interested in men as sexualobjects. A man for her was like an accessory," said Patricia Fieldwhen I met her recently.</p><p>None of the four principal actresses ever wore the same outfittwice and their wardrobe was far beyond the reach of most workingwomen.</p><p>"I wasn't dressing them to be real," said Patricia, "I wastrying to entertain."</p><p>She didn't want women to be fashion victims, but to "feel theirpower, feel confident".</p><p>Carrie was the embodiment of a generation of women (and I'm oneof them) who earned their own money, hadn't managed to meet theright man and start a family, and were thinking to themselves: whatnext?</p><p>SATC was brilliant at encapsulating that period in a woman'slife when she is rich enough to buy Dior without factoring inschool fees and comfortable enough in her own skin not to want towear something that shows off her cleavage.</p><p>Designer clothes for women in their 30s like Carrie and me werefrivolous and obscenely expensive, but also something to do untilreal life came along.</p><p>And here lies the problem.</p><p>The film version of SATC is currently being made, and while Ican't wait to see it, I'm feeling a little embarrassed by the factthat Carrie has failed to recognise the fact that she has hit40.</p><p>There she is, pictured on set, in those &pound;500 platformFendi bondage shoes.</p><p>There she is in a &pound;7,000 puffball mini-dress by Dolce&amp; Gabbana, shoe-boots and a mini smock that would make her lookpregnant were she not so damned old.</p><p>And (omigod!) a pair of thick, grey, over-the-knee Argylesocks.</p><p>It seems that SJP/Carrie is no longer powerful. She is, instead,a victim.</p><p>You see, nothing betrays how your life choices have panned outmore starkly than your wardrobe.</p><p>Take SATC's other three characters - Miranda, Charlotte andSamantha.</p><p>Inspired by Dynasty and Dallas, Patricia chose primary-colouredpower-suits for Kim Cattrall's high-flying PR woman Samantha.</p><p>In the film, all Field has added are a few severe corset beltsand a fabulous pair of over-the-knee Chado Ralph Rucci by VanessaNoel boots that cost &pound;8,534 - all perfect for Samantha'spowerful persona.</p><p>For Cynthia Nixon's lawyer Miranda in the TV series, Patriciachose super-conservative, super-expensive suits.</p><p>In the film, these have merely been softened and draped,perfectly fitting Miranda's new role as a mum.</p><p>Yes, she is still in Prada, but she has cherry-picked from thecollection an ensemble of sensible clothes that work for her as aproper grown-up.</p><p>Kristin Davis's prim, proper Charlotte was always seen inStepford Wives-inspired prom dresses in sugary pinks and blues.</p><p>Well, in the new film, Charlotte has stuck successfully to hersignature style, but become more womanly.</p><p>She might add a Rastafarian To You bag by Fendi to prove shehasn't lost her sense of humour, but on the whole she is sleek andelegant.</p><p>But, oh dear, what about Carrie? Her up-to-the-moment wardrobechoices ironically tell us she is stuck in a rut.</p><p>She is still obsessing about the latest Marni/Marc/Zac/YSLmust-have, or T-shirt dress, or fur coat, or giant metallictote.</p><p>Looking at the photos of SJP on set, I am cringing because I'mthinking: should women in their 40s really be making fools ofthemselves in T-shirt dresses, corset belts, black leggings andplatforms that only look good on the very young and the verybeautiful?</p><p>To sum up (I am going to come over all Carrie Bradshaw here andtype a rhetorical question on my laptop): is there a way for aforty-something woman to enjoy fashion without coming across as avictim?</p><p>According to Susie Forbes, editor of Easy Living magazine: "Onehopes that by the time you are in your 40s, you've learned whatsuits your body shape and know what looks good on you rather thanjust buying what is on trend this season.</p><p>"Classics will always remain a safe and stylish option if allelse fails - a great navy pea coat, jeans, a cashmere sweater andboots will for ever be a good look.</p><p>"I think most forty-something women are discerning enough not toslavishly emulate what they have seen on screen.</p><p>"They understand that in a movie like this, the clothes arepresented as being rather over the top - a caricature, if youlike.</p><p>"I think the forty-something woman can compute, with the help ofglossy magazines and online sites, what catwalk trends work forthem and what they should avoid."</p><p>Yes, I understand that SJP is just "playing a role", but I thinkForbes underestimates Carrie's influence on the rest of us.</p><p>Will she soon encourage millions of women to be mutton dressedas lamb, or will Carrie come to her senses, donate her Marni wedgesto the Manhattan equivalent of Oxfam and find a personal style thatdenotes who she is, not what labels she can ill afford?</p><p>I realise that SATC without the clothes would be like FawltyTowers without the hotel, or Frasier without Niles.</p><p>But I do wish Carrie would lose the miniskirts, the oversizecorsages, the statement Louis Vuitton bag, the over-dyed, over-longhair and the overaerobicised limbs and find something useful to dowith her life.</p><p>Carrie spawned a generation of women who thought it was okay tosplurge a month's salary on a Fendi bag-uette rather than somethingyou could actually eat.</p><p>We all took the show, which was meant to be satire, far tooliterally.</p><p>And it seems the filmmakers have taken the whole premise - thata crisp, orange carrier bag from Hermes will patch up all life'sills - far too literally as well.</p><p>The movie portrays a woman in her 40s as a ridiculous clown,desperate to keep up with her younger counterparts.</p><p>I'd have liked to have seen SJP put on a few pounds and toperhaps wear something that makes her look elegant.</p><p>I know the film is meant to be a comedy, but surely this is onejoke too far.</p><p></p>How to avoid being a forty-something fashion victim<p>? Don't be seduced by fashion magazines, even the ones aimed atyour age group - they still use models in their 20s.</p><p>Be objective and work out whether something will fit into yourlifestyle.</p><p>? If you have more than six handbags in rotation, you need toedit them ruthlessly.</p><p>Rather than go for a big statement (that Fendi Rasta bag, say),choose a timeless classic.</p><p>The Hermes Kelly shape has now been copied almost everywhere,even by M&amp;S.</p><p>? Don't dress head to toe in one designer.</p><p>In Milan, I saw a woman in her 70s in a lime skirt and jacket,patent platforms and grey socks, all by Prada.</p><p>Her outfit betrayed the fact she had no fashion sense of herown.</p><p>The woman I most admire for her style is Franca Sozzani, theeditor of Italian Vogue.</p><p>She always wears head to toe black, Jackie O shades, flat shoesand hair left long in its natural grey.</p><p>? Do not even think about wearing a wedge or a thick platform. Avery slim platform is fine, but make sure the heel is not toochunky.</p><p>Leave the shoe-boots and the bondage sandals to the young.</p><p>? If you wore something the first time around, you are too oldto wear it again.</p><p>This means leggings, puffballs, shoulder pads, minis and smocks.Use acid brights sparingly: a clutch and heels in poppy red,say.</p><p>? Buy very few pieces, but spend as much as you can on thequality.</p><p>It is possible to shop in middle-market stores and find lots ofbeautiful designs that won't turn you into a demented CarrieBradshaw: great at the moment are Jaeger and Reiss.</p>Share this article: <p> </p>?Will a Sex And The City sequel fill a consumption void?, asks LIZ JONES<br><p>UPDATED:11:07 GMT, 30 March 2009</p>Yes, we've all been crunched, but I NEVER want to see Carrie wearing sackcloth and ashes (or organic cotton!).<p>News that a sequel to the movie version of Sex And The City is on the cards has stirred mixed feelings within me. </p><p>There is such a dearth of intelligent, fun, sharp, insightful andhonest films about women who have had the temerity not only to gothrough puberty but to be on the brink of the menopause that anyaddition to the oeuvre is welcome. </p><p>I loved the first movie version because it dared to show a woman inher 40s bereft of make-up; it dared to celebrate a woman who wasturning 50 (50! Almost unheard of in movie land); but most of allbecause it dared to show that life for women - even intelligent,high-earning, well-dressed women - is all about compromise. </p><p>High-end: The Sex And The City girls are said to be returning to the big screen</p><p>Even Carrie (long derided by male viewers as a shopaholic airheadbut who is, in fact, tough and difficult and uncompromising) is, in thefilm, forced to kowtow to a bore in a suit. </p><p>What I saw in Carrie's eyes as she went through a low-key marriage ceremony to Mr Big was fear. </p><p>She realised how ridiculous her lifestyle had become (remember thescene in the TV series where she realises she has, over the years,spent $40,000 on shoes? 'I will be, literally, the old woman who livesin her shoes'). </p><p>She felt her girlfriends growing away from her (as they always do,once they have babies) and she felt that by marrying a man, even onewho had mucked her about for a decade, she would be rescued. <br></p><p>The film told us that there are no happy endings, not really. Thatyou can marry the most easygoing, adoring man in the universe, and hewill cheat on you. That you can date a handsome toyboy but you willstill ache with emptiness. That you can be jilted at the altar despitethe fact your picture is in Vogue and you are wearing VivienneWestwood. </p><p>But you will still - and this is the important part - be able to laugh, and you will still look fabulous. <br></p><p></p><p>Besides all the social issues, let's not forget how wonderful it was just to gaze at the fashion on the big screen. <br></p><p>Yes, it was ridiculous, platform shoe-boots worn with over-the-kneesocks under a bubble skirt and volume opera coat. But wasn't itrefreshing to see women in their 40s still having fun with clothes,still flaunting their bodies and their sexuality, looking a milliontimes better than all the Gossip Girl wannabes? </p><p>Let's not forget that SATC revolutionised the way women, all women, dress. <br></p><p>The TV series made us label-literate, it made household names offormerly niche brands such as Manolo Blahnik and Lanvin and Fendi andBalenciaga, and it reinforced what most of us have known all along:that women dress for themselves and each other, not to attract men, whonever notice what we put on anyway and would be happy if we all dressedlike hookers.</p><p></p><p>Patricia Field, the costume designer for the TV series and the movieand who has been signed for the sequel, made it OK for women to holddown powerful jobs and to dress not as men, but as feminine, sexydivas.</p><p>She wasn't just about high-end, luxury labels, either: sheintroduced us to vintage, to crazy layering, to mismatched styles andlong forgotten items such as arm-warmers and leggings and asymmetricmini-dresses. She teamed utility wear (a nurse's cape, a pair ofcombats) with heels. She put the fun back into fashion, basically, andthen some. </p><p>'But, but, but . . .' I hear you all screaming. Howon earth can a film whose characters wear $400 shoes, who eat brunchout almost every morning, who inhabit expensive loft-apartments andtake cabs everywhere and inhale $4 lattes like air possibly be relevantnow most of us are worrying about where out next mortgage payment iscoming from? I put this to Patricia Field when I met her in her Boweryboutique just before she launched her collection of party dresses forM&amp;S.</p><p>'My shop which I opened in 1966 - I've been designing clothessince 1970 - has seen trends come and go, and I've found thatwhenever the economy tightens up, I get busy,' she told me. <br></p><p>'When things are tight, people feel they need some glamour, something to take their mind off real life.' </p><p>Butas brands as high-end as Tiffany reveal huge drops in profit, I wonderwhether this rather optimistic view still holds true. </p><p>Fieldinsists that SATC was always meant to be larger-than-life - forexample, the giant corsage worn by Carrie in the opening credits of thefilm was meant, Field told me, to be ironic, tongue-in-cheek, fantasy </p><p>The trouble is that most of us took what was worn by the four female characters incredibly literally. Women in their 20s on less than £20,000 a year started hanging out in hotel bars with bags that cost more than their monthly salary. </p><p>I loved SATC and miss it dearly, but the trouble is it made shopping an end in itself, it made us equate nice things with happiness and fulfilment, whereas, for the programme-makers, it was just set decoration, a diversion. </p><p>But, having said all that, I hope the new movie isn't all sackcloth and ashes. I really hope Carrie doesn't start wearing organic cotton and carrying a dreadful This Is Not A Carrier Bag tote. </p><p>We sorely need some escapism right now. <br></p><p>But we will have to remind ourselves that women do not really wear Oscar de la Renta ballgowns to bed. We will have to separate fantasy from reality. We will have to stop believing that the new Fendi croissant will make us happy. It won't. </p><p>But maybe a new SATC movie will fill that consumption void, if only for a couple of hours. </p><p> </p>?The X Factor judge Kelly Rowland: I'm still young, so I can show a bit of midriff, can't I?<p> By <br>UPDATED:21:51 GMT, 22 June 2011</p><br>Singer and actress Kelly Rowland, 30, sold more than 50 million records with super girl group Destiny's Child. The new X Factor judge is single and lives in Miami. She says:<p>I am so excited that I have joined The X Factor UK and am able to spend time in one of my favourite places in the world. I can&#8217;t wait to meet the next superstar! </p><p>I don&#8217;t shop as much as I used to, but if I&#8217;m passing a designer store and see something I like, then I&#8217;ll buy it, because I know I&#8217;ll always find a time to wear it.</p><p>When I was in Birmingham at the start of June for The X Factor auditions, I wore black 6in Louboutins, a cropped yellow lace top, Lorraine Schwartz diamonds and a black studded skirt by Twenty8Twelve. I&#8217;m still young, so I can show a bit of midriff, can&#8217;t I?</p><p></p><p>I have a real sense of style and I love fashion. I aim for a casual couture look &#8212; I want to feel comfortable, but to look &#8216;put together&#8217;. It&#8217;s all about mixing brands. </p><p>I&#8217;m not a label junkie, but I do love Ralph Lauren, DSquared and River Island. </p><p>A lot of my wardrobe is black and I need to get out of that habit, so I&#8217;ve been experimenting with more colour and checking out vintage shops. </p><p>In Miami, where I live, it&#8217;s almost mandatory to wear bright colours. Luckily, most of them suit me. <br></p>KELLY'S WARDROBE FAVOURITES<br><p>FENDI BAG </p><p>My favourite bag is four years old, and black and brown, so it goes with everything. It&#8217;s big enough to take all my everyday essentials &#8212; I can even put my laptop in it when I&#8217;m working on the run. This is the bag that travels all over the world with me.</p><p>ROBERTO CAVALLI GOLD BRACELET</p><p>This was a present from Mr Roberto Cavalli. When he gave it to me, I said: &#8216;Are you serious?&#8217; </p><p>It&#8217;s chunky and crazy because it looks like faux crocodile skin. It&#8217;s iridescent so the colours are constantly changing. I wear it with anything, but in particular I love it with jeans and a little tank top. It&#8217;s incredibly versatile.</p><p>I always plan my jewellery and shoes first, and then work an outfit round them. Accessories should not be an after-thought &#8212; they really pull together an outfit and can mean the difference between a plain outfit and a classy one with punch. <br></p><p>From left: Fendi bag, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and D&amp;G thigh-high boots<br></p><p>GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI FLAT SHOES</p><p>I love everything this shoe designer does, from flats to heels and boots &#8212; even his vertiginous heels are comfortable, which is good for long nights at red carpet events. </p><p>His flat shoes are like a piece of art, which just goes to prove they don&#8217;t have to be boring and plain. I&#8217;ll sometimes fall into bed wearing them.</p><p>I&#8217;m a bit obsessive about my shoes &#8212; I have a closet full of them, but everything in my wardrobe is organised. My Destiny&#8217;s Child bandmates Beyonce and Michelle were not neat when we were touring, so I was always tidying up their clothes and shoes.</p><p>THIGH-HIGH DOLCE &amp; GABBANA BOOTS</p><p>These fabulous boots are almost ten years old, but I really hang on to my old favourites. I wear them with an amazing pair of ripped-up Dolce &amp; Gabbana jeans. They were one of my first designer pieces &#8212; I bought them as a treat when Destiny&#8217;s Child was riding high in the charts.</p><p>CJ BY COOKIE JEANS</p><p>This range of jeans is by Cookie Johnson, the wife of basketball player Magic Johnson. They&#8217;re amazing &#8212; they seem to slide on to your body. I wear them so much they can almost walk by themselves. My housekeeper has to force them off me to wash them.</p><p>DSQUARED LEATHER JACKET</p><p>I love the weathered look of this jacket - I&#8217;m drawn to clothes that look worn, which is bang on trend. It looks great thrown over a pair of jeans for a casual look or worn with a dress for a rock chick vibe.</p><p>I don&#8217;t have a set look for red carpet events. Short, sexy dresses are all the rage and I&#8217;ve got good legs, so I don&#8217;t mind showing them off. </p><p>But when I was at the MOBO awards with record producer David Guetta I wanted to wear leather pants, so I did &#8212; it was more practical, too, given the cold temperature up in Glasgow! I think it&#8217;s important to mix it up a bit and not always do the same as everyone else. </p><p>When I&#8217;m having a wardrobe crisis, my failsafe look is a crisp, white shirt and amazing jeans. Every woman has to have a staple pair she loves and looks fantastic in.</p><p>I might vary it with a tank top, and then work it with a big belt, such as a Fosuism leather corset belt, and heels.</p><p>I wear boyfriend jeans and cute sandals to the studio, but when I relax at home, I like nothing better than comfy pyjama bottoms and a T-shirt &#8212; then I can eat as much as I want without feeling the pinch in my clothes!</p><p>The new series of The X Factor begins on August 20 on ITV1</p><p></p>?YOU fashion icons: Choose your summertime Muse<p> By </p><p>UPDATED:23:01 GMT, 16 June 2012</p><p></p><p>A style crush is never more useful than when planning a summer trip, says Pandora Sykes. Steal these fashionistas&#8217; looks and off you go on your hip getaway&#8230;</p><p><br></p><p>Festival filly <br></p><p>MARY CHARTERIS <br></p><p>Who is she? Front-row and music-festival fixture Lady Mary Charteris, daughter of the Earl of Wemyss. Mary has been photographed by Mario Testino, modelled for the likes of Louis Vuitton and New Look, DJ-ed alongside Daisy Lowe, and is also a budding designer &#8211; she studied at the Parsons School of Design in Paris.</p><p>Her look A blend of 1970s hippie and 90s grunge. Mary spent most of last year with pink dip-dyed hair; don&#8217;t accuse her of following fads, though: &#8216;I didn&#8217;t realise everyone was doing it!&#8217; She loves rings by Crazy Pig and Dominic Jones, and vintage clothes from Portobello Market and Screaming Mimis in New York. Staples include denim shorts, maxiskirts, Dr Martens boots and Ksubi coloured jeans.</p><p>Why we love Mary She lives in Bethnal Green in the East End of London, Daphne Guinness is her aunt, and, when Mary was just 15, late fashion editor Isabella Blow called her the &#8216;latest face of fashion&#8217;.</p><p>Find her... Everywhere from Coachella to the Big Chill. No one does festival style like Mary. This summer she&#8217;s adding Lollapalooza in Chicago, where her rocker fiance Robbie Furze of the Big Pink is playing. You&#8217;ll also catch her at fashion parties with the likes of Irina Lazareanu and Tallulah Harlech, and the Delevingne sisters.</p><p> Style steal:</p><p><br> </p><p>London calling <br></p><p>JULIA SARR-JAMOIS</p><p>Who is she? Appointed fashion editor of hip fashion magazine Wonderland at just 22, Julia, who has French-Senegalese heritage, describes herself as a &#8216;born &#8217;n&#8217; bred Londoner&#8217;. Julia started as an intern at i-D &#8211; five years on and she&#8217;s styling singers Azealia Banks and Lana Del Rey and walking for Alberta Ferretti.<br></p><p>Her look Julia combines preppy chic (Church&#8217;s brogues, Converse trainers, cashmere jumpers from M&amp;S) with clashing colours and prints. She&#8217;s all about edgy stilettos and statement coats &#8211; we love her mint-green fluffy Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti number.</p><p>Why we love Julia Her perfect afro (coiffed using Bumble and Bumble products) and fearless fashion sense. &#8216;I do feel like London has this thing where you could be wearing a bag on your head and nobody would care.&#8217;</p><p>Find her... In Brixton, Southwest London, where she lives with her boyfriend, DJ and filmmaker Joe Alexander. You&#8217;ll also see her at every fashion bash going. <br></p><p><br></p><p> Style steals:</p><p><br> </p><p>Euro flash <br></p><p>BIANCA BRANDOLINI D&#8217;ADDA</p><p>Who is she? An Italian socialite with a year-round tan, Bianca lends her heavenly proportions to a mouthwatering wardrobe and the arm of her beau, Fiat heir Lapo Elkann (left). The daughter of Count Ruy and Countess Georgina Brandolini d&#8217;Adda, she studied acting in Paris.</p><p>Her look Bianca embodies effortless sexiness. With her caramel tan, she keeps things simple in Louis Vuitton, Alberta Ferretti and Fendi. For evening she teams stilettos with minis, or gladiator sandals with maxis. By day she picks silk shirts and tailored jackets with flats or Vivienne Westwood boots, and, of course, a healthy dose of animal print &#8211; well, she is Italian.</p><p>Why we love Bianca Her mother was a Valentino muse, and Bianca has certainly inherited the style-icon gene (she&#8217;s muse to Giambattista Valli). With those tousled tresses and endless legs, Bianca always looks like she&#8217;s just stepped off Cavalli&#8217;s yacht.</p><p>Find her&#8230; From left: partying with Valentino at the Venice Festival; at fashion shows with best friend Olivia Palermo; and hobnobbing with Silvia Fendi&#8217;s daughter Delfina Delettrez Fendi and designer Charlotte Dellal at Euro hotspots. She loves Lancia Cafe in Venice, and whiles away the summers on her boyfriend&#8217;s yacht in St Tropez.</p><p> Style steals:<br></p><p> <br></p><p>Manhattan transfer <br></p><p>CLAIRE &amp; VIRGINIE COURTIN-CLARINS <br></p><p>Who are they? The daughters of Clarins chairman Christian Courtin-Clarins, the skincare heiresses keep a low profile in their home city of Paris (&#8216;French couture shows are for old ladies&#8217;), but use New York as their fashion playground. They aren&#8217;t just It-girls &#8211; Claire is a graphic designer, Virginie an entrepreneur.</p><p>Their look Lady Gaga stylist Nicola Formichetti described Claire as &#8216;pure but daring&#8217;. Claire is the edgy one, while Virginie keeps things classic. Claire opts for Balenciaga leggings, low-cut maxidresses and Valentino couture. Virginie&#8217;s look is less outre but just as fashion forward &#8211; Chloe cocktail dresses and Gucci heels.</p><p>Why we love them The story goes that Anna Wintour spotted the French fancies across a room at New York Fashion Week last February and ordered this photo to be taken of Claire and Virginie with their cousins Jenna and Prisca (far left), to feature in US Vogue.</p><p>Find them... They are rarely snapped apart and their friends include fellow expat Julia Restoin Roitfeld and stylist Caroline Sieber. When the Clarins clan are holding court at NYFW, they stay in SoHo&#8217;s Crosby Street Hotel, visit hip eateries Bread and Indochine, and, naturally, Clarins Skin Spa on Madison Avenue.</p><p> Style steals:</p><p> <br></p><p><br></p>?<p>As a toddler, Francine Lucas had a Fendi fur coat, a $10,000 FAO Schwarz train set and more toys than she could play with. She also had dozens of cuddly toy dogs and teddy bears that were stuffed with cash, as were the washer and dryer in her family&#8217;s big house in Teaneck, New Jersey. The walls, too, were literally lined with money; there was simply too much to hide under the mattress.</p><p>Little Francine had no idea how rich her family was or where the wealth came from. All she knew was that her tall, good-looking father worked nights in &#8220;the candy business&#8221; and arrived home each morning carrying satchels bulging with cash. Coming through the front door, Frank Lucas would lift his daughter high in the air and coo, &#8220;Daddy&#8217;s baby.&#8221; Then he&#8217;d shower, change and cook breakfast while Francine played near him in the kitchen.</p><p>Frank was at the stove frying eggs and bacon, with three-year-old Francine at his feet, when federal agents burst into the house one morning in January 1975. She felt comforted for a moment as her dad swept her up and pressed her to his chest, then terrified as strange arms ripped her from him and threw her to the carpet. She witnessed the rest of the chaos from ground level&#8212;a rush of shoes, guns and her mother&#8217;s screams as her father was taken away by police; he was eventually sentenced to 70 years in prison.</p><p>Frank Lucas was not, of course, in the candy business. In the early seventies, he and his gang, The Country Boys, controlled much of the heroin coming from Southeast Asia into the New York area. It was Frank who came up with the idea of shipping dope back from Vietnam in the caskets of dead American soldiers. Shortly before the raid on his house, federal agents seized about $4 million in drugs from just one of his several &#8220;stash houses&#8221; in Newark, New Jersey. Frank later boasted in a magazine article that he&#8217;d even killed a man (something he&#8217;s since denied).</p><p>For Francine, her dad&#8217;s arrest would mark the start of a 30-year odyssey that took her from New Mexico to Puerto Rico to Las Vegas and finally Atlanta. Through it all, she would learn to conceal who she was and what she was thinking, to wrap herself so tightly in an aura of middle-class respectability that no one ever guessed her secret.</p><p>But this month brings the release of a movie about Frank Lucas&#8212;American Gangster, starring Denzel Washington as Frank, and Russell Crowe as Richie Roberts, the prosecutor who brought him down&#8212;and Francine can no longer hide. She figures that the people who know her only as a mortgage broker and suburban mom will put two and two together. So she&#8217;s taking control and telling her story in these pages. In doing so, she hopes to shed light on the agony of the 2.4 million American kids who have a father or mother in jail.</p>?<p></p><p>It&#8217;s football season, and where I&#8217;m from (it&#8217;s Ohio State Buckeye territory, folks), the entire city is dead serious about tailgating. Seriously, it&#8217;s like a roundup of thousands of hot dudes getting all fired up and excited. Score! How in the world have I not managed to meet any guys through all this yet? Oh right, because half of them are in college and I&#8217;m 30. Ew.</p><p>Anyway&#133;if you find yourselves at a tailgate, or a game, or just watching at a bar with a roomful of good-looking and hopefully age-appropriate men (and a plate of fries), you might need to take some action. So here&#8217;s a list of pick up lines* you can use. Yes, they're all totally groan-worthy, and no, I don't care. ?</p><p>*Thanks to a couple friends for consulting with me on football terminology (my knowledge is kind of limited). Sorry most of your suggested lines were too dirty to actually use in this post. :)</p><p>And remember, when in doubt that your line hasn't gone over well, just repeat it. It's what our would do (OK, this isn't exactly a line, and it's about a basketball, not a football but I kind of think "leather pumpkin" could work for either and plus, it's hilarious):</p><p></p><p>OK, OK, fine, maybe you would never actually say these things, but did you at least laugh at little? What's your best suggestion for a football-appropriate pickup line?</p><p>A line for every occasion (not necessarily a good one, but still):<br>*<br>*<br>*</p><p><br>Photo: Thinkstock</p>?<p>A little bit of leather or spikes can go a long way, making you not only look, but feel, like a total badass. We all need that some days, right? I've come up with some ideas for every kind of gal to test out the look. No matter how preppy or super-feminine you may like to dress, I know y'all have some attitude. </p><p><p>Topshop faux fur gilet, $110, , Monserat De Lucca crossbody bag, $119, , J Brand jeans, $220, , Rebecca Minkoff boots, $191, </p></p><p>Girly + Glam: What better time to add a little edge than on a night out? This look includes a few of my favorite fall staples: leather-like jeans (in the hottest color for fall), faux fur, and studs. The vest is totally , and would look fab thrown over a simple black tee. The little ankle booties will have you tearing up the dance floor for hours, too. Cue "Moves Like Jagger." </p><p><p>Topshop jumper, $160, , Lucky Brand python fedora, $50, , Charlotte Russe boots, $42.50, , MOTO jeans, $76,, Fallon Classique bracelet, $150, </p></p><p>Comfy + Casual: Somehow getting dressed on the weekend isn't always as simple as it should be. I've found that a few edgy pieces can completely tie together a basic ensemble. And let's face it: monochrome is always chic. Every rockstar needs an awesome hat, and this fedora will make the even the worst Sunday morning bedhead look hot. Add a gold or silver bangle and you'll be the girl at brunch with that certain je ne sais quoi. </p><p><p>Karl leather skirt, $175, , Iris & Ink blouse, $125, , Fallon leather bracelet, $125, , House of Harlow necklace, $70, , Dolce Vita boots, $137, </p></p><p>Sleek + Sweet: What's more rock 'n' roll than black on black? A girly skirt and fussy blouse is made stage-worthy when rendered in satin and leather. These sky-high leopard ankle boots add a pop of pattern (and would look great with jeans too!). Since it's awfully chilly outside here in NYC, I would throw on some black tights, and don't forget your heavy metal jewels like this studded bracelet and funky necklace. </p><p>Which of these looks would you wear? Do you dig rock 'n' roll style? <br></p>?<p>I love when the air at night gets colder because it makes me want to snuggle up with a loved one at night, and maybe just stay there half the next day, drinking hot chocolate and watching movies in bed. Swoon. !</p><p>Anyway, I've been doing a lot of pretend shopping for the perfect cozy bedding to pretend snuggle up in with my pretend boyfriend. Want to join me? Pick your fave:</p><p>A trendy chevron in warm fall colors:<br><p>This is all beautiful West Elm products.</p><br>Could these colors scream "autumn" any more? No, they could not. The color is even called cinnamon! I'm thinking apple cider donuts served for breakfast in bed with this one.</p><p>Crisp white with a luxurious blue throw:<br><p>This is all from West Elm.</p><br>Clean white bedding is a year round classic, but that dreamy looking blue throw makes me want to curl up under it until it's spring again.</p><p>Leafy keen:<br><p>West Elm's .</p><br>What says fall more than leaves? Well, pumpkins do, but they don't make for such an elegant pattern on your bedspread.</p><p>Pumpkin spice:<br><p> from Anthropologie.</p><br>What's that you say? There must be a classy way to make your bed an ode to the great pumpkin? You're right. This gorgeous orange set should do the trick.</p><p>Super rich and textured:<br><p>The "" set is from Anthropologie.</p><br>Not only is this set in (although, could we please not say the word "oxblood" in bed? Yuck!), the endless texture-y ruffles feel so romantic, don't they?</p><p>Simply poetic:<br><p>Anthropologie's .</p><br>Maybe this doesn't obviously scream fall, but let me explain: Summer is for reading outside under a big leafy tree, but fall is for laying in bed while your guy reads out loud to you from your favorite novel or book of poetry. I'm dying to pair these sheets with a fluffy comforter and get back in touch with my inner bookworm this season.</p><p>Which of these six bedding sets do you want to snuggle up under this fall? Are you all about cozy bedtime snuggling when it gets colder? Do you wish you could redecorate every season? I do!</p><p>More bedroom makeovers:<br>*<br>*<br>*</p><p><br>Photos: West Elm, Anthropologie</p>?<p>OK, take a look and tell me what you think:</p><p>Carrot cake in a jar:<br><p>Source: via on </p></p><p>This salmon quinoa salad looks really elegant (and tasty!):<br><p>Source: via on </p></p><p>These cute little meal packs are actually for a wedding that was a picnic (all the guests sat on blankets on the ground!):<br><p>Source: via on </p></p><p>Oatmeal casserole (it's gluten-free! And easier than schlepping a sloshy bowl around):<br><p>Source: via on </p></p><p>Instead of having an antipasti platter, you could just bake it all into a loaf:<br><p>Source: via on </p></p><p>Pizza bites:<br><p>Source: via on </p></p><p>Single-serving pumpkin pie in a jar:<br><p>Source: via on </p></p><p><br>More :<br>* <br>* <br>*</p><p><br>Photos: Thinkstock; Pinterest</p>?<p></p><p>"When I was younger, I used to either throw or give away my clothes as soon as a season was over," Charis writes to us. "Throughout the years however, I realized that the same trends are recycled over and over again, and I decided that the best way to update my wardrobe was to reinvent it. Take for example this leopard printed skirt. Truth is, this skirt is actually a one-shoulder dress, but having grown bored of it I decided to wear it differently. Have a go at this - find your favorite old pieces and try to wear them in alternative ways. Remember to use your imagination."</p><p>How smart is that? You can either put a blouse right over the top of the dress or, if it's really bulky, fold the top half down and put a belt on to keep it streamlined.</p><p>Do you have an old dress you'd try this out with? What's your secret for making the most out of your old clothes? Share!</p><p>PLUS...more wardrobe secrets:<br>- <br>- <br>- </p>?<p></p><p>The easiest way to incorporate feathers into your look is with accessories. Nothing looks more now than a pair of superskinny black jeans, a simple black sweater, high heel booties, and a feathered headband. Grab a feathered clutch (if you leave the lipstick at home, Forever 21's wallet, below, will work just fine!) to inject instant chic into your LBD evening look, or let a pair of peacock earrings dangle just above an off-white sweater. Shop the look now: </p><p></p>?<p> &copy; 2012 Cond&eacute; Nast. All rights reserved<br> Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our (effective 3/21/12) and (effective 3/21/12). <br> <br> The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Cond&eacute; Nast. </p>?<p></p><p></p><p></p><p>My latest obsession are handbags - remember I spotted one on Princess at the shows in ? Well the girls behind the line just flew in from Jordan and came by to show me their new collection, and I have to say: bravo - the line is perfection! They're shopping around for the perfect US store to carry their line, but I will let you know the second they find a home. I'm predicting they become the next Fendi. What do you think? </p>?<p></p><p>STF: What made you decide to start a blog devoted entirely to handbags? Were you ever worried that you wouldn't be able to come up with enough stuff to talk about nothing but purses?<br>MMD: I never imagined would become my full-time job. I always loved handbags and when the blog world was in its infancy, Vlad (my business partner and husband) suggested I start a blog. Handbags were the clear choice. In the beginning I struggled with finding enough information to cover. Now the goal is to find something that will engage readers on a daily basis. We have exclusives, sneak peeks, one of a kind photography, and giveaways, but we are always looking for more.</p><p>STF: What was the first handbag you ever bought? The most memorable?<br>MMD: is the first handbag I remember begging for and receiving from my parents. It is safe to say that Coach bag only further fueled my love of handbags. My most memorable purchase was . This was my ultimate holy grail. After I bought this bag in NYC, we couldn't find a taxi to take us back to our hotel. I remember riding on the subway and staring at my huge orange shopping bag. By the end of the ride I had a stomach ache over the amount of money I just spent on this bag. I can still remember what I wore and how I felt that day.</p><p>STF: How many handbags do you own?<br>MMD: Around 70. If we charted my handbag purchases over the years, it would exponentially increase in direct relation with working on and . I can definitely say my job enables me to buy more bags!</p><p>STF: What's your dream purse purchase?<br>MMD: After my first Birkin, I realized my dream purchase would be a matte Crocodile Birkin in a chic and timeless color, like graphite.</p><p>STF: What are the three strangest items id be likely to find in your handbag on any given day?<br>MMD: Napkins from either Starbucks or Chipotle, Cliff Kids Twisted Fruit Rope, and Nail polish.</p><p>Sign up for Glamour.com&#8217;s and newsletters! </p><p></p><p>STF: How do you think the recession and the waning luxury market have affected the It-bag craze? Are women still so concerned with owning a status handbag?<br>MMD: The It-bag craze was in full force early in PurseBlog's lifespan. Even before the recession, we saw people steering clear of trendy seasonal bags and sticking to more classic wearable bags. With the recession the same is true, only it is magnified. Women still love their handbags and love to have a designer label bag, but they are opting for classics. , along with a chic Balenciaga bag, or a luxurious Bottega Veneta bag. The goal is to spend money on a staple piece; a handbag that will not only work for a few seasons, but for years to come.</p><p>STF: How would you define your personal style? Do you get dressed according to how you're going to accessorize?<br>MMD: The reason I love handbags so much is largely due to their ability to dress up an outfit. I am . Give me a pair of jeans, a comfy tee shirt, nice flats or heels and I am set. My handbag is almost always the focal point of my look.</p><p>STF: Which celebrity has the most lust-worthy handbag collection? Anyone who surprises you by being such a devoted collector?<br>MMD: If you are a Hermes bag lover, . One of my personal favorites is , who may not own every top designer handbag, but her collection is well-rounded and I love her style!</p><p>STF: Fill in the blank: girls with a lot of baggage are totally _______.<br>MMD: Members of </p><p>Find out more about Meaghan and her handbag obsession now at ! Are any of you ladies already regular readers? Are you purse-obsessed, like Meaghan? Discuss! </p><p>More Ways to Get Glamour<br>You could win $50,000 just for or to Glamour.com!<br><br><br></p>?<p></p><p>You heard it here first, girls: You've got carte blanche to indulge in bread and butter and sunny side up eggs all season long! I'd say Ms. Ruiz de la Prada was attempting to make a commentary on the eating habits (or lack thereof) of the fashion industry, but one look at the rest of her collection and you know she was just feeling some insanely wacky vibe this season...</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>The only thing that made last season's show more over the top than this one? : </p><p><p><p></p>Photos: Getty Images?<p><br>Her was pulled into a mid-level all-tucked-up faux bun, but there are a couple of surprises.<br><br>The first is that there's a hidden in there.<br><br>And the second is that her hair above the tucked-under style part was somehow brought around underneath her hair. This part isn't totally clear to me&#8212;I'd have to play around for a while to figure that out, or I'd need a how-to from her stylist (call me!). So for now, let's just appreciate the prettiness and take note how much a little braid can spice up a regular ol' hairstyle. </p><p>So cute! Don't you agree?</p><p>And if you love Taylor, make sure to !</p>Photos: Getty Images<p> </p>?<p></p><p>Over at --a bridal site that has inspired us in a gazillion ways beyond the altar--they've got a genius to creating the perfect cap-toe shoe (they're working with $40 nude pumps from DSW, but you can use flats, pointy-toe stilettos, or anything else that strikes your fancy). </p><p>The whole project involves just the shoes, a roll of packing tape, an old towel, and a can of spray paint (or , which they say works the best). Here's the super-simplified version of the instructions, but definitely head over to to read the full scoop on creating this DIY masterpiece: </p><p> </p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>How brilliant are these!? The technique is so simple (in short: tape and spray!) that you can apply it to absolutely anything once you've mastered it. I'm thinking super-shiny gold chrome spray paint on navy pointy-toe stilettos, or matte black spray on patent black flats. Chic, huh? What do you dolls think of this DIY? Will you try it out? Share!</p><p>PLUS...more fab DIYs:<br>- <br>- <br>- </p>Photos: courtesy of?<p>I'm Ava, and I will be interning at Glamour for the next month as part of my senior initiative program. Dalton, my high school, allows seniors to end classes in early May and pursue an independent project for a month prior to graduation. I?m lucky enough to spend that month here. In the fall, I will be attending NYU as a journalism and English major. At Glamour, I will be working with Ashley (your resident blogger), who has given me the opportunity to post some of (my many) fashion related thoughts here. It's the perfect task for a girl who dreams of Oscar de la Renta frocks and Valentino gowns!<p><p>A few fun facts:<p><p>Favorite designers: Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Valentino<p><p>Finest fashion moment: Buying a patent leather B. Fendi Bag before it became the It-bag<p><p>Non-fashiony hobbies: Writing, movies, my friends, my dog, downtime <p><p>Signature look: Leggings, a long top, a belt on my natural waist and flats<p><p>Number of shoes in my closet: 20 or so, but that includes many pairs of flip-flops<p><p>Favorite shoes: Black, flat, patent leather (seeing a pattern?), peep toe Christian Louboutins<p><p>When no one is around, I live in...Juicy Couture sweats and C&C California tanks. <p><p>I absolutely hate wearing...Jeans. I don?t understand the appeal of something that is often so uncomfortable.<p><p>I read ___ section of the New York Times first. Styles, Op-Eds <p><p>I wish I was...four inches shorter (I'm 6'). I could expand my love of shoes by wearing heels!<p><p>My homepage is...Facebook. I'm totally addicted. <p><p>I always have _____ in my purse. My little date book. I'm chronically organized.<p>?<p> &copy; 2012 Cond&eacute; Nast. All rights reserved<br> Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our (effective 3/21/12) and (effective 3/21/12). <br> <br> The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Cond&eacute; Nast. </p>?<p>I'm addicted to a good "in and out" or "love it and over it" list. Your comments were so much fun to read that I had to make them a blog for those who never check out the comments section. I also wanted you to know that I really do use your questions for my Q&A page in Glamour.</p><p>Love:<br>Mixing girly and tough<br>Statement jeans: skinny, superdark, trouser, whatever.<br>Snuggly sweaters.<br>Flats.<br>Peeptoe shoes.<br>Flirty camis.<br>Belts, and other waists.<br>SCARVES.<br>Ethnic/Vintage Jewelry.<br>Clutches.<br>Vintage-look bathing suits.<br>Natural, pretty makeup.<br>Beautiful wavy hair, no matter what the length.<br>Over:<br>Sweatpants and boots (seriously?)<br>Boots with the furrr :)<br>Pants with "Juicy" on the butt.<br>High waisted pants that give me a wedgie.<br>Unrealistically straight hair.<br>Tan-orexia.<br>Two-toned hair.<br>Tent dresses, and other things that hide my curves.<br>Faded-out, ripped-up jeans (=trashy)<br>mandabear_heart Feb 22, 2008 3:58:28 PM</p> <br> <p>LOVE:<br>*Tight Rock & Roll Tees<br>*Super-wide low-slung belts (especially MiuMiu's)<br>*Jeans with everything<br>*Black<br>*Black with Brown<br>*Prada's printed skirts<br>*Printed coats - new or vintage<br>*Dip-dyed sweaters<br>*Multi colored shoes<br>*Acid green anything<br>*Sleek statement silver jewelry<br>*Small metal rimmed sunglasses<br>*Ethnic and tribal prints and patterns<br>*My 2-tone hair<br>*My Mac and iPods<br>HATE:<br>*Fur<br>*Fur<br>*Fur<br>*Super skinny jeans<br>*Jeans tucked into boots<br>*Colored jeans (sorry that is just not a jean)<br>*Puffy sleeves (gag)<br>*Round toe and peep toe pumps<br>*3/4 sleeves (They are not here...or there...or anywhere)<br>*Logo bags<br>*Skinny belts<br>*Posh Beckham's hairdo (or should I say hairdon't) on her or anyone else<br>*Supersized sunglasses<br>*Jewelry with oversized stones<br>*Did I mention...fur<br>LucaLinda Feb 22, 2008 3:06:47 PM</p><br> <p>LOVE:<br>Swing weaters and jackets<br>Dark wash jeans: skinny, wide, or bootcut.<br>The sweater-over-blouse layered look.<br>BRIGHT colors w/ neutrals, esp. grey.<br>Chunky, high heels.<br>Pencil skirts.<br>Black or grey tights.<br>Statement fashion jewelry.<br>Shoes that are not black or brown.<br>HATE./OVER:<br>Neon colors.<br>Colored jeans.<br>Colored tights.<br>Faded-denim jeans.<br>Brown/oatmeal anything.<br>UGGs w/ sweatpants (seriosly, EWW!)<br>Sneakers with jeans.<br>iluvgeddy Feb 22, 2008 10:39:21 AM</p><br> <p>Love:<br>skinny AND wide-leg jeans<br>also, my old bootcuts from the late 90s<br>y & kei's entire fall collection<br>my marc jacobs granny boots<br>the prints from vena cava<br>onyx jewelry<br>Over:<br>vampy nailpolish<br>strapless dresses<br>full skirts<br>tuxedo-inspired<br>ridiculously high heels<br>jennyfeldman Feb 22, 2008 2:34:45 AM</p><br> <p>love<br>mary jane pumps<br>safari style short dresses<br>dr scholl's<br>long sleeve fitted tshirts<br>over<br>holes in miniskirts<br>hair colors not found in nature<br>two tone hair (I think I kind of have it in the back but I'm afraid to look)<br>cmm Feb 21, 2008 10:48:13 PM</p><br> <p>Totally Into<br>-Big signature jewelry pieces<br>-Unique LBDs that make you feel sexy each time you put it on<br>-Well-cut, feminine suits<br>-Cashmere hoodies<br>-Basic fitted t-shirts<br>-Bright colored trench coat<br>-Colorful pashminas<br>-Fun hats<br>Totally Over<br>-Uggs<br>-Uniforms (both personal and mandated ones)<br>-Tights with visible snags<br>-Glaring labels<br>-stained clothing<br>terpgirl Feb 21, 2008 10:26:00 PM</p><br> <p>Love:<br>Cute (and comfy!) flats<br>Bright colors<br>Wrap dresses<br>White or cream clutches<br>Over:<br>Skinny jeans<br>Colored jeans<br>High waisted pants<br>jad18 Feb 21, 2008 6:57:57 PM</p><br> <p>LOVE:<br>~feminine details<br>~fitted tops<br>~DARK denim<br>~patterned ballet flats<br>~sexy heels (2.5 inches minimum)<br>~saturated jewel tones<br>~pearl & diamond jewelry<br>~accentuating natural waist<br>OVER:<br>~jeans tucked into Uggs, skirts with Uggs...ok just UGGS...<br>~Baby doll tops<br>~tapered jeans(ew)<br>~kitten heels... I think they actually make you look slouchier than if you just wear flats<br>Candice8868 Feb 21, 2008 4:54:56 PM</p><br> <p>Ohhh, I love everyones lists!! Some of these don'ts you girls have listed are pet peeves of mine (most certainly the pants that are too short to wear with heels, it drives me insane!) I also wear 4 inch heels with everything, except my gym gear of course! And I too own so many padded push-up bras, in every color, every brand from La Perla to Target!<br>lorilascivious Feb 21, 2008 4:43:05 PM</p><br> <p>Love:<br>Lots of layers of colors that you wouldn't think match, but do -purple, brown and turquoise... but only a little bit of the lower layered color shows.<br>Hello Kitty pajamas<br>Stretchy rhinestone bracelets, or sets of thin sparkly bangles<br>Purses with lots of compartments - but the smallest possible purse to fit all my stuff.<br>Dangly sparkling earrings<br>Hate:<br>I hate pretty much what everyone else listed, especially those blouses that make you look pregnant.<br>Too-tight clothes that show off the bulges<br>Blue or green mascara - what's up with that? Who has blue eyelashes???<br>Luindriel Feb 21, 2008 4:37:22 PM</p><br> <p>My list of love:<br>Cashmere sweaters in black,navy,or pastel<br>Little black dresses that are short & sexy<br>Dresses by Vince<br>My black suede Puma boots<br>Expensive well-fitting bras<br>Polo shirt-dresses<br>Skinny jeans<br>Lip gloss & well-defined eyebrows<br>So over it:<br>Polyester dresses and shirts<br>Too dark lipstick & nails<br>Toe-pinching shoes<br>Underwear that is trying to be outerwear<br>kittycat4 Feb 21, 2008 4:22:41 PM</p><br> <p>Love:<br>*High wasted pencil skirts<br>*Really really dark denim<br>*A 4 inch heel with everything!!!!!!!<br>*Cardigans<br>*White and black cami's they smooth everyone out<br>*A padded bra (a must for us B cup girls)<br>*Peep toe shoes<br>*Knee high scruchy boots<br>*Fitted V-kneck White T-shirt....looks great with anything and on anyone, plus it makes you look tan<br>*Spanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>Hate:<br>*1/4 inch heels<br>*Neon color nails<br>*long fake nails<br>*Really tight/short dresses that are not flattering on some people (not sexy)<br>*Pants that are to short to wear with heels but are worn with heels<br>linnieg44 Feb 21, 2008 2:48:20 PM</p><br> <p>I love-<br>Blazers or a leather motorcycle jacket over an otherwise too frou-frou dress.<br>An herve leger bandage dress I just bought in a purple-ish color for spring!<br>High-heeled gladiators. (that lace!!)<br>Mens watches.(on women)<br>Big floppy hats for the summer. (and don't forget SPF as well!)<br>Bright Neon pink.. I plan on wearing lots of it this summer.<br>And I'm so over-<br>High waisted jeans- I purchased a lovely pair, and my sister saw me once and asked why I was wearing 'mom jeans!'.(Long live the skinny).<br>Logo bags as well. Or anything that screams 'THIS IS FROM LOUIS VUITTON! I SHOP AT GUCCI! I CAN AFFORD FENDI!'<br>Babydoll, tent, or any kind of dress that basically engulfs the woman body. You should embrace your body, and besides they make women (in my opinion) just look LARGER.<br>High heel slides. They just look ridiculous, like you tryed to turn your house slippers into pumps. And, have you tried to walk in them? It's ridiculous.<br>lorilascivious Feb 21, 2008 2:41:32 PM</p><br> <p>Love:<br>Black with navy<br>Riding boots<br>Grandpa cardigans<br>Colorful ballet flats<br>Long necklaces<br>Mod-shaped dresses<br>Old-school sneakers<br>Fishnets<br>Hate:<br>Uggs tucked into jeans<br>Gigantic (like really gigantic) sunglasses<br>Flip-flops<br>Logo bags<br>Puffy sleeves (makes you look 5 years old)<br>Black on black<br>krizzy319 Feb 21, 2008 2:12:51 PM</p><br> <p>Love:<br>iPhone<br>big unstructured bags<br>large jewelry<br>black stockings<br>flats!<br>Over:<br>Satin<br>.... can't think of anything else at the moment.<br>CariRabinowitz Feb 21, 2008 2:11:33 PM</p><br> <p>I love :<br>- wearing black it makes me feel sexy and pulled together no matter what. <br>- jewel tones<br>- big big huge enormous jewelry<br>- pink :)<br>- skinny jeans with high heels<br>- a line dresses<br>- a long sleek line<br>- flat black boots<br>- comfy cozy pajamas<br>hate:<br>- fedora hats<br>- tent like dresses<br>- puffy sleeves<br>- man inspired clothes on women<br>ilovelife8763 Feb 21, 2008 1:27:43 PM</p><br> <p>I was over baby doll dresses before they debuted. Again.<br>tootsiefarklepants Feb 25, 2008 7:42:10 PM</p><br><p>Feel free to add your own!</p>?<p></p><p>That's right! I'm in Rome, Italy. And that, above, is the Palazzo Fendi&#8212;the Fendi Palace, smack in the center of town and the headquarters of all things Fendi and fantastic in this world.</p><p>How did I get here? A few months ago, my friend asked if I'd be interested in going on a mystery trip. A mystery trip? What's that? Turns out the company she works for, American Express Travel, has recently launched a cool new travel program called &#8212;where American Express Travel Specialists put together seven-day two-destination trips in North America and/or Europe and unveil your itinerary to you day-by-day. That means: you don't get to find out where your first destination is until 72 hours beforehand, you won't know your second destination until the night before you head there, and your travel specialists plan two mystery activities, one in each city, that will be revealed as you go along.</p><p>Here's how it works: you go online and take the free &#8212;a short personality test to figure out which "Travel Sign" you fall under. There are of possibilities&#8212;what's your travel sign? I'm a Zenturian, which apparently means I "bring order out of chaos with your organic approach and digital vibe. What we're saying, Zenturian, is your traveler's aura is au natural. Some say it's your healthy appetite for food, drink and life. Others are convinced you aren't from around this cosmic plane." </p><p>Healthy appetite for food? Digital vibe? Okay, I buy it.</p><p></p><p>After I took the free quiz, I had two pretty lengthy phone consultations with two travel specialists, Alyssa and Katie, who asked me all sorts of probing questions, including "Where do you not want to go?" (Paris, London, Milan&#8212;everywhere I go all the time for work #fashiongirlproblems) and "What are some of your favorite places?" (Southern Utah&#8212;I visited the FLDS towns once, while I was spending a week at the Biggest Loser Resort, I'll tell you all about that one day&#8212;and Aswan, in southern Egypt). And that was it&#8212;I put seven days of my life into their hands.</p><p>I mean, am I crazy? Would you ever put your hard-earned vacation time in someone else's hands?</p><p>Three days before my scheduled departure date, this kit, above, arrived in the mail. Inside were a bunch of Zenturian stickers (I love stickers!), a packet of tiny envelopes labeled Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc., and a handheld device that serves as a GPS map tool, a guide book, a phrase book, a mobile travel log, and an electronic itinerary.</p><p></p><p>So yeah, here I am in Rome! Since fashion is pretty much my life, I wanted to do a little shopping overview of the city from my first 24 hours in town&#8212;here are some highlights.</p><p>If you loved the movie (I re-watched it as soon as I found out I was coming to Rome), you'll remember that one of the crucial scenes from the film was set at a cafe called Dinelli's at the foot of the . Welp, turns out that cafe was totally fictional, and a Prada, Moncler, and Missoni store sit in its place in reality.</p><p></p><p>I met up with a young designer called Jessica Harris who grew up in Chicago, went to Boston University, and has been living in Rome for 10 years&#8212;she has her own shop here, more on that later!&#8212;and she took me to a few key places around town.</p><p>This concept store, , may look super-luxury&#8212;it even features an adorable tea shop in the front and a white-table-cloth restaurant in the back&#8212;but I was surprised to find that it sold brands like Juicy Couture. Harris told me that although some American brands, such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Guess, are really popular and have their own stores in Rome, not all brands are easily accessible, and Fleur is probably one of the few places in the city that people can even buy Juicy&#8212;the unavailability of the label adds to it lure and covetability.</p><p></p><p>Around the corner from Palazzo Fendi we found the atelier of . One of the most important Italian fashion houses of the 1950s and 1960s, Sorelle Fontana dresses were worn by women including Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Gracy Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy, Ursula Andress, and Ava Gardner. Fontana creations have been featured in Fellini films, and epitomize the Dolce Vita look that's so synonymous with Rome.</p><p></p><p>These days, the atelier is mostly dark and seems deserted, though, Harris tells us, she sees the window displays change once in a while. This gown, above, used to be pink, but has been sitting in the window so long it's blanched to an off-white.</p><p></p><p>Pieces of ceiling plaster have fallen at the foot of this stunning orange-red gown&#8212;and while the fixtures are dusty, Harris says this dress was only recently placed into the window. How mysterious! A deserted, closed shop with a sporadically changing display and burnt-out lights in the window. The dresses we did get to see are stunning, though, and I'm hoping the label sees a revival in the near future.</p><p></p><p>Onwards, I also popped by to see the Valentino headquarters at the Palazzo Mignanelli&#8212;where Valentino's insignia hangs over the main archway.</p><p></p><p>On the left, steps lead up to the offices (which I didn't go into, sorry!).</p><p></p><p>And in the courtyard stands a head, foot, and a, um, manhood (left)&#8212;remains of a statue. I'm not super-good with art and antiquities, so if you recognize this man, please let me know in the comments!</p><p></p><p>We strolled over to a neighborhood near the Colosseum called Monti, which is full of super-cool small shops catering to a much younger crowd&#8212;there were tons of great stores selling club-kid and hipster-ish apparel. And then this salon called , which is, according to Harris, a super-popular place for the under-30 fashion set to get edgy cuts-and-colors. Harris told us that haircuts at Contest Rockhair are "more expensive" than other salons around the city&#8212;clocking in at around 30 or 40 Euros. I was pretty surprised because in New York City, 30 or 40 Euros (about $45 to $60) wouldn't seem like an exorbitant amount to pay for a haircut, but apparently hairstyling isn't quite as expensive in Rome. Who knew! Maybe I'll get my hair cut while I'm in town.</p><p></p><p>One of my favorite shops I checked out today is called Untitled at 54A Via Degli Zingari&#8212;I wish they had a website, but they don't (here's their ), and they wouldn't let me take photos of specific items, so I could only snap this one of one corner of the store to show you. The tiny shop is filled with brands I'd never heard of: Rome-based brand , Sunday 21, Happiness, and .</p><p>I could have spent all day browsing the clothes at Untitled because so many of them were brilliant riffs on designer brands and logos. Like: 5 Preview's handbag (a send-up of the Chanel Rue Cambon logo bag), Happiness' tees, and Sunday21's sweatshirts and tops&#8212;motto: "Marc on Marc on Marc."</p><p></p><p>One last thing before I let you guys get back to regularly scheduled Slaves to Fashion programming&#8212;I asked Harris what the top two hottest young Rome-based designer labels are. One is 5 Preview, which you can find and which they stock at Untitled, and the other is Shampalove, which is the women's label to own in Rome, apparently, and a model for fashion in the digital age. Shampalove's site features a fashion blog, complete with news, cool editorials, and beauty shots, and the brand's managed to become widely known and worn without even stocking their clothes in stores. Yup, Shampalove appears to be exclusively available online. Check out their e-store . What do you think?</p><p>More on the young designer scene in Rome later this week. And my next mystery fashion-finding destination will be revealed on Monday!</p><p>More Ways to Get Glamour:<br>Get the latest fashion updates via Twitter on <br>Check out !<br>Read Glamour magazine &#8212;print subscribers, it&#8217;s now part of your subscription plan!<br>Like freebies? Enter !<br> for our fashion and beauty newsletters to get easy style tips (it'll make your inbox 10x sexier, we promise).<br>And, did you know you can read ?! It&#8217;s the ultimate boredom buster.</p>Rome photos by Danica Lo for Glamour.com?<p>I'm a control freak and a nervous wreck; as such, I can't leave the house without a watch. Unfortunately, my current one no longer works. It's scratched, old and generally too big. Here, a few I'm craving. <p>The classically gorgeous <p><p> - perfect for the tough girl! <p><p>This is very of the moment <p><p><p><p> with a splash of pink for versatility, style and a great deal<p><p> is super sleek<p><p>Which ones of these, if any, do you like? Or are you just not a watch girl?<p>?<p></p><p> some completely genius "designer" bags from an Aussie site called Bag Ladies that lets you proclaim your love of designer goods...without the designer price tag. I adore the "My other bags are Prada" and "Louis Who?" versions, but I think my favorite proudly proclaims, "This is prolly my most fabulous handbag." </p><p></p><p>Is there a cheekier, funnier, more adorable (and affordable!) way to declare your recessionista status? Check out the whole range (some are just $7.95!) at . </p><p></p><p>What do you guys think of these "designer" handbags? Would you wear one?</p>Photos: courtesy of Bag Ladies?<br><p>Some girls have It-Bags; . In a sea of Chloe Paddingtons, Chanel 2.55s, Dior Gauchos, and Fendi B-Fendis (ad nauseum) my sturdy tote looks downright fresh. It&#8217;s proud, but has nothing to prove. It&#8217;s classic, but not dowdy. And humbly, weighing in at $19, it knows its place. Since it&#8217;s canvas, this lovely is less environmentally cruel than leather or vinyl styles.</p><p>And note: it&#8217;s emblazened with my name.. And last week, when I was chatting with a completely adorable New Yorker employee in our elevators (basically every mag under the sun is published in GLAMOUR&#8217;s building), I was secretly hoping that he&#8217;d check out my tote, notice that I got on the &#8216;vator at 16 (our floor), and would do a prompt &#8220;Ashley + GLAMOUR&#8221; search and find this blog. So cute New Yorker dude, if you&#8217;re reading, consider this an invitatiton.</p>?<p>Merry Christmas, everyone! Although I do love this day, I get up at 7 a.m. and by noon, activities are dying down. I've already napped (twice) and now I sickly find myself checking my Treo, and stressing about work stuff (again, that pesky March issue!). Blame it on the frantic NYC pace, but whenever I return to Kansas, I enter a state of blissful relaxation, which lasts, oh, 48 hours. Enter lengthy state of panicky boredom. Can someone please give me something to do? (Not you, mom.)</p><p>I know some of you have probably scored the Chloe Paddington, the YSL muse, the Fendi B-Fendi, or some other It bag, shoes, coat, what have you. If so, pray tell. I, on the other hand, scored a pair of and a slew of suh-weet outdoorswoman wear from . Quite simply, 'twas the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER. My dad, who usually comes bearing perfectly ladylike watches, delivered quite the shock when he got me a set of layer-friendly thermals, windproof pants, and zip-up sleek-looking jackets. And wool socks. OH YEAH. I went running today, and it feels more than a little strange and imposter-ish to be looking quite chic while clumsily throwing my quaking body against the 40 mph wind. I never thought I'd be one of those gals who looks pulled together while sweating, but I've gotta say, feeling empowered in my Angelina-on-the-set-of-Mr.-and-Mrs.-Smith gear, I ran an extra 1/10 mile. Hey, you gotta start somewhere.</p><p>So how did you guys make out? Anyone get the Comme des Garcons motorcycle boots? If so, prepare to see me skulking outside your back door with a crowbar, wearing my black windproof MI:3-esuqe gear. (Kidding).</p>?<p></p><p>In a long profile in this weekend's edition of UK newspaper The Independent, writer Susannah Frankel asks all the right questions&#8212;questions about Lagerfeld (who, confession, I've long believed is my soulmate&#8212;and I'm only half-kidding about that) I've always wanted answers to. Like: Is Karl Lagerfeld's obsession with "doing" an attempt to ward off mortality - or at least avoid confronting it head-on? Is his apparently compulsive ingestion of modern - and indeed historic - culture a way of ensuring he may never be accused of being locked in an ivory tower? And does his need to surround himself with - and work alongside - bright, young, beautiful things somehow fill an emotional void?</p><p>Too bad she doesn't get any solid answers.</p><p>"I personally have nothing to say, nothing to explain," Lagerfeld says. "I make such big efforts to forget things and I can't tell the story of my life because, thank God, I'm still living it. Non, non, non. I couldn't tell the truth."</p><p>Still, the story is a very worthwhile read&#8212;especially if you're a Lagerfeld fan. You can read , but if you're just after the best bits, well, here they are:</p><p>&#183; You know those starched white shirts with the high collar that Karl is always wearing? Well, turns out he's got about a thousand of them and they all come from Jermyn Street (London) shirtmaker .</p><p>&#183; Lagerfeld's father "made a fortune manufacturing condensed milk" before moving his family to a remote countryside area of Germany when Hitler came into power.</p><p>&#183; He found childhood boring: "My problem as a child was that I was bored to death," Lagerfeld tells Frankel, "because I wanted to be a grown-up person. My childhood was endless - from eight to 18 felt like hundreds of years."</p><p>&#183; On how he does everything he does, all at once: "It's not that other people aren't very good, but they're maybe not as good at the image thing. But there is no recipe. It's only discipline. It's very simple. I think it works. I'm not my own Dr Freud. I just do it, you see. Doing for doing. There are no real rules, so don't ask me how. In fact, I'm not even a serious person."</p><p>&#183; On : "I never touch sugar, cheese, bread... It was a very good, healthy thing, the best move in my life, I think, but it's totally effortless. I only like what I'm allowed to like. I'm beyond temptation. There is no weakness. When I see tons of food in the studio, for us and for everybody, for me it's as if this stuff was made out of plastic. The idea doesn't even enter my mind that a human being could put that into their mouth. I'm like the animals in the forest. They don't touch what they cannot eat."</p><p>&#183; On why he does what he does: "I'm a very down-to-earth person, but it is my job to make that earth more pleasant."</p><p>PLUS...<br>&#183; <br>&#183; <br>&#183; </p><p>More Ways to Get Glamour:<br>Get the latest fashion updates via Twitter on <br>Check out !<br>Read Glamour magazine &#8212;print subscribers, it&#8217;s now part of your subscription plan!<br>Like freebies? Enter !<br> for our fashion and beauty newsletters to get easy style tips (it'll make your inbox 10x sexier, we promise).<br>And, did you know you can read ?! It&#8217;s the ultimate boredom buster.</p>Photo credit: Getty Images?<p>The Anglo-Italian company AgustaWestland has hired the Kaiser to revamp their AW139 twin-turbine helicopters, according to the . He&#8217;ll be designing both the interiors and exteriors of the 15-passenger choppers, adding a bit of exclusivity to a mode of transportation that is admittedly already pretty elite. In a lot of ways, it&#8217;s a match made in heaven&#8212;or at least, made in the sky; we&#8217;re pretty certain that Lagerfeld is quite familiar with private travel, plus the fact that this particular model is described as having an &#8220;ample baggage compartment&#8221; seems perfect for the fashion icon. </p><p><br><p>This is just an outfit from Lagerfeld's newly launched Karl line...but could it one day be what flight attendants on his helicopters wear?</p></p><p>There is still one thing you&#8217;ll never catch him doing: flying the helicopter. According to the Daily Mail, Lagerfeld admitted to being less than accomplished behind the wheel. As he put it, &#8220;I haven&#8217;t driven since I was 18, and that&#8217;s a benefit to society because I ended up in a ditch, without knowing why!&#8221;<br><br>What would you want a Karl Lagerfeld-designed helicopter to look like? And what has Kaiser Karl not designed or collaborated on yet that you&#8217;d like to see? Let&#8217;s hear it in the comments!</p><p>PLUS...<br>-<br>-</p>Photo: courtesy of Net-a-Porter?<p>Let me tell you the story of meeting Miss Smarty Shoes. As her new nickname implies, she is smart and loves shoes!</p><p><br></p><p>Earlier in the week we had exchanged a few emails and had a few short phone conversations, but for the most part, meeting her last night was a blind date. I picked up the blue-eyed Illinoisan that had scored a fifteen hundred on the SAT's at 5:00. She invited me in to her bungalow for a quick tour and to meet her dog. She seemed very concerned that if we were to have any chance of a future together that I get along well with her puppy.</p><p>Well, the corgi and I got along fine. And although I was a little taken aback by the tail-less, hair-shedding machine, I was more blown away by MSS's shoe collection.</p><p>The very tiny blond had a huge amount of shoes crammed into her cozy home. She had patent leather Pradas, stiletto-heeled Manolos and dark red Chanels. She had sophisticated, business-looking, brown leather Steve Maddens, sexy, strappy Fendis and expensive- looking Guccis. She had Nikes and Adidas for running and slippers for around the house. She had cubbies stuffed with shoes by Juicy, Kate Spade and Diane von Furstenburg. In the corner of her walk-in closet sat a Christmas-tree-shaped rack overflowing with vintage heels. She had shoes lining the floor, on her shelves next to books and in about every nook and cranny of her not-so-spacious living space. Are you getting the point? The woman loves shoes.</p><p>She slipped on a pair of understated, soft, comfortable-looking green flats that were covered with little pink flowers and we were off. Like any good producer, MSS took me to a cocktail hour at a theater that was hosting a premiere for her employer.</p><p>We arrived promptly at the Arclight on Sunset Boulevard as the sun was setting. We decided to drive to the roof of the parking structure to soak in the view.</p><p><br></p><p>Romantic.</p><p>Once inside we headed to the overcrowded bar and sipped complimentary red wine while she schmoozed and introduced me to her co-workers: the young, the powerful, the hungry, and the newly off-strike writers. All were very nice, polite and eager to see this new comedy their company had produced. The film was HILARIOUS.</p><p>After the movie we went back to my place for nightcaps and not much else (see, I do know how to behave myself). Despite her shoe addiction, I think she is intriguing enough to go out with again. So for all my nervousness about online dating, I'm going to chalk this up to being a success. Still, I'm curious to know what you guys think about someone with so many shoes. Any of you have an addiction that you feel like confessing?</p>?<p></p><p></p><p></p><p>I overheard a conversation yesterday from the assistants to star stylist on what she loves and what she is over and I thought it was brilliant. There is nothing better than a stylist who is not only passionate but has a distinct point of view. A great stylist either loves it or hates it and there is nothing in between.</p><p>LOVES:<br>Elastic or any wrap-around belt. Patricia's philosophy: "Give it a waist"<br>Knee high, thigh High, or fishnets are the way to go<br>Over-the-Knee boots: "[ they ] make short girls long"<br>Hermes watch and Fendi buckle watch<br>Vintagy looking clutch bags<br>Berets, all colors<br>Fedora men's hats for women<br>Skinny pants (think Babe Paley)<br>Bustier<br>Wolford's black high-waist panty<br>High Christian Louboutin cream pumps<br>Clothes that fit the body - sexy not frumpy. She loves a shoulder</p><p>OVER IT:<br>Brown, dull or dark muddy colors<br>Flower pins<br>Toe ornamentation on a shoe<br>Baby doll dresses<br>Cupcake-shaped dresses</p><p>What is your love it hate it list? I will give you mine at the end of the day.</p><p>P.S. Calling all devoted Glamour.com blog readers! We want to know what you think of this site! and share your thoughts.</p>Photos: PRNewsFoto/Mercedes-Benz, Craig Blankenhorn/The Kobal Coll, PRNewsFoto/Mercedes-Benz?<p>I&#8217;m on a mission to bring back powder foundation. Not that it ever really went away&#8212;tons of companies make it&#8212;it&#8217;s just that practically every girl I talk to wrinkles her nose at the thought of it. OK, it&#8217;s true that years ago powder foundations could make your skin look a little Miss Havisham-esque, but today&#8217;s powder foundations are really fine, so they look invisible on your skin and go on a lot easier (and less messier) than the liquid kind. Three people in our department are addicted to the stuff: Me (I couldn&#8217;t live without my ), Mary (who wears ) and Tram (who uses ).</p>&#8212;StephaniePhoto: Fendis/zefa/Corbis?<p></p><p>1. Teresa Regrets the Way She Treated Danielle Staub<br>Why? Because she claims she was bullied by Caroline this season. Caroline demands at least one example. Teresa claims it was the "whole season!" Caroline keeps pushing, Teresa insists her example is the "whole season."</p><p>2. Caroline Was So Hurt to See Her Sister Dina on the Show<br>Teresa, again, laments how hurt she was that Melissa and Kathy signed on to be on the RHONJ without telling her. To which Caroline asks how it was any different to bring on her sister Dina--something Caroline did not know about--this season? "It was a knife in my heart to see Dina," Carolina says. "Why was it okay to bring my sister on show to talk about me?" We're still waiting for Teresa's response.</p><p>3. Melissa Doesn't Lip Sync--and Her Songs Are About Teresa?<br>Melissa, God bless her patience, literally starts singing like she's auditioning for Pitch Perfect. Why? Because Teresa bullied her into doing it! Teresa kept claiming that Melissa lip syncs and to shut her up--Melissa belted out a song right then and there. It still wasn't good enough for T who had to sing a few lines of "On Display"--which Teresa swears Melissa wrote about her and the paparazzi that T is constantly battling.</p><p></p><p>4. Teresa Doesn't Cook Her Own Food<br>According to Melissa, T has her mom cook all the "fabulous" meals she Tweets about and shows in her cookbooks.</p><p></p><p>5. The Real Reason Joe and Melissa Sold Their House . . .<br>They didn't want their kids going to school with Teresa's kids. "I see where this is going and I only have one little girl," Melissa tearfully revealed.</p><p>And then Joe Giudice came out onto the couch to speak his piece and clear a few things up. Not that I want to single him out, but he gets his own list of shockers.</p><p></p><p>1. Joe chugged a Red Bull--in front of a horrified Andy Cohen--before things got going. He also looked disheveled and like he hadn't slept in days.</p><p>2. He won't watch the RHONJ episodes but he did watch Teresa on the Celebrity Apprentice (PS--Caroline watched too!)</p><p>3. Oh, that phone convo in Napa? The one where he called Teresa a "see you next Tuesday?" (no, I will not say it or write it) He was talking to an old friend and promises it wasn't an old girlfriend. If it was an ex or mistress, he would have just ripped the mic off. Phew, that makes me feel so much better about his behavior!</p><p>4. Teresa was hurt when she watched that fateful scene but "not going to divorce him over it." Joe was pissed the scene aired at all because it "cost him a lot of money." In apology jewelry to Teresa that is . . . and Joe was such a mensch about the whole thing that he even went back and forth to the jewelry store until Teresa was happy with what he picked out. Usually she just has to accept whatever he gives her and get over it.</p><p>5. Apparently, Teresa thinks that Chris cheated on Jacqueline--a claim that Jacqueline vehemently denies. But if we're all gonna be honest here? Jacqueline was pretty adamant that Joe calls Teresa horrible names all the time, they hit each other during their fights and that T caught Joe with the baby-sitter and his secretary, just to name a few . . .</p><p>AHHHH! What did you think of all the craziness tonight? Who are the real victims and who is full of you know what? And what do you think will happen next week when Teresa and her brother are face to face for the first time in a year?</p><p>More reality TV we can't get enough of!<br>* <br>* <br>* </p><p>P.S. Want more Obsessed? that features the latest celebrity gossip, TV news, hilarious Internet sensations, and more! </p>Photos: Bravo<p></p><p><br></p>?<p></p><p>Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to design the perfectly chic work bag for . A boxy leather tote (ideally with a shoulder strap) is office-appropriate, chic, and roomy enough for almost anything. Just don't forget to put your laptop or in a protective sleeve, as these bags aren't designed to shield gadgets. </p><p>I'm thinking of biting the bullet and putting away my teeny cross-body bags and splurging on a Reed Krakoff Gym bag. </p><p><p>WANT WANT WANT!!!!! Reed Krakoff Gym Bag I, </p></p><p>Here are 15 more options, for every budget, if you, too are in the market for a new work bag. </p><p><br>Want more bags?</p><p><br>Photo: Style.com</p>?<p><p>Is this what a sugar daddy looks like? As if I would have any idea.</p></p><p>...It's apparently where wealthy men are the most promiscuous. , asking them how many sexual partners they had per year. If a man had more than seven, he was deemed "promiscuous" (no word on what determined that number as the standard). And the cities with the highest percentage of guys who are promiscuous is as follows:</p><p>The least promiscuous? New York and San Francisco were among them, with less than 15% of their sugar daddies having seven-plus partners a year. Yep, NYC and San Fran: where men will basically pay for women to be their girlfriends, but not seven of them a year. Way to have standards!</p><p>Obviously, the statistics probably aren't relevant to the average man in Chicago or Atlanta or wherever, since the average guy probably isn't a member of this particular type of dating website. But still, it's an interesting breakdown of the guys who are, right? When I think of Chicago guys, I pretty much just picture a bunch of , not a bunch of promiscuous sugar daddies. But hey, those beefy dudes are more my style anyway.</p><p>Any surprises here? Anybody know any Chicago playboys? Are you surprised the Big Apple has such non-promiscuous sugar daddies?</p><p>Sex and all the cities:<br>*<br>*<br>*</p>?<p> &copy; 2012 Cond&eacute; Nast. All rights reserved<br> Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our (effective 3/21/12) and (effective 3/21/12). <br> <br> The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Cond&eacute; Nast. </p>?<p>Comedian Mike Birbiglia was concerned for the other Sesame Street occupants after all of . <br><p>I'm not offended, but there was no mention of Grover in the debates.</p>&mdash; Mike Birbiglia (@birbigs) <br></p><p>Judging from this tweet, Kelly Oxford's daughter is wise beyond her years and also hilarious. Maybe she's the next ?<br><p>"I like that they're saying 'a trillion dollars' and it isn't hyperbole." -11 yr old daughter </p>&mdash; kelly oxford (@kellyoxford) <br></p><p>I so want this to be true! Especially .<br><p>Mitt Romney's sons are secret service agents.</p>&mdash; Neal Brennan (@nealbrennan) <br></p><p>I think we can all agree with on this one (side note: If you haven't seen his movie Safety Not Guaranteed with Aubrey Plaza and Jake Johnson, get on that. It will restore your faith in humanity.)<br><p>I don't want to live in a world where a wee 10" pizza is 2000 calories. That hurts my feelings.</p>&mdash; Mark Duplass (@MarkDuplass) <br></p><p>Rebel Wilson rocks. That's all.<br><p>I got brownies FO FREE for doing Leno tonight </p>&mdash; Rebel Wilson (@RebelWilson) <br></p><p>Eek, don't tell Brooklyn about this confession from .<br><p>Turns out I&#8217;m allergic to all gluten free products. ?</p>&mdash; Jim Gaffigan (@JimGaffigan) <br></p><p>Rock the vote this week...on which tweet you liked the most! Let me know in the comments, k?</p>?<p>It's the cute little we love gone high-fashion!</p><p></p><p>The shiny rope-like twists look so sculptural against the slickness of the models' pulled-back hair. And look at these crazy twisty pigtails!</p><p></p><p>Not exactly a look most of us will be copying anytime soon, but still, this is some intriguing beauty artwork, no? And actually, I can see the twists at the crown working with a more low-key hairstyle, like a simple ballerina bun. </p><p>What do you think of the hair twists from the Fendi runway? Would you interpret this look for real life somehow?</p>Photos:?<p>*Note to self: Buy stock in David's Bridal.</p><p>I'll post the official photos of the latest collection once they're in, of course, but I got to go to the showroom yesterday to see the new dresses in person six new , six new , and two new bridesmaid colors&#8212;yowza! and I just HAVE to share a couple cruddy iPhone pics of my favorite-ist dress, which comes in three colors!</p><p></p><p><br></p><p><br>Eeeeee!</p><p>Sorry! I just LOVE it! And doesn't the coloring of the pink one remind you of Anne Hathaway's? (Not the shape, obviously.) If you didn't know that Anne Hathaway's wedding dress had pink in it, </p><p>And in the back of the bottom photo, you can see one of my favorite bridesmaid dresses! Here's a better look: </p><p>The SWEETEST bridesmaid dress! One of six from @'s latest collection for @! </p>&mdash; Kimberly Fusaro (@KimberlyFusaro) <p>I'm assuming the Instagram photo will show up in the tweet above, but if it doesn't, click your way through! It's worth it!</p><p>So, thoughts on what you've seen of this collection? Are you SO excited to see more?</p><p>You should be!</p><p><br>More from Bridal Market: <br>* </p>?For fashion bargains: For beauty bargains: For home-decor bargains: How to pay less for anything <p>These comparison-shopping sites do the homework for you.</p><p>So-called shopping bots search hundreds of online retailers for the best prices on practically any product in the universe. Try , , and ; they all do the same thing but sometimes search different vendors, so it&#8217;s worth it to try a couple. Happy shopping!</p><p>Our panel of experts: Nicole Hopkinson, author of The Online Connoisseur; Nancy Keates, author of The Wall Street Journal Guide to the Business of Life; Joanna Bober, Glamour lifestyle editor; Ashley Baker, Glamour fashion features editor; Stephanie Huszar, Glamour beauty writer-editor.</p>?<br><p>The ultimate fashion compliment from an editor to a designer is to wear one of their looks to their show. But frankly when designer dresses can cost upward of $2000 you have to resort to the next best thing&#8212; accessories! But those aren&#8217;t that much cheaper any more. So what&#8217;s an editor to do? Since this is fashion week and I needed to have a major bag anyway, I decided to try the web site bagborroworsteal.com&#8212;&#8212;some of you recommended it to my fellow Glamour blogger, Ashley, a couple of days ago. These are the bags I tried out:</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>And wow&#8212;I am causing quite the stir! I&#8217;m blinded by the Japanese photographers every time I enter the tents where the shows are held. They love a good bag and I can&#8217;t even keep count of the compliments I&#8217;ve gotten. Now, I could tell my friends were getting jealous so I had to share my secret: I was able to borrow these bags from the website through their p.r. department, but if I&#8217;d paid for them it still would&#8217;ve cost me less than the price of one It Bag. To actually get a bag from the website, you pay between $20 and $175 a month (depending on the bag) and you can borrow as many as three bags a month. I think it&#8217;s great to know you can have a bag like this to make a big entrance when you need to, but what do you think? Is it worth spending even $100 just to borrow something or would you rather save up and buy one?</p>?<p><p>This is not the move in question, but I wouldn't be sad feeling like this upon waking. You?</p></p><p>The outlined an amazing move called the "tabletop lever"--which is derived from a series of exercises used by monks for more than 2,500 years--is supposed to help energize and strengthen your entire body. </p><p>According to fitness expert Jennifer Kries, who on a video on the LA Times website, the move sculpts your shoulders, arms and back, while toning your glutes, hamstrings, calves and core (while also improving your posture and joint mobility). Plus, Kries says, it "leaves you feeling radiant." </p><p>Uh, yes, please? To all of the above.</p><p>Take a look at the video to really get what to do, but here's a basic how-to: sit on the ground with your back straight, hands positioned at the sides of your hips, legs straight with feet flexed. Take a deep breath and arch your hips up into a tabletop position. At the top, exhale quickly and pull your body back to the starting position with your tailbone just grazing the floor until your butt is just behind your hands. Repeat the move without pause, starting with seven reps.</p><p>I really love this move! Want to try it? What do you think?</p><p><br>More :<br>* <br>* <br>*</p><p><br>Photo: Thinkstock</p>?<p>Because even if you DO hold your breath for the duration of this one-minute video&#8212;which I did&#8212;you're not going to get to see more than a few snippets of Claire Pettibone's latest . But it's SO worth a watch, if you can handle the anticipation! </p><p><br> <p> from on .</p></p><p><br>Flowers! Lace! Ribbons! I can't WAIT to see more!</p><p>Are you excited to check out Claire Pettibone's newest collection?</p><p>The show's not for more than a week&#8212;I might just die of anticipation! </p><p><br>More from Bridal Market: <br>* <br>* <br></p>?<p> &copy; 2012 Cond&eacute; Nast. All rights reserved<br> Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our (effective 3/21/12) and (effective 3/21/12). <br> <br> The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Cond&eacute; Nast. </p>?<p>Throw on my new dress from in bright blue. I bought three new outfits for Fashion Week in 15 minutes yesterday at . That is definitely a record for me. I don't think I've ever walked out of there empty-handed - it's always a sure thing. Do you have a store where you're always successful? Please tell! Ok so what to wear with a teal dress? I threw on silver Manolos (metallics always work) and then Sergio, who does my hair and make-up, suggested my vintage leopard Fendi bag to go with. (One of the best things about being on camera all week is having my hair and make-up done each morning!) Perfection. </p><p>I feel like everyone always wears somber colors during Fashion Week and it's totally depressing. I don't wear bright colors to stick out (though I usually do) I think they're mood lifting, and television producers always get annoyed when you don't wear color on-camera. This week I'm going backstage for , which is the one channel that shows every collection and behind the scenes. It's channel 25 in New York, but I think you can check it out online if you're not in the metro area. Ok I'm running late for my 9am show. Will you catch up after!</p>?<p>At last night's Moet & Chandon party in Moscow, Scarlett matched her eye makeup to her gorgeous green dress. </p><p></p><p></p><p>Wow, right? Now, I must include a disclaimer that the light in this photo is quite green itself (unless Scar actually has green hair dye in her hair roots, which would probably have been just a TAD too leprechaun with this outfit). So the dress and the eye makeup are popping more bright green here than they actually were. . We're really talking more a moss green than the emerald it appears as here--either way, such a wonderful fall makeup idea, don't you think? I want to wear some green shadow this weekend, but I'm afraid my only plans are for an extended-family dinner, and this might be a bit much!</p><p>What do you think of Scarlett Johansson's green eye makeup? Would you wear green on YOUR lids?</p>Photo: Getty Images?<p></p><p>I was also really swept away by the other uber important character in the show&#8212;the Hamptons! Now, unless you&#8217;re a member of the Grayson family and have a Grayson sized trust fund, living it up like they do in South Hampton isn&#8217;t quite so attainable. But Montauk, home of Jack Porter&#8217;s cozy Stowaway Tavern, is just as glamorous, has a bit more character and screams beach town charm. I actually spent a few weekends in Montauk over the summer and it&#8217;s the perfect hideaway to escape the drama of your everyday life (you know, like when you&#8217;re hiding your identity and exacting revenge on people that killed your dad) and indulge in the good life.</p><p></p><p>I caught up with some true Montauk experts to fill us in on what the setting for &#8220;Revenge&#8221; is really like and where to go to channel your inner Emily, Jack, Daniel, Ashley, Charlotte, Declan--you get the idea! Lloyd Van Horn is the General Manager of and actress Debi Mazar and her husband Gabriele Corcos are Montauk regulars&#8212;Gabriele is a chef who even designed the MYC&#8217;s summer menu! </p><p>"This area is known for the beaches and space which make it the perfect playground for the young set,&#8221; Lloyd explains. &#8220;Add to that the abundance of nightlife in this area as well as an increasing culinary element and you have a great stage to host the affluent.&#8221;</p><p>Must-Visit Spot #1:<br>Ditch Plains Beach AKA The Perfect Backdrop to Watch Jack&#8217;s Boat Sail Away</p><p></p><p>Says Llyod: "Ditch Plains is what captures the surf set for sure. It is the place that everyone has to go to see what draws people to the area of all walks of life."</p><p><br>Must-Visit Spot #2:<br>Hideway AKA The Low Key Bar That Jack Might Frequent When He Needs a Break From the Stowaway:</p><p></p><p>Says Lloyd: &#8220;Hideaway is a casual place with good atmosphere and food.&#8221; It also is known for it&#8217;s abundant tequila selection!</p><p><br>Must Visit Spot #3<br>South Edison AKA Where Emily and Nolan Would Meet for a Power Lunch</p><p></p><p>Says Debi and Gabriele: &#8220;One of the best local eats, hands down. The atmosphere is genuine and the vibe is absolutely lovely and relaxed, nothing feels better than walking off the beach into South Edison's bright and simple main room and order one of their special Pickle Martinis and an appetizer from their raw bar.&#8221;</p><p><br>Must Visit Spot #4:<br>Navy Beach and Surf Lodge AKA Two Hot Spots Where Emily and Charlotte Could Have a Killer Girls Night Out!</p><p>Says Lloyd: &#8220;Navy Beach, you can dine with your feet in the sand and have a gorgeous view.&#8221;</p><p></p><p>Says Debi and Gabriele: &#8220;If you are in the mood for a real crowd&#8212;Surf Lodge will definitely please you! You will discover yourself peaking into other patrons' dishes, and wondering if you still will have room in your stomach to try something else after you have finished what's in front of you... or you will have simply to come back another time.&#8221; </p><p></p><p><br>Must Visit Spot #5<br>Montauk State Park AKA Where Emily and Jack Could Have a Really Romantic Proposal (I know, I know&#8212;a girl can dream)</p><p></p><p>Says Debi and Gabriele: &#8220;The walk around is glorious either in summer or winter. Views of the ocean are stunning, and with some luck you can see all the way to Rhode Island. It&#8217;s the perfect spot for an impromptu picnic.&#8221;</p><p><br>Must Visit Spot #6:<br> AKA Where Emily Could Have Her Dream Wedding to Jack (again, a girl can dream)</p><p></p><p>Says Lloyd: &#8220;This area has such a large diversified list of things to do that it makes it a natural choice for these events. Add to that you can have paddle board or surfing lessons, and be in flip flops all day. Then you can proceed to get dressed up and have a sophisticated dinner.&#8221;</p><p>PS--Stars that have stayed at the include A, , , , and !</p><p>Have you visited Montauk? Where of these places would you most want to go? And lets def talk about how awesome last week's premiere was while we are at it, okay?<br></p><p>More Revenge!<br>*<br>* <br>* </p><p>P.S. Want more Obsessed? that features the latest celebrity gossip, TV news, hilarious Internet sensations, and more! </p>Photos: Montauk Yacht Club, Montauk Tourism, ABC?<p></p><p>Companies make millions each year from goods that flaunt their famous logos, from Chanel's ubiquitous interlocking Cs to Gucci's kissing Gs to the Polo pony you can spot everywhere from bed linens to swim trunks. I never gave it much thought until someone pointed out to me that you're pretty much serving as free advertising for the brand, letting them use your chest or handbag or wrist as a billboard. One of my favorite luxury brands, Bottega Veneta, goes by the slogan "When your own initials are enough" and I wonder if you guys agree. </p><p></p><p>What do you guys think? Are logos (and other recognizable brands, like the Burberry plaid) a little obnoxious or the epitome of luxury? Is it a chic way to show off your fashion savvy or a way-too-flashy show of money? Wearing logos: a Do or a Don't?</p><p> <br> ()</p>Photos: Getty Images?<p></p><p>National Do Something Nice Day (but I think we should carry it into the weekend!) is exactly what it sounds like: just do something nice for someone. Anyone! It can be a small thing (like holding the door open) or a big thing (like buying a new car! Well, OK, that's really big)--as long as it's nice. The idea is that you'll make someone feel good--and you'll probably make yourself feel good in the process. </p><p>At the very least, you'll have inspired one more smile that maybe wouldn't have happened otherwise, right? </p><p>Are you up for doing nice things this weekend? And did you do anything nice for someone today (even yourself)? </p><p>More :<br>* <br>* <br>*</p><p><br>Photo: Thinkstock</p>?<p></p><p>As is usually the case in Mr. Lagefeld's world, the show was a sensory overload, a piling on of accessories, a contrasting of textures and lengths and colors, and what I imagine to be the emptying of many bottles of aerosol hairspray. But in taking a second look at the photos, my eye was consistently drawn to those wild waist cinchers. The circle in the middle seems to be taunting "look at me, I'm the biggest belt you've ever seen," while the teeny tiny models look like they actually have a figure for once. I love them! I immediately went on the hunt for my own version on the cheap. Here's what I came up with:</p><p></p><p>What do you guys think of the enormous belt? Another addition to the growing list of ridiculous oversized accessories (see: sunglasses, bags, necklaces), or a viable trend you'd be willing to try? What accessories do you think are better when they're bigger? </p>Photo:WireImage?<p>Here's a closer look at a few different angles:</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p>I'm not so into the various colors approach (that's a makeup style that should be left on the runway) but how about various shades of blue or emerald green? I think that could be kind of pretty, no? Imagine it as an ombre lower lash line, going from navy to a lighter blue. In the same vein as the Fendi show, I would leave the rest of my face fairly bare save a couple of coats of mascara and that's that. What do you think, guys? Would you ever try this runway style? Sound off in the comments!</p><p>More fashion week makeup trends:<br> <br><br> </p> Photos: Fairchild Archive?<p><p>Source: via on </p></p><p>Teeny tiny, and super comfortable to wear, a wee bag in a bright color is the perfect counterpoint to drab cold-weather ensembles. In my opinion, the most appealing aspect of a crossbody is that the diminutive size prevents you from lugging aroung more stuff than you need. Added bonus, lots of them come with detachable straps, or straps that you can stash inside the bag, which means they'll also double as a clutch. I love them so much, my latest collection for !</p><p>Here are ten crazy-cute options, which are a major steal at under $100.</p><p></p><p>1. Giani Bernini Crossbody Bag, $70, <br>2. Rachel Roy Small Crossbody, $69, <br>3. Ivanka Trump Crystal Crossbody Bag, $99, <br>4. Studded Crossbody Bag, $70, <br>5. Urban Expressions Catherine Crossbody, $60, <br>6. Forever 21 Heart Pattern Crossbody Bag, $25, <br>7. Melie Bianco Claire Crossbody Bag, $57, <br>8. Big Buddah Pavia Quilted Crossbody Bag, $80, <br>9. Spiked Crossbody Bag, $88, <br>10. Urban Expressions Drama Crossbody Bag, $65, </p><p>Will you be wearing a colorful crossbody this fall? Let us know, and be sure to shop special deals on these styles through our !</p>?Michael Becker / FOXL to R: Naima Adedapo, Thia Megia <p> Two more ladies fell in American Idol&#39;s 10th season last night (Mar. 31), as Thia Megia and Naima Adedapo were both eliminated at the end of last night&#39;s episode. Their farewells came after Wednesday night&#39;s Elton John-themed performance episode, and while Thia delivered a heartfelt rendition of &quot;Daniel&quot; and Naima put a reggae spin on &quot;I&#39;m Still Standing,&quot; the performances were not enough to sway the voters. Paul McDonald, who joined the pair in the bottom three, survived to sing another week.</p>
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